TRAVEL: Surviving a malaria scare in Minnesota

Being down malaria in the west can trigger a scare like the plague.

TRAVEL: Al-Andalus: The Mosque-Cathedral and the Conscience of History (I)

“As we prepared on the morning of the visit to Santiago Bernebeu in the autumn of 2014, I knew that I was working through history.”

TRAVEL: Life in Ely: Rural America, solid mineral mining and lessons for Nigeria

“I think Nigeria has a lot to learn from the arguments for and against mining in Ely.”

LIFESTYLE: When science bows to God

A study by researchers in Richmond indicates that active involvement in a spiritual community is strongly linked to overall stability and health.

TRAVELS: Calabar Light Rail ready for use

The light rail project has three stations, Tinapa, Tinapa Lakeside Hotel and the Calabar International Conference Centre.

Saudi Arabia discovers “world’s oldest human bone”

“This renders it as the oldest human trace found to date in the Arabian Peninsula.”

TRAVELS: Osun Groves and Its Latent Economic Potentials, By Nurudeen Omotosho

Nigeria and Osun State in particular need to learn how to generate incomes and employment from the grove.

Phones being stolen at Indian Lagos festival as event begins on rowdy note

Organisers have failed to treat VIP guests well.

In Kano, a thrilling display of ancient Durbar festival marks Eid el Fitr

Historians say the Hwan Daushe Durbar was introduced to the Kano emirate during the reign of Muhammadu Rumfa in the 1400s.

A drone used to illustrate the story

TRAVELS: World’s first passenger drone set to fly

“There’s no need for a runway because the drone takes off and lands vertically.’’

TRAVELS: Do Not Go To Delhi, By Adaobi Nkeokelonye

“Dear Africans, I will not say ‘do not go to Delhi’, go if you must, but beware!”

Kebbi to revive Argungu International Fishing Festival

The festival was last held seven years ago.

Onitsha, Kaduna, Aba among world’s top 10 most polluted cities – WHO

Nigeria produces three of the 10 most polluted cities.

Arik Air

Arik delays Abuja-Accra flight for 24 hours, mistreats stranded passengers

Passengers wonder why airline authorities in the country are yet to sanction the airline for shabby treatment of customers.

Travelogue: Gurara Waterfall: A premium Nigerian picnic hotspot

The waterfall has a vast land, about two kilometres deep from each point of the compass, open to tourist exploration.

With Tarkwa Bay, Nigerians do not need holiday abroad – Ben Murray-Bruce

A photo the senator took at Tarkwa Bay, showed the senator on the back of a jet ski, enjoying a ride in the water.

TRAVEL: Everything is wrong in Zamfara village, Mutunji

No single child has finished primary school in Mutunji since 2005

Tallest Jesus statue in Africa unveiled in Imo

The unveiling of the statue was used to mark the wedding golden jubilee ceremony of the parents of the donor

Calabar Carnival largest street party in Africa — Governor Ayade

Official: “Tourism is indeed our own oil. We will use tourism to market the state to the world.”

Calabar Festival: Bauchi State emerges best cultural troupe, wins N5m star price

Mr. Ayade says special provisions has been made for other participating states to receive N3 million each for taking part in the event.

South Sudan: Testimonies of war, survival, separation, and reunification

Putting a face to the statistics of South Sudan war.

TRAVELOGUE: The Boko Haram December deadline and a trip to Maiduguri, By Yushau A. Shuaib

“If the military failed to meet the December deadline, we shouldn’t blame the previous administration of Jonathan or the current government of Buhari.”

Five Nigerian sites under consideration as World Islamic Heritage sites

Officials urge Nigerians to always guard against looting and destruction of heritage sites

Pregnant woman used to illustrate the story

Carrying a baby? Top 5 travel tips for pregnant women

Accept all the extra help you get.

Top 5 traditional dances from eastern Nigeria

The eastern region has a list of traditional dances performed as a form of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise