Natonal Referendum, by Dr Rotimi Bajela

Nigeria does not have a legitimate constitution, which is why the ‘so called’ 1999 ‘constitution’ which is decree 24 should not be legitimised by this National Conference going through the National Assembly (which suffers same legitimacy question with the people as the constitution it’s self).

The National Assembly amends the constitution while only the people of Nigeria can make a legitimate new constitution. Sovereignty belongs to the people, Not the President nor the National Assembly. Only a National Referendum can legitimise the outcome of this National Conference, and they should not make any mistake about it as they were unelected.

The National Assembly is required to provide the frame work for the referendum, and make it’self subject to the result of the referendum, subject to the National Assembly’s frame work been followed at the referendum.

Illegitimacy ascribed current constitution is due to it’s military origin which makes it mandatory for an unelected National Conference to seek the people’s ratification.

Anything else will be short of the phrase ‘WE THE PEOPLE OF NIGERIA SOLEMNLY DECLARE….’

Only the people of Nigeria can make a ‘legitimate‘ constitution; the National Assembly can only make amendments. A national referendum is inevitable to produce the people’s constitution. We should stop beating about the bush over it, which could send us fighting another 50 years if the Nation survives the current chaos in National security, governance and development.

The National Assembly and the President have the people’s mandate and should be part of the ongoing process automatically, they should not wait for the people’s noggin to do the right thing.

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