Labour begins nationwide strike Monday

Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress are set to shut down the country

Fuel subsidy removal: London protest gathers steam

Nigerians in the UK are set to take to the streets in London to protest the the sudden cut in fuel subsidy

Lagos Marches Against Fuel Subsidy Removal

Organisers say government must understand that some few people in Aso Rock cannot determine the fate of Nigerians

Under pressure, Jonathan summons emergency FEC meeting

The president is worried that the growing protest across the country might consume his administration

Day Two of Subsidy Removal Protest – Cities Round Up

Premium Times innovative social media gives you a blow by blow account of the subsidy removal protests in all the major cities in Nigeria.

President Jonathan a blatant liar, says labour

Labour said the president lied in his claim that it (labour) agreed to support the withdrawal of subsidy

NLC accuses Federal Government of murder, as protester dies in Ilorin

Labour said the Federal Government should be held responsible for the death of the protester in Ilorin

Subsidy crisis: Police release detained Abuja protesters

Moments after they were freed, the 12 activists said they were ready to return to the street for more protests

No evidence yet to prosecute Customs boss for forgery, says Lagos AG

Lagos State Attorney General says there is not enough evidence to prosecute the Nigerian customs boss accused of certificate forgery

TUC opts out of FG committee on fuel subsidy

Trade Union refuses to participate in further talks with the government

Gani Fawehinmi's wife, Falana, Fashina, others shut down Ikorodu road

Lagos protesters are blocking vehicular traffic and closing down filling stations selling above N65 a litre

Belgore, Kolade head presidential panels on fuel subsidy

In a bid to pacify Nigerians and shore up his approval ratings, the president constituted two committees on the contentious subsidy matter

Fuel subsidy: Cost of petrol jumps to N155 in Mubi

The price of petroleum products go up in Adamawa

Transporters hike fares as private filling stations stop selling

Fare skyrockets nationwide as commuters groan

Twelve activists arrested at Abuja protest

The Federal Government descends heavily on protesters fighting the cut in fuel subsidy

Contraceptives not for sale in govt hospitals, says Health Minister

Health Minister insists that contraceptives are free in all government hospitals

Fire Razes Eko Hospital

Fire guts one of Nigeria's most reputable hospitals

Labour, civil society, spoil for war with Jonathan

Labour and civil society are poised for showdown with government over the cut in fuel subsidy

NLC, TUC talk tough, threaten "long drawn battle" with Jonathan

Labour says it is poised for an outright war with the Jonathan administration. It is going to be a fight to the finish, they say

Mixed reactions trail emergency rule in four states

Praises for the President for taking emergency measures against Boko Haram. But there are sceptics too.

House hesitates, while senate backs Emergency measures

The president faces a huge challenge of rallying federal lawmakers to back his imposition of emergency rule on some local governments in five states

Senate backs President on emergency measure

The Nigerian senate has issued a statement supporting the President's decision to declare a State of Emergency in some parts of the country

Why we declared State of Emergency in four states – Jonathan

Text of President Goodluck Jonathan's address announcing the emergency measures

Jonathan declares state of emergency in four states

The president moves to check the growing violence and insecurity in some parts of the country

Boko Haram: Churches cancel crossover service

For religious groups across the country, the fear of Boko Haram is the beginning of wisdom