Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. [PHOTO CREDIT: Foreign Policy]

Saudi Arabia denies involvement in Jeff Bezos phone hacking

Jeff Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post newspaper, whose columnist, Jamal Khashoggi, was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

U.S President Donald Trump ordered military action against Iran

Trump threatens EU with high tariffs

Mr Trump says he will impose painful tariffs on imports from EU unless the block agrees to a trade deal.

Boris Johnson [Photo Credit: BBC]

UK PM Johnson defeated on Brexit legislation

This is the first time Johnson’s government would be defeated in parliament since the December election.

President Donald Trump

Trump to offer first detailed impeachment defence as pivotal week begins

Trump is charged with abusing the powers of his office and obstructing a congressional inquiry into his conduct.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin

Putin sends amendments to parliament to change presidential term limits

The amendments have induced suspicion that Mr Putin is preparing options for retaining a leadership position when his current term ends in four years.

Shell Oil well abandoned since 1993 during the late Ken Saro wiwa struggle

World leaders, CEOs, celebrities arrive Davos for WEF

Nigeria will be represented by some ministers and top government functionaries.

Equatorial Guinea speeds up investment drive with Nigerian investors

The delegation from Equatorial Guinea met with several Nigerian executives from the Africa Finance Corporation, Polaris Bank, Sterling Bank, First Bank, UBA and Zenith Bank.

How Africa’s richest woman exploited family ties, shell companies and inside deals to build an empire

Luanda Leaks, a new investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and 36 media partners, exposes two decades of unscrupulous deals that made dos Santos Africa’s wealthiest woman.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Prince Harry set to lose royal titles, military appointments

Prince Harry’s official title was “His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex.”

A derailed train used to illustrate the story. [PHOTO CREDIT: Daily Post Nigeria]

Train derails in eastern India, injuring 16

The passenger train hit a good train resulting in eight of its coaches going off the tracks.

A file photo of a chaotic scene in Burundi used to illustrate the story [Photo Credit:]

EU condemns human rights abuses in Burundi ahead of 2020 elections

The general elections in Burundi would be held in May.

Map of Libya

German minister travels to Libya as pressure builds on peace efforts

Libya has been in turmoil since the 2011 overthrow of long-time dictator, Moamer Gaddafi.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iran president says U.S. sanctions made nation “stronger”

Mr Rouhani was quoted as saying that Iran’s resistance and responses to the U.S. threats had compelled the Americans to step back.

Australia bish fire. [PHOTO CREDIT: The Conversation]

Australian tourism industry seeks urgent help as cost of bushfires grows

The fires, which have killed 29 people and razed bushland across an area the size of Bulgaria, have hit several coastal towns at the height of the profitable summer season.

Donald Trump [Photo: BBC]

House Democrats name team to prosecute Trump in Senate trial

“The naming of these managers does not change a single thing,” said White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham in a statement.

Italian judge arrested for trading sentences for sex favours

According to prosecutors, the judge repeatedly received “considerable sums of money, precious objects, other goods and services including sexual favours.’’

Flags of U.S and China

U.S., China to sign first phase of trade deal

Neither side has released specifics of the deal.

Photo: Pixabay (File photo).

South Africa boycotts 2020 Futsal over Morocco’s Occupation of Western Sahara

“South Africa has no issue in playing in Morocco but in line with SA government and AU resolutions, we will not play in Western Sahara.”

Boko Haram has killed some Nigerian citizens

Human Rights Violations and Violence: Nigeria, Somalia, other African hotspots

The nations named in the 2020 World Report of Human Rights Watch, range from Nigeria in the west, through Central Africa and the Great Lakes region to Somalia in the east.

Iran MAP

Iran’s Judiciary wants Britain’s ambassador expelled for alleged “participation” in protests

Iranian officials arrested Robert Macaire on Saturday claiming that he participated in anti-government protests.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Suspects arrested for downing of Ukranian airliner – Iran

The judiciary spokesperson for Iran, Gholamhossein Esmali, said “extensive investigation has taken place and some individuals are arrested”.

Nigerien President President Mahamadou Issoufou

Nigerien president sacks army chief, others after terrorist attack on military base

Terrorists struck military targets for the third time in a month on January 9, killing 89 soldiers at a barracks north of the capital Niamey.

Boris Johnson [Photo Credit: BBC]

Britain summons Iranian ambassador for detaining diplomat

Iran accused British Ambassador Rob Macaire on Sunday of attending an “illegal demonstration” in Tehran.

Nigerien President President Mahamadou Issoufou

Nigerien president sacks army chief

The army chief was sacked after two of the country’s deadliest attacks in living memory killed at least 160 soldiers.

Dubai Airport used to illustrate the story. [PHOTO CREDIT: PressTV]

Flights cancelled, delayed as heavy rains leave Dubai airport waterlogged

The rains began Saturday and continued overnight until Sunday, causing disruption in flight operations.