The opinion of the poor people of the Niger Delta region.

The opinion of the poor people of the Niger Delta region submitted to the National Conference.

Baylsa State
21st May, 2014.

The Chairman, and all other members of
the National Conference
sitting in Abuja.

Dear distinguished ladies and gentle men of the federal republic of Nigeria.

The poor people of the Niger Delta region believes in unity, peace, development, progress, love, and building a strong viable economy of our great and blessed country called Nigeria.

Bellow are some of our feelings about the Nigeria agenda.

1. Re-visit the report of Wilkin commission of 1959/50
2. what led to the declaration of the Niger delta republic. The expectations and the grievances of the people of the region.
3. The 1966 coup. Why some prominent Nigerian were killed and some spared. In January, 1966
4. Why the Nigeria civil war, and what led to the declaration of biafra.
5. The fear of the minority.
6. Freedom of worship.
7. Religious tolerance.
8. Right of every Nigerian to hold any public/political office within and outside Nigeria irrespective of tribe.
9. Respect for our traditions and cultural values in the land.
10. movement of goods and services to every parts of the country, by road, by air, by sea, by rail.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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