Is Africa Rising? Thoughts From a ‘World View’ Economist

“The rise of Asia is a great inspiration.”

Congo-Kinshasa: Leveraging Mobile Tech to Combat Conflict and Corruption

Multiple data points could allow a company to statistically estimate the likelihood that its suppliers are operating in a conflict minerals zone

Nigeria: Preventing Urban Epidemics Through Community Buy-In, By Bunmi Oloruntoba

NHIS already covers a major portion of the formal, employed sector, those covered number only about 4.5 million people

UN agencies seek $810m to help South Sudan refugees

Half a million South-Sudaneses are taking refuge in neighbouring countries.

Pakistan to hang convicted militants in wake of school massacre

135 school children and 12 others were killed by Taliban gunmen.

Over 20,000 braziers recalled in Japan due to injury fears

There have been no reports of injuries from the defect.

EU court says Hamas should be removed from terrorist list

US asks EU not to change its stance

HIV outbreak in Cambodian village sparks investigation

Officials have alleged that a local health care worker used the same syringe on many people.

Pakistan mourns victims of savage school massacre

141 Pakistanis, mostly children, were murdered by the Taliban insurgents.

China is world’s worst jailer of the press; global tally second worst on record

CPJ annual prison census

Death toll from Indonesia landslide rises to 61

47 people were still missing four days after the disaster, police said.

126 dead as Taliban militants take hundreds hostage at Pakistani military school

Taliban claims responsibility for the attack.

ECOWAS adopts biometric identity card to replace resident permit

Biometric identity cards would facilitate the implementation of the Common External Tariff.

Hundreds feared missing after boat sinks in Lake Tanganyika

Tanzanian authorities said that the vessel had been carrying some 500 people.

China bans national anthem at weddings

China’s national anthem is “March of the Volunteers,’’ with lyrics by poet Tian Han.

UN Chief appoints new envoy for Ebola

Mr. Ahmed will work with the government of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone to fight Ebola.

Kenya, Nigeria to partner on security to end insurgency

The two countries would share experiences in the area of security and work towards implementing the agreement in the first quarter of 2015.

Al Jazeera journalist killed in Syria

“Targeting journalists and its crew will not deter us from reporting the truth,” said Al Jazeera DG

More than 15 million children affected by violence in 2014, says UNICEF

Tens of thousands of children have been forcibly recruited or abused by armed groups.

Al-Shabaab burns Kenya’s military aircraft in Somalia

The fate of the pilot remains unknown.

ICC drops Crimes Against Humanity charge against Kenya President

Mr. Kenyatta was charged for his alleged role in the post-election that engulfed his country in 2007

North Korea bans naming children after leader

The order is aimed at protecting the authority of the leader.

Iraq says woman detained in Lebanon not ISIS leader’s wife

Security officials in Lebanon said on Tuesday that the Lebanese army had detained a wife and daughter of the ISIS leader.


36 Kenyans killed in suspected al-Shabaab attack

The attack was aimed at non-Muslims.

France to recognise Palestinian State if peace talks fail

The French parliament is debating the recognition.