Victor Ebong

How Nigeria can use agriculture to mitigate COVID-19 impact — Expert

As the government searches for alternative sources of revenue, experts say the agricultural sector remains a promising area.

Dr Oyesola Oyebanji

INTERVIEW: How Nigeria can better fund agriculture outside national budgets – Food Security Advisor

The chief technical advisor to Nigeria’s National Programme for Food Security, Oyesola Oyebanji, speaks to PREMIUM TIMES.

Tunde Amole, the country director of International Livestock Research Institute

INTERVIEW: How Nigeria can protect its livestock industry amidst coronavirus — Research Institute Director

The expert believes more support to the Nigerian food supply and livestock value chain is a key thing to do alongside current efforts to curb the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the country, in order to achieve food security and agricultural sustainability.

Nnimmo Bassey

INTERVIEW: How Nigeria can benefit from maintaining forests – Nnimmo Bassey

Protecting our forests, supporting our local farmers with access to markets through rural infrastructure, storage and processing facilities will reduce pressure on forests and secure food availability.

A Maize farm [Photo: HapaKenya]

INTERVIEW: Govt risking lives of Nigerians by adopting GMOs – Environmental Activist

“Give Nigerians a law that assures strict liability for those who want to use us as guinea pigs. We need a better law for the regulatory agencies.”


INTERVIEW: Nigeria needs bridging leadership to make its diversity work – Adewale Ajadi, Country Director Synergos Nigeria

Mr. Ajadi also speaks on the work of Synergos in Nigeria.

Peggy Dulany - Synergos Institute

INTERVIEW: I Have a Hopeful Outlook On Nigeria’s Future – Peggy Dulany

The Synergos Institute boss speaks on her organisation’s work in Africa among other issues.

INTERVIEW: How I got into acting, my Wedding Party experience – Sola Sobowale

The actress also spoke on what she did in the UK during a break from Nollywood.