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The 2014 Nigerian National Conference: Facts Nigerians Must Know, By C.D. Orike

The 2014 Nigerian National Conference: Facts Nigerians Must Know, By C.D. Orike

Before January 1914, there was no COUNTRY in the world called and known as NIGERIA. The Northern territory of what is now known as Nigeria was inhabited by different independent ethnic nationalities, kingdoms and some socio-economic formations. The JIHAD brought about the imposition of Islamic religion on the people of the Northern territory. Similarly, the

Remarks by President Jonathan On the Occasion of the Submission of the 2014 National Conference Report

Remarks by His Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR On the Occasion of the Submission of the National Conference Report (Thursday 21st August, 2014) PROTOCOLS 1. Mr Chairman, very distinguished delegates, it is with all gladness that I address you this day. After nearly five months endeavour to find the appropriate verb for the noun

Ex-Governor Attah, others ask Confab not to excise Akwa Ibom

The Akwa Ibom delegation to the National Conference has protested an attempt to excise parts of the state towards the creation of the proposed Oil Rivers State. In a petition to the Conference Chairman, Idris Kutigi, members of the delegation said the attempt to dismember Akwa Ibom State was a treacherous plot capable of scuttling

Submission by Berom community to the National Conference

The Berom Community in Abuja and Environs (BECA) articulated its position on the National Conference and came up with the following recommendations: 1. FORMS OF DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE • Accepts the Presidential system of Government to suit our peculiarities as a nation. Duplication of functions should be streamlined to reduce cost of governance. • Retention of

Another National Conference delegate, Muhammad Alkali, is dead 

The Secretariat of the National Conference on Saturday morning received with great grief the sad news of the demise of Professor Muhammad Nur Alkali, who was one of the six delegates representing the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIA) at the 2014 National Conference in Abuja. Professor Alkali died in his residence in Maiduguri on