The past five years have shown us how fragile democracy can be, not only in Nigeria but around the world. We have witnessed the deterioration of democracy in established democracies, like the United States. Democratic norms are faltering as autocratic leaders and politicians with subversive intentions have found ways to use mainstream and social media to control cognitive outcomes through disinformation and manipulation.

Democracy presupposes the existence of an educated electorate, who are able to evaluate information. Indeed democracy thrives when there is a well-informed and engaged citizenry. However, for a well-informed and engaged citizenry to exist, the media must not just inform the public, but analyze and present information and unbiased date that can and should shape policy.   

The AUN-Premium Times Data Hub is is a unique collaboration between higher education and media to inject more data-driven analysis into civic discussions and journalism. The Development Hub will use data and analysis to build an evidence base for change. 

The purpose of this Hub is to present data and analysis and a platform for discussion on every major sphere of development, including gender, poverty, education, health, economic growth and employment, governance and democracy, peace and security and the role of technology. On each platform, the best available data on Nigeria’s current status will be presented and analysed and solutions to specific problems will be proposed.

Our goal is to present and analyze data in a way that will educate you, our readers, guide you toward action and, over time, guide the decisions of policymakers. We hope to build an evidence base for positive economic, social and political change.

– Margee M. Ensign

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William Bertrand, PhD

A visiting scientist at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and on the Governing Council of the American University of Nigeria.

Dr. Lionel von Frederick Rawlins

Assistant Vice President, Safety and Security Operations, American University of Nigeria (AUN)

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