Nigeria National Conference Review – Week 2

The second week of plenaries at the ongoing National Conference in Nigeria showed a progressing excitement. This week, the delegates agreed on how to vote on issues but lost their powers to elect committee leaders. The alliance between minority groups – women, youth, people living with disability – in the conference is growing. Catch expert analysis of all that and what is expected in the conference next week in this short review by PREMIUM TIMES National Conference reporter.

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    My candid advise is that members of the National Conference, should marry the empirical actions of different ethnic nationalities of Nigeria with their oral submissions; this is of paramount important, because most at times our oral presentations are not devoid of contaminating artificiality. It is often misleading, full of parochial perceptions and ego-centrism. This is a time to say the bitter truth, which many finds difficult to say. This is necessary because the position you find yourself today, you may not be tomorrow. Any short-change of reality, will make this conference a mere political jamboree. And history will not be happy with the conference delegates. No single ethnic nationality should see themselves as bourgeois, while others are proletariat’s.

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