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    • Jobro

      Is there any body formed to check the corruption in the Nigerian armed forces

    • 9jaIsFinished

      You all are a waste of space and time as far as I am concerned. We all know nothing will come out of this charade but linning your greedy pockets on a daily basis. Shameless bunch of morons!!

    • Agatha Benson

      Abolishment of EFCC.
      Abolishment of non indigenes. To establish residency status.
      Independent Judicuary System
      Removal of Immunity Clause
      Autonomous LGA
      Increase of Poly and Tech Colleges
      Repeal Land Act. Politicians and affluent are grabbing and stealing land from the poor.
      Repeal of 1958 Penal Code
      Stricter law for kidnappers, terrorists, robbers, Treasonable Act violators, Human Traffickers. Rapists
      Taxes should be informed.
      Criminal background check for all politicians, govt employees, and Coorporation etc.

    • Sir, Ioryina C.T.I. [GIA].Ω 2
      E Mail
      Date: – January 7th. 2011
      REASONS: – The third President of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson [1743 – 1826] ones said ‘’ we hold this truth to be self evident, that all men were created equal. The bearing doubt about their creator was certain alienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’’
      RELIGION: – All the definitions of religion point out that religion become dangerous when you start to make fitness a religion, which are the observant events of some religious organisations as been introduced in the Nigeria system and scheme of things.
      LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. When any of these three items are constantly under threat, question of safety and security give restlessness and the power of Government to provide security become inevitably questionable.
      ISLAM: – Before and after the independence of the federal republic of Nigeria, the Islam as a religion and a political party has not seized to put Nigerians in a state of turmoil arising one crises month after month throughout the years. Presently Nigeria has taken leadership in terrorism, in bombings, attempting to blow up planes, boko-haramism, metatsenism, suicide bombings against fellow Nigerians.
      When the Islamic accord is carried out in Nigeria according to the beliefs and plans of AL quaked and OIC, It is the Nigerian brothers that suffer not the world whom the Al-caedas seek to revenge or settle scores of differences.
      The Qur’an provides that any person, who is not of Islamic belief, should be taken away from the face of the earth. [Adamu Adamu of Nigeria daily trust quoted.] It is confirmed from the joy of frequent blood shade enjoyed by the Muslims all over the world. If they are not in power it is trouble, if they are in power they rule the people is with iron hand and enforce Islamic rule unjustly in the land. In Nigeria there are two Governments that of sharia run with Federal government funds. They enjoy the killing, massacre, maiming of citizens at will, introducing and establishing internal colonization.
      BAN ON ISLAMIC RELIGION IN NIGERIA. Very little has been said in this proposal, but the addressees are to commission this project to study the horrors the Islamic body has done to our nation Nigeria and make a way and means in motion of way of bill to offset Islamic practices as a religion and political party in Nigeria only and then can Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness can be achieved in the Federal Republic of Nigeria but the fact remains that the Qur’an violets all the basic fundamental human rights enshrined in our constitution especially freedom of expression as the Qur’anic practitioners make it impossible for other Nigerians to express their opinion or render criticism on it thereby superseding our constitution with an Arab cultures.
       AMMENDMEND ON SECTION 41:- FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. This section given right of movement has been dictated as premeditated as a bridge cunningly to enhance the Hausa Fulani fuel delist to camp all parts of Nigeria and colonise Nigerians internally.
      FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT ABUSED: – The fact that the constitution permits the movement of persons from one state, or local government to another does not change the person’s state or local government of origin. If one stays within Nigeria in an area and his conduct please the natural inhabitant he votes for, and can be voted for. Such as the case in Plateau state and most northern states when not ruled by core Islam, there will be no peace, why!
      Sometimes while the east-while military president, Gen. Ibrahim B. Babangida was in charge of the nation’s affairs, he compelled the then governor of Niger state to enact an edict to his favour to make him and his likes to be recognised as indigenes of Niger state by means of prolonged stay in Niger state. Then Col. David John Mark did according to his masters dictates, no sooner had the IBB stepped aside as the military president that he began gunning for the exhorted traditional office of the Emir of Minna. He surely had built a befitting mosque with federal funds and perfect drainage system in Minna with clean drive ways, reneuveted the Emir’s palace ready to occupy. When the Kuta emirate indigenes that are sole traditional hairs to the throne saw the hand writing on the wall, they took stones against IBB. He escaped never to mention such issue in his life time. Such is the characteristics of the Hausa/ Fulani Islam power politics and indirect rule and which IBB wanted to imitate.
      TRESPASSERS;- The Hausa, Fulani Islamic cultures is such that when they will arrive your door step with mat or sheepskin, dare to welcome any of them, the next day, you find that they have erected four corner stones, next they will start praying seven times a day for the stones to grow and overtake your natural habitation, before you know, he brings in KOLA NUTS, introduces it to the indigenous, with the conspiracy of the town fulanies they send their cattle to graze and damage the natural nutrients of the environment. Cunningly they may give elders of the place big gowns to make them look alike to them. The case of Jerusalem is the international conspiracy yet to be solved. [There the Muslims built a mosque on top of the ruins of the TEMPLE built by King Solomon and to claim back that land for a TEMPLE is a source of Armageddon war.] Tactically they will sell all these their susurubi [perfume] mixed with charms to intimidate the natives from their traditional knowledge. Worse to happen, is to register whatever forms for their children in that place as natives, all benefit for the natives , they seize them through quarter system which they have manipulated from above. If not how dare that the Fulani/Hausa come from Imo Abia etc. on the Federal character and quota.
      It is not so with other tribes in Nigeria, like the Ibos, Yorubas, Tiv, etc. where ever they travel to as freedom of movement permits within the country they maintain their state status even their corpses are returned from place of aboard.
      LIAISON OF STATE OFFICES: – To effectively control freedom of movement, states to create liaison offices throughout interstate level, subject for renewal in every nine years so as to stop such of these abuses, trespasses, and make government take charge of its people’s safety from remote control of ill intended lions in sheep skins. In least of this query not been accepted, lets place Nigeria on the slaughter table and share it in to six nations, first every one going back to his God given nation as created by the colonial masters.
      In view of the above highlights, I urge the WAYS and MEANS committee chairmen responsible to call for memoranda/public hearing to initiate a way forward to determine:-
       [1] The veracity of various unrests associated with Islamic involvement and undertone.
       [2] The number of cases on crises initiated and executed by Islamic religion/political party since1960 -2010.
       [3] To determine the number of lives lost, value of property lost, injuries involved and human displacement due to such crises, etc.
       [4] Involvement and support of terrorist activities in Nigeria and abroad with Islamic undertones.
       [5] Research and re visit unwarranted and unguarded statements, inciting press statements amounting to the threat of co existence of Nigeria as one nation.
       [6] To determine the sustainability of Nigeria’s further existence as a nation or initiate a negotiation proper to a peaceful secession of Nigeria from one nation.
       [7] To accredit who so ever lives or settles outside his/her statutory state of origin to their proper quarter system with reparation accordingly.
       [8] To make laws against bearing nonsense in mind upon indigenes or attempting to impose, lure, or do any act that abuse the mind of the indigenously, and accenting superiority, etc.
       [9] Avoidance law to practice hypocritical worship, procession, by close roads, and streets.
       [10] Legislate according to findings and BAN the practice of Islam in Nigeria as null and void and as not a free religion.
       [a] They are but a homosexuals’ organisation, the history of the Ugandan martyrs in 1885 to 1887 by King Mwanga against Christians is still happening in our neighbourhood roundabout northern towns and cities [THE DAN DAUDUS] in Nigeria is too sodomy to be associated with.
       [b] Their religious leaders still maintain slaves and trade in AL-MAJIRIES, [Children soldiering] coupled with the recent importation of ships loads and air cargo of heavy arms imported from SAUDI and ARAB WORLD make sensitivity threatened talk less of the mercenaries from Niger which are cheap and handy to them.
       [11] To sui the SAUDI government to the world court and to claim THREE TRILLION US DOLLARS ($3,000,000,000,000.00) as reparation of founds realised on grand deception 419 for there is no single truth about the pillars of Islam especially the visit to Mecca/Medina which is a marketing strategy in tourism for royalties of Mohammed’s down genealogy and their going there to stone SATAN and return to Nigeria to be more SATANIC add no sense?
       [12] The parliament of my mind and thought, envisage another Islamic plot been initiated by the Central Bank of Nigerian Governor currently making moves to project Islamic banking to us, and sooner we will start to write from right to left. What type of animal terming man is this?
       While we continue to hide our emotions according to the scriptures, [The word of GOD] I pray that God’s infinite mercy and grace will save us from the hands these enemies, even as He saved us from the traitors ALHAJI BASHARUN ABIOLA and ALHAJI BABAGANA KINGIBE, That God’s June 12 miracle that we didn’t understand.
       I WANT TO SPEAK THE THOUGH TRUTH NOW, IF WE WANT ONE NIGERIA THIS IS HOW WE WILL GO ABOUT IT: SENATOR, Dr. J.S TARKAA IN HIS UMBC IDIOLOGY PROPOSED TWELVE UNITED STATES FOR NIGERIA, TO BE DEMOCRATICALY RUN AS IS AMERICA. But due to lot of selfish manoeuvres the northern NPC used all weapons to kick out that dream. Unless the proper thing is done Nigeria will remain in choirs. The American Democracy is run by two parties, The Democrats and the Republicans,, It is only by two simple party that can be easily divided equally without doubt, take the case of IBB two party system and it succeeded but only failed because of the ISLAMIC over intention to carry out an evil mandate and agenda the system failed with GOD’S intervention. I as a person, I hate to be associated with the NORTH in its entirety. I am proud in the marrow of MIDLE BELT which is GOD given. And therefore any one representing me from TIV/MIDLE BELT must not have alliance with the NORTH, Politically, Religiously, economically, and otherwise. YANGE SE DONDO A HAUSA KPA ATESE SE KWAGH MIMIN GA VE TESE DO UGBINEN, UTOR NGU UYAGA UTOR NGUN UGBABO , KWAGH U A HAUSA KA ALU WAYO – [ticklish 419 ] WAYO, till tomorrow that ideology burns in their heart without change.
       This is the simple home truth and GOD blessed given which men of flesh .are dammed to believe it than to the application of BOKO HARAM, WHY?

      Thus says Angel Michael unto me, [That whosoever is angered by this statement should repent] John 1:12.

      [Mayor of Mbagba, Abuja [MOM] = Icon of Democracy award 2008. = NPM, NRM, Amis-Civpol. Global Terrorism = UNPOL @ UNITAR [New York.]. Chairman, = Goldfish intelligence agency, (GIA).@Plot No. 39 Amadu Bello WAY- Gboko. E-Mail
      Gsm 07040292025 or 08167400118.
      TO >
      Find the above for scrutiny and public consumption; I accept every responsibility for the publications, please.


      I find it disturbing that such a large number of Nigerians(eminent and and not so eminent,professors,former governors etc) can sit together and not be able to resolve the simple issue of acceptable majority of votes for resolving issues.What makes it so difficult for the two opposing groups(2/3=66% and 3/4=75%) not to realise that the gap of disagreement can be narrowed by using 70% or 71% which is almost half way between 66% and 75%? Nigerians expect members to put their thinking caps so as to provide reasonable solutions to the problems facing the country.

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