Let Us Unite To Fight The Evil of Extremism, By Goodluck Jonathan

Today marks 53 years of our Independence as a nation. First and foremost, I would like to say congratulations to us all. Through thick and thin, we have built this country together. Through triumphs and trials, we have developed a Nigerian identity in our own way. In truth, Nigeria is still a work in progress […]

The growth of Music Publishing in Nigeria, By Akinyemi Ayinoluwa

This untapped sector of the music industry need to exploited for its own good.

A memo to Comptroller General of Customs

Dikko should intervene in the illegal arrest of traders transporting rice within the borders. Suleiman Ahmed

Remembering Thatcher, By Ose Oyamendan

They say you don’t speak evil of the dead. Any and every conflict and ill will are supposed to die with the deceased. It’s like when someone dies; they become an angel or an assistant angel, at worst. The devil could die today and his neighbors will show up and say how nice he was. […]

Discovering The Local Online Retailer, By Uddin Ifeanyi

One advantage of shopping on-line is the sheer convenience of it all. It used to be something one did from a straight-backed chair across from a personal computer. And that on its own was sufficient to challenge so many shopping paradigms. Shopping trolley? Gone. Rough-hewn personnel at the checkout counter? Gone too. Even the conflicting odour […]

Can APC cure Nigeria’s headache? (2), By Chido Onumah

I have no illusions about the challenges (some of which are beginning to manifest) and limitations of the new mega party being proposed by the country’s main opposition parties. The reality is that the All Progressives Congress (APC) can only go so far in the quest to lift our people from poverty, disease, unemployment and […]

Boko Haram Rejects Amnesty Offer: What Now?, By Zainab Usman

“Mr Shekau said his group had done no wrong and so an amnesty would not be applicable to them. It was the Nigerian government that was committing atrocities against Muslims, he said. “Surprisingly, the Nigerian government is talking about granting us amnesty. What wrong have we done? On the contrary, it is we that should grant […]

Jonathan and his commercial prayer warriors, By Ayobami Oyalowo

“Until this Government understand justice, honesty and fairness, let them organize one million prayer vanity fair, God will just laugh at them from heaven and have them in derision”.

Political Mindset and Nigerian Reality, By Salihu Moh. Lukman

It is very common, in Nigeria, to hear the phrase ‘this is politics’. Often, to a politician it means, this is my prerogative. In other words, ‘it is my jurisdiction and I set the rule’ seems to be the message. The ‘rule’ could be anything conventional or unconventional, written or unwritten, civil or uncivil, persuasive […]

Sacrificing Peace or Justice, By Hannatu Musawa

Justice or peace? Basically that’s what it boils down to. Since the beginning of the offensive by Boko Haram, there has been widespread debate about how to bring the bloody onslaught to an end. With so many divergent voices lending themselves to the debate of whether the particular strategy developed along the lines of amnesty is […]

2013 Easter Message, By +John Cardinal Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja

GOD’S MERCY AND HUMAN PARDON Introduction: 1. There is a well known saying which goes like this:“God always forgives, human beings sometimes forgive, nature never forgives”. This statement is an expression the fact that the issue of forgiveness is quite complex and not so straight-forward as it may appear to be. In this message I […]

There Is No Country: Achebe’s Apocalyptic Valediction, By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

“Never explain, never retract, never apologize. Just get the thing done and let them howl.” – Nellie L. McClung

Chinua Achebe: A Non-Romantic View, By Ibrahim Bello-Kano

Indeed, we cannot help wondering if the recent insensate massacre of Chinua’s people in Kano, only a few days ago, hastened the fatal undermining of that resilient will that had sustained him so many years after his crippling accident. —Wole Soyinka and J. P. Clark. “Chinua Achebe Death: We Have Lost a Brother”. The Guardian […]

Is Anambra really the Light of the Nation, By Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

Created out of the old Anambra state on 27 August, 1991, Anambra State has so far been led by the following individuals: Joseph Abulu (Administrator), 27 August 1991- January 199; Chukwuemeka Ezeife (Governor) 2 January 1992-17 November 1993 SDP; Dabo Aliyu (Acting Administrator) November 1993- December 1993; Mike Attah (Administrator) 9 December 1993- 21 August 1996, […]

A Win-Win in African Infrastructure – The Durban BRICS Summit, By Donald Kaberuka

The new world order comes to Durban this week – for the fifth BRICS Summit, and the first in Africa. Dilma Rousseff, Vladimir Putin, Manmohan Singh, Xi Jinping and Jacob Zuma represent a changing world, as gravity and power gradually shift from North to South, and West to East. Between them, they preside over nearly […]

So what if people have an agenda? (#NewLeadership Series by Chude Jideonwo)

“Nigeria is instead plagued by a despondent dearth of men with character…”

Nigeria’s Squandered Opportunity: The Reckless Writings of a Stanford Professor, By George Kerley

When Stanford University’s Professor Joel Brinkley wrote a largely incoherent opinion article on Vietnam, leading Vietnamese in the United States and back home in Vietnam came together, petitioned, countered him and then demanded that he resign his position at Stanford University. One of them called the article ‘the most misinformed, bigoted piece of claptrap on […]

No Amnesty for Enemies of Life by Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

The main aim of Boko Haram is to shed blood of innocent people in the name of religion.

Alamieyeseigha’s presidential pardon: When comedy becomes the norm, By Stanley Chinkata

“If immorality is pardoned, then there is no incentive for morality.”

Alamieyeseigha’s pardon: Jonathan’s contempt for anti-corruption norms, By Clement Nwankwo

Nigeria is part of the international community and has obligations to join the rest of the world to fight official corruption.

Presidential Pardon: Abuse of Discretion is Impunity, By Udo Jude Ilo

“Every time an elected official exercises discretion, he is sending a message on behalf of the state.”

Enough is enough, GEJ please be serious for once, By Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

“In a sane country, a government will not stand and watch her citizens be slaughtered like festive cows.”

Letter to Alamieyeseigha: Not all who steal are thieves…, By Alkasim Abdulkadir

“After all you did in Bayelsa; your detractors are still yapping and accusing you of stealing.”

University of Abuja

UniAbuja Crisis And Failure Of Stakeholders, By Olanrewaju-Smart Wasiu

“Now that Nigerian students are not guaranteed hitch-free education in their own country, why won’t they think of trying other countries?”

FILE: PDP women during a protest

Time to do things differently, By Nigerian Women Trust Fund

 “While the average women’s representation in parliament across Africa is 19%, Nigeria is at 7%.”