Malabu Scandal Thread

Malabu Scandal Thread


2012/05/21  Jonathan, Etete, Shell in fresh N155billion scandal

2012/05/24  The 155billion naira presidential scam: How Jonathan approved transfer to ex-con, others

2012/05/26  Senate in no mood to investigate N155bn oil block scandal

2012/05/27  Adoke lies in reaction to N155 billion scandal

2012/05/27 Adoke lies, misleads Nigerians in reaction to N155billion oil block scandal

2012/05/31 House sets to investigate N155billion oil block scandal involving government officials, shell

2012/06/03 N155billion scandal: How Shell connived with corrupt officials, and subverted Nigerian laws

2012/06/22 Malabu oil block presidential scam: How Jonathan funnelled N155billion to phony companies

2012/06/29 INVESTIGATION: The fraud called Malabu Oil & Gas (Part 1)

2012/10/20 Malabu oil scandal: AGF Adoke and the great cover-ups

2012/10/28 Ministers, PDP stalwarts pressure lawmakers to stifle Malabu probe

2012/11/12 Malabu N155bn scandal: UK group seeks tougher EU action on Shell, ENI

2012/11/25  Malabu N155bn fraud: How Keystone Bank helped presidency, ministers broker huge money laundering deal

2012/12/06 AGF Adoke, suspected Malabu ‘fraudsters’ to boycott House probe

2012/12/06 N155bn scandal: Reps furious with Shell, mild on Malabu, as Adoke makes U-turn

2012/12/07 Shell, Eni may lose oil block, $1.1 billion Malabu funds as Reps vow to review agreement

2013/03/11 Shell, Eni dined with Etete before paying N155bn in Malabu scandal, court documents show

2013/06/14 I only got N39 billion from fraudulent Malabu deal- Etete tells British court

2013/07/16  Reps summon Adoke, accuse him of lying about Malabu fraud

2013/07/18  Malabu fraud: British Court asks Etete to pay N16.5 billion to middleman

2013/07/19 Exclusive: How Nigeria’s Justice Minister, Adoke, lied to U.K. group on $1.1bn Malabu fraud

2013/07/24  U.K. organisation confirms falsehood by Nigeria’s Attorney General, Mohammed Adoke

2013/07/26 Malabu $1.1bn fraud: Senate to finally begin probe

2013/08/17  Malabu $1.1bn fraud: Obasanjo demanded share bribe, Etete tells British court

2013/08/24 Malabu Scandal: How Dan Etete and Friends got N176 billion – INFOGRAPHIC

2014/02/18  Nigerian House of Reps orders cancellation of fraudulent $1.1 billion Malabu oil deal

2014/04/16  Malabu suspected fraudster, Dan Etete, accuses ex-commissioner of fraud

2014/06/03  Malabu OPL 245 fraud: Etete sues Nigeria’s House of Reps

2014/09/08  Malabu-like deals cost Nigeria, other developing nations $1 trillion yearly — Report

2014/10/03  Malabu Oil Deal: Corrupt Nigerian officials bought private jets, armoured cars with N83 billion bribe

2014/11/07  Secrecy order lifted in U.K. on legal challenge to corrupt Nigerian Malabu oil deal

2015/03/24  INVESTIGATION: Attorney-General, Adoke, in shady deal that may rob Nigeria of N549billion

2015/03/26 Attorney-General Adoke, Addax Petroleum in contradictory claims over shady N549 billion out-of-court deal

2015/06/20  EFCC reopens investigation, quizzes Etete over dubious $1.1 billion Malabu oil deal

2015/06/25 EFCC grants ex-Minister Etete bail over $1.1 bn Malabu fraud

2015/11/30 The N155billion Malabu Scam: EFCC quizzes Jonathan’s associate who helped distribute ‘slush fund’

2015/12/14  Malabu OPL245 Fraud: Dan Etete wants Nigeria’s N17 billion

2015/12/15  $1.1billion Fraud: British Judge questions Jonathan’s integrity, stops Etete from getting N17 billion

2015/12/16  Italian cabal named Jonathan “Fortunato” in $1.1 million Malabu racket

2015/12/19  $1.1bn Malabu Scam: Leaked emails show Shell, Eni, Jonathan’s aides conspired to divert money to Etete

2016/01/25  EXCLUSIVE: Shell, Eni in fresh trouble as Nigeria begins moves to withdraw OPL 245

2016/02/08  Acting President Osinbajo, Attorney General Malami in turf war over $1.3 billion Malabu scam

2016/02/23  In letter to VP Osinbajo, ex-AGF Adoke, lies, muddles up Malabu oil scam matter

2016/03/30  Malabu $1.3 billion scandal: Dutch investigators question Shell officials

2016/03/30 Malabu $1.3 billion scandal: International campaigners hail Shell probe by Dutch authorities

2016/05/14 $1.1billion Malabu scam: Italian oil giant, Eni, admits wrongdoing

2016/05/24  $1.1B Malabu Oil Deal: Italian oil firm, Eni, reacts to PREMIUM TIMES report, denies admitting wrongdoing

2016/10/06  In merry-go-round, Nigerian parliament commences fresh inquiry into Malabu oil deal

2016/12/13  Malabu OPL 245: We did no due diligence – DPR

2016/12/20  Malabu $1.1 billion‎: EFCC files fraud charges against Adoke, Etete, Aliyu

2016/12/21  Malabu $1.1 billion: Why EFCC charged two former Nigerian ministers Adoke, Etete, for fraud, money laundering

2016/12/22  Malabu $1.1 billion fraud: Adoke pledges to make self available for trial

2016/12/24  Malabu $1.1 billion scandal: Like Nigeria, Italy ready to prosecute citizens, firms involved in scandal

2016/12/28 Malabu $1.1 billion Scandal: Ex-Nigerian oil minister, 12 others set for trial in Italy

2016/12/29  Malabu $1.1 billion Scandal: You must prosecute Shell, Eni too, indicted Etete tells Nigerian govt

2016/12/31  EXCLUSIVE: Top Nigerian businessman wanted for “international corruption” in Italy

2017/01/10  Malabu Oil Deal: Jonathan breaks silence on bribe allegation

2017/01/26 Malabu $1.1 billion Scandal: Court orders OPL 245 returned to Nigerian government

2017/01/27  Malabu fraud: Why Nigerian Government retrieved OPL 245 from Shell, Eni

2017/01/28  How ex-AGF, Adoke, overruled DPR to authorise $1.1 billion Malabu deal

2017/02/09  Malabu $1.1 billion scandal: Italian prosecutors request trial of Etete, Shell, Eni, others

2017/02/14  Malabu $1.1 billion Fraud: Shell, Eni want Nigeria’s richest oil block back

2017/02/27  Malabu $1.1 billion Scandal: Court to decide Shell, Eni’s request March 13

2017/03/02  Malabu $1.1 billion scandal: Despite evidence to the contrary, Eni again exonerates self of blame

2017/03/02 Malabu $1.1 billion Scandal: EFCC files fresh corruption charges against Shell, Eni, Adoke, Etete, others

2017/03/02  Malabu $1.1 billion scandal: Nigeria’s ex-Attorney General Adoke got $2.2 million, EFCC tells court

2017/03/03  Malabu: Why EFCC filed corruption charges against Shell, Eni, Adoke, others

2017/03/04   $1.1 billion Malabu Oil Deal: Ex-Attorney General Adoke hits back at EFCC

2017/03/05  Malabu Scandal: How Shell used former British spies to gather intelligence while negotiating purchase of OPL 245

2017/03/12   Malabu $1.1 billion deal: Obasanjo authorised first agreement — Adoke

2017/03/13 Malabu Scandal: Court ruling on Shell, Eni’s bid to take over OPL 245 stalled
2017/03/14  EXCLUSIVE: Obasanjo speaks on Malabu $1.1 billion scandal, tackles Adoke

2017/03/17  Malabu Scandal: Court returns OPL 245 to Shell, ENI

2017/04/03  $1.1 billion Malabu deal: EFCC wants former Attorney General, Adoke, arrested

2017/04/09  Malabu Scandal: Jonathan must have gotten $200 million, middleman tells FBI, others

2017/04/09 EXCLUSIVE: What Shell CEO told colleague about $1.3 billion OPL 245 scandal

2017/04/10 Listen to secret tape of Shell CEO talking to colleague about OPL 245 Malabu scandal

2017/04/10  Malabu Scandal: After telling lies for years, Shell admits it knew Etete would benefit from $1.1 billion

2017/04/11 Malabu Scandal: Nigerian parliament to summon ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

2017/04/11  Malabu Scandal: Again, Jonathan denies wrongdoing
2017/04/12  Malabu Scandal: Abacha’s son wants court to stop Nigerian govt, Shell, Agip from operating block

2017/04/12 Malabu Scandal: Why we must question Jonathan – Reps

2017/04/16  Malabu Scandal: PDP lawmakers react to House of Reps’ plan to summon Jonathan

2017/04/19  Malabu Scandal: Why I am running from EFCC —Nigeria’s former Attorney General Adoke

2017/04/20 Malabu Scandal: Group wants Nigerian govt involved in Italian trial

2017/05/03 Despite Malabu Scandal, Shell, ENI will continue to operate OPL 245 – Nigerian govt
2017/05/10  Malabu Scandal: Osinbajo, ENI, Kachikwu in closed door meeting

2017/05/15  Nigerian govt won’t interfere in Malabu OPL 245 corruption probe – Kachikwu

2017/05/23  REVEALED: What Nigerian govt told UK court about Malabu OPL 245 scandal, Etete

2017/05/27  Malabu Scandal: Adoke sues Malami, blames “Jonathan’s directives”

2017/06/04 EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan’s aide, three other ex-Nigerian officials named in $20million bribery scandal in Switzerland

2017/06/13  Malabu Scandal: EFCC vows to extradite Adoke, Nigeria’s former attorney general

2017/07/05  Malabu Scandal: Court adjourns hearing on Mohammed Abacha’s suit

                   Malabu Scandal: House committee gives reasons why it must summon Goodluck Jonathan

2017/10/16  Malabu Scandal: Italian prosecutors file charges against Shell executives

2017/10/23  Malabu Scandal: Nigeria, others must commit to end secret ownership of extractive industry assets – Osinbajo

                   Malabu Scandal: Despite prosecution of Shell, top officials, Nigeria allows continued operation of oil block

2017/10/26  Malabu $1.1 billion scandal: It’s difficult to get hold of Adoke, Etete – EFCC

                   Malabu Scandal: While two ex-Nigerian ministers remain in hiding, UK returns $85 million to Nigeria
2017/12/04  Malabu Scandal: Hearing of applications on ownership of oil licence stalled

2017/12/15  EXCLUSIVE: Malabu Scandal: Nigeria sues JP Morgan, demands $875 million

2017/12/16  Malabu Scandal: UK court rules in favour of Nigerian govt

2017/12/20  Malabu Scandal: Italian court orders Shell, Eni to face trial