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The 2014 Nigerian National Conference: Facts Nigerians Must Know, By C.D. Orike

The 2014 Nigerian National Conference: Facts Nigerians Must Know, By C.D. Orike

Before January 1914, there was no COUNTRY in the world called and known as NIGERIA. The Northern territory of what is now known as Nigeria was inhabited by different independent ethnic nationalities, kingdoms and some socio-economic formations. The JIHAD brought about the imposition of Islamic religion on the people of the Northern territory. Similarly, the

Key National Conference Recommendations You Need to Know

The National Conference will today present its report to President Goodluck Jonathan at a ceremony in Abuja. The Chairman of the Conference, Idris Kutigi will lead the other members of the leadership as well as the 492 delegates to present the document, which is in three volumes, at a ceremony scheduled for 3p.m. at the

Update: National Conference ends, delegates adopt final report

The National Conference, which began on March 17, came to an end on Thursday morning. The series of meetings the Confab chairman, Idris Kutigi, held with zonal leaders on Wednesday paid off as the delegates agreed on a position on the controversial draft constitution. The confab ended with a minor amendment to the third volume

CONFAB: National Conference prepares new constitution for Nigeria

The delegates to the Nigeria National conference 2014 were on Monday given copies of the conference report and a new draft constitution seeking to replace the existing one. The Confab went on break on July 14 to enable the secretariat produce the draft copy of the conference report. Then, the Chairman informed delegates that they