EDITORIAL: The Central Bank and Mismanagement of the Nigerian Economy

PREMIUM TIMES is more worried by the effects of the CBN’s policies on domestic lending conditions.

President Muhammadu Buhari

“Nigeria’s unity is settled and not negotiable” – Buhari

Mr. Buhari said his government would not “allow irresponsible elements.”

IPOB members in a rally

EDITORIAL: Time to address Biafran, other agitations

“Lasting solutions should be devised to contain all the fears and agitations of the different groups in the country.”

President Muhammadu Buhari with Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

EDITORIAL: Building the Critical Mass for the National Anti-Corruption Strategy

“Do the leaders of the Buhari administration really believe in the vision set out in the document?”

Muhammadu Buhari in an Aljazeera Interview

EDITORIAL: How Buhari Helped Nigeria Into Recession and How He Can Take Us Out Of It

“President Buhari’s government and economic team, as presently constituted, are not optimally equipped for the fundamental tasks ahead.”

Muhammadu Buhari taking oath of office in Abuja

EDITORIAL: President Buhari’s Paradox of Progress

There is no clear roadmap and convincing strategy document to demonstrate that Mr. Buhari knows how to handle the economy.

Photo: politicoscope.com

EDITORIAL: Buhari, African leaders and the looming conflict over Zanzibar’s disputed election

“We should not wait till the deed is done, as in Burundi, before sending out fire fighters.”

Salman And Buhari

EDITORIAL: Why Nigeria Should Not Join The Saudi Arabia Islamic Military Alliance

Nigeria must not allow herself to be turned into a battleground for religious proxy wars.


EDITORIAL: The 2016 Budget, the Naira, the CBN, and National Priorities

The 2016 appropriation bill raises enough questions to make us worry about the likelihood of its successful implementation.


EDITORIAL: The Challenges Before Buhari’s Ministers

“With the present ‘dream team’ of President Buhari it seems about time for Nigeria to return to a national strategic vision.”

Radio listeners

EDITORIAL: The menace called ‘Radio Biafra’

The disturbing signals from a radio station in southeast Nigeria called Radio Biafra evoke memories of the tragedy that took place in Rwanda twenty one years ago.

FILE PHOTO: An APC office bombed in Okrika, Rivers State

EDITORIAL: Nigeria Elections: Halt The Senseless Violence Now!

The two leading presidential candidates, Buhari and Jonathan, must reign in their attack dogs. They should publicly rebuke and dissociate themselves from any supporter who uses vile language.

Boko Haram

EDITORIAL: The Government Should Halt The Gradual Collapse Of Nigeria Now

Today, Nigeria is confronted with the reality that within its borders, Boko Haram has carved out its warped version of an ‘Islamic Caliphate’, controlling almost thirty towns and counting.

Prof Wole Soyinka

EDITORIAL: Soyinka at 80: Fully Humanized, Totally Disalienated

The Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, who turns 80 today, has garnered a great deal of honour in his active life as a man of letters and a statesman. Since the early 1960s when he stepped into the world of action, writing plays, poems and essays on the order of genius and declaring his forcefully impressive […]

Imprisoned Al Jazeera journalists. L-R: Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed  and Peter Greste

EDITORIAL: Egypt’s outrageous sentencing of Al Jazeera journalists must be reversed

It is important for the Egyptian government to know that imprisoning the journalists is a wrong path, and that defying the world to suppress the media is not only against international laws, but also a fundamental breach of civility that must be halted.

Godwin Emefiele, CBN governor

Analysis: New CBN governor must work to restore financial sector confidence

“Mr. Emefiele has the responsibility to find a way of restoring the era of strong legacy of excellent financial sector management set in motion by his predecessor.” Godwin Emefiele assumed office on Tuesday as the 11th governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. The former Group Managing Director of Zenith Bank Plc. is succeeding […]

EDITORIAL: How Jonathan, His Government And The Rest of Us Have Failed Abducted Schoolgirls

There is a limit to impunity, beyond which a country can no longer call itself a country with any shred of pride. We passed that mark on that grim Monday when members of the hideous Boko Haram sect stormed Government Secondary School Chibok, Maiduguri, and ran off with over 250 students to the Sambisa forest. […]

Reno Omokri

EDITORIAL: Mr. President, Sack Reno Omokri Now!

“Aides of the president cannot indulge in political contestation, so long as they are paid by the public.” Many Nigerians are understandably agitated by the slaughter of their compatriots in the northeast states, a trail of murder and mayhem that most recently consumed dozens of children at FGC, Buni. The outrage is directed at both […]

EDITORIAL: Boko Haram attacks, an inept government and the survival of the Nigerian state

On Tuesday, in an act of breathtaking savagery, members of the extremist Boko Haram sect murdered more than 40 innocent children in their school in Yobe State. For sheer barbarism, there is nothing to compare it – except of course the killing last year of another set of students in Borno State by the same […]

Premium Times Wallpaper

Human Trafficking Expose: PREMIUM TIMES, Critics and the Limit of Falsehood

We at PREMIUM TIMES remain unperturbed by this peddling of falsehood against our newspaper and its reporters. We will remain focused on our work. “Comment is free, but facts are sacred.” – C. P. Scott One of the planks upon which some commentators have been having a free rein on the report of the human […]

Chief Justice of Nigeria, Aloma Muktar

EDITORIAL: Bode George And Our Supreme Court In Reverse Gear

The recent decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Chief Bode George v. Federal Republic of Nigeria, is undoubtedly the most significant setback to date for the fight against corruption in Nigeria. In this case, the Supreme Court, as Nigeria’s apex court, abdicates in the most cavalier manner possible its high constitutional role […]

Nelson Mandela

EDITORIAL: Nelson Mandela [1918 – 2013]: An enduring lesson for African leaders

In her exciting biography, Every Secret Thing, Gilian Slovo, daughter of the revered South African freedom fighters, Joe Slovo and Ruth First, famously recalled how Nelson Mandela, who passed on Thursday, December 5, 2013, said when he had gone to hug one of his daughters she had shied away from him. When he’d asked her […]

Former President Goodluck Jonathan

EDITORIAL: Govt Must End ASUU Strike Now And Halt This Crime Against Nigeria

By treating the ASUU crisis with levity, the government is opening the doors of the prison while those of schools remain shut.

Danbaba Suntai arriving Abuja

PREMIUM TIMES EDITORIAL: Stop the Cabal; Halt Taraba’s Descent to Anarchy

A STATE MUST NOT BE LEFT TO STAGNATE BECAUSE OF ONE PERSON OR THE INTEREST OF A FEW. WE CALL FOR CIVILITY AND THE CIVIL THING TO DO HERE IS TO ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION ON THIS MATTER. ————————————————————————————————————— We have observed, with increased worry, the tragicomedy coming out of Taraba State in the […]

Pope Francis

EDITORIAL: How N300 million Nsukka Catholic Bishop’s installation betrays Pope Francis’ humility

  On its face value, the upcoming installation of a local Bishop of Nsukka Diocese on July 4, 2013, seems to be merely another pageantry. But for the average people of Nsukka, the pinch is stinging deep from the heavy burden of Church taxation for the ceremony. The people’s expression over the heavy levy for […]