File photo of President Muhammadu Buhari speaking during his visit to Jalingo

Editorial: Mischaracterising the Nigerian Youth Issue

The president needs to learn that foreign trips should not be the occasion to demarket Nigeria.

EDITORIAL: When Bill Came Calling, and Spoke Startling Truth to Power

“From the point of view of the quality of life, much of Nigeria still looks like a low-income country.”

Central bank of Nigeria (CBN)

EDITORIAL: The Central Bank and Mismanagement of the Nigerian Economy

PREMIUM TIMES is more worried by the effects of the CBN’s policies on domestic lending conditions.

President Muhammadu Buhari

“Nigeria’s unity is settled and not negotiable” – Buhari

Mr. Buhari said his government would not “allow irresponsible elements.”

EDITORIAL: Time to address Biafran, other agitations

“Lasting solutions should be devised to contain all the fears and agitations of the different groups in the country.”

EDITORIAL: Building the Critical Mass for the National Anti-Corruption Strategy

“Do the leaders of the Buhari administration really believe in the vision set out in the document?”

EDITORIAL: How Buhari Helped Nigeria Into Recession and How He Can Take Us Out Of It

“President Buhari’s government and economic team, as presently constituted, are not optimally equipped for the fundamental tasks ahead.”

OBITUARY: Muhammad Ali: The Greatest and The Last (1942-2016), By Olu Jacob

George Foreman: “He meant so much to so many people that he will never die really.”

EDITORIAL: President Buhari’s Paradox of Progress

There is no clear roadmap and convincing strategy document to demonstrate that Mr. Buhari knows how to handle the economy.

EDITORIAL: Buhari, African leaders and the looming conflict over Zanzibar’s disputed election

“We should not wait till the deed is done, as in Burundi, before sending out fire fighters.”

EDITORIAL: Why Nigeria Should Not Join The Saudi Arabia Islamic Military Alliance

Nigeria must not allow herself to be turned into a battleground for religious proxy wars.

EDITORIAL: The 2016 Budget, the Naira, the CBN, and National Priorities

The 2016 appropriation bill raises enough questions to make us worry about the likelihood of its successful implementation.

Attempts to muzzle Nigeria’s social media‎, By Mausi Segun

Nigeria should be moving to decriminalize defamation, not creating new similar crimes.

EDITORIAL: The Challenges Before Buhari’s Ministers

“With the present ‘dream team’ of President Buhari it seems about time for Nigeria to return to a national strategic vision.”

Clark, the father, Jonathan, the son, By Reuben Abati

“Chief E.K. Clark says Jonathan was a weak President. At what point did he come to that realization?”

EDITORIAL: The menace called ‘Radio Biafra’

The disturbing signals from a radio station in southeast Nigeria called Radio Biafra evoke memories of the tragedy that took place in Rwanda twenty one years ago.

Afrobasket 2015: Injury hits D’Tigers’ camp

A key player will be out for some weeks.

EDITORIAL: Nigeria Elections: Halt The Senseless Violence Now!

The two leading presidential candidates, Buhari and Jonathan, must reign in their attack dogs. They should publicly rebuke and dissociate themselves from any supporter who uses vile language.

Unity Colleges under attack, By Garba Shehu

Without meaning to justify low marks…, it is equally a fact … that the chap in Yobe, where the western system of education is still being resisted by illiterate parents …. will find it hard to be on an even keel with the candidate in Osun where this system had existed for at least 50 years..

The good, the bad and the ugly of 2014, By Dele Agekameh

“The irony of this austerity regime is that while the poor man is often requested to tighten his belt, the rich are not wearing any at all, as their waists have doubled and even tripled in size over the years”

Voter Suppression through Permanent Voter’s Card, By Bamidele Adémólá-Olátéjú

“The PVC by its cumbersome rollout seemed designed to preventing more people from participating in democracy”.

EDITORIAL: The Government Should Halt The Gradual Collapse Of Nigeria Now

Today, Nigeria is confronted with the reality that within its borders, Boko Haram has carved out its warped version of an ‘Islamic Caliphate’, controlling almost thirty towns and counting.

Why I’m Stopping My Column, By Sam Nda-Isaiah

I am inviting all those who have followed this column and believe that Nigeria can be what I have strenuously advocated every week to join me in my mission to replace President Jonathan

Lai Mohammed

Politicisation of Boko Haram Insurgency, By Lai Mohammed

The Nigerian government has bungled the fight against Boko Haram, and its attempt to make political capital out of the insurgency has backfired.

Ebola: Jonathan’s re-election rallies to continue while government orders schools to stay closed

Schools will remain shut till October 13