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INTERVIEW: Why Nigerian health workers are vulnerable during disease outbreaks  – Health Minister

Mr. Adewole explains why the government is discouraging treatment by injection generally and promoting oral drugs. 

My Encounter with Morgan Tsvangirai, By Shola Oshunkeye

In this 2012 interview, the late opposition leader spoke about why Africa is rich and poor.

INTERVIEW: Why Nigeria needs ‘democratic revolution’ in 2019 — Ex-CBN Deputy Gov. Moghalu

Kingsley Moghalu says the Buhari administration’s economic policies have failed, and he is considering running for president.

SATIRE SATURDAY: Why your Lagos Landlord may hate you (1), By Oladeinde Olawoyin

If you or your wife deal in locust bean (Yoruba people’s ‘Iru’) or sell Ponmo, your Lagos landlord may possibly hate you.

INTERVIEW: Why we agreed to help Nigeria pay $76 million debt to Japan – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The official also speaks on the foundation’s other engagements in Nigeria and Africa.


ANALYSIS: The many twists, turns fuelling confusion in 9Mobile sale

The crisis rocking the mobile operator may linger for a while.

2019: Inside the APC Crises: Senators battle state governors

The ruling party appears unable to resolve its many crises.

INTERVIEW: What our Igbo and Yoruba services will do for Nigeria — BBC 

The British broadcaster says its  Igbo and Yoruba services will revive the interest of young Nigerians in indigenous languages.

SATIRE SATURDAY: Surviving the inner recesses of a Lagos Danfo bus

Danfo is to Lagos what the tiny Micra cab is to Ibadan, and what the tiny ‘Korope’ is pto Osogbo.

ANALYSIS: How Nigerian govt violated own laws, historical role by expelling Cameroonian separatists

“Nigeria should be a haven for democracy loving people in Africa. We have done that in the 70s with South Africa and other countries.”

Nigerian Senate Chambers

INTERVIEW: 2019: Senator criticises colleagues, says decision on election sequence illegal

The lawmaker also says he would oppose state police.

Austin Agbonsuremi

Why I am leaving AIT, Raypower FM — Austin Agbonsuremi

The journalist also talks about his plan for the future.

FEATURE: Patients lament long waiting time at Nigerian hospitals as govt seeks solutions

A study in Nigeria indicates that the average waiting time for patients is six hours.

TRIBUTE: Understanding ‘Mallam’ Shagaya, the great man Nigeria lost, By Richard Ali

“Farewell, Mallam Shagaya, we shall continue to strive to carry on your principles and Nigerian vision.”

Atiku Abubakar

ANALYSIS: 2019: Why Atiku, Fayose, others may win PDP presidential ticket

A strength and weakness analysis shows the opportunities before the former vice president, past and present governors.

SATIRE SATURDAY: This is how to Police Lagos (2)

This is a must-read advisory for corrupt cops to thrive in Nigeria’s commercial capital.

Bukola Saraki

FOR THE RECORD: Letter By President Buhari to Senate President Saraki on Benue Killings

“To infer, therefore that nothing has been done (on Benue killings) is incorrect.”

Alex Ekwueme

TRIBUTE: The Alex Ekwueme I knew, By Atiku Abubakar

Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme (Ide) (1932-2017), passed on on November 19, 2017 at age 85.

Abuja City Gate

SATIRE SATURDAY: This is how to become a Nigerian President (II), By Oladeinde Olawoyin

In seeking re-election, it is important to understand the power of emotion over logic.

How Lagos struggles to stay afloat ‘ocean of refuse’

Lagos residents generate 13,000 metric tonnes of waste daily, according to LAWMA.

20 Memorable quotes from Obasanjo’s explosive statement on Buhari

“I have had occasion in the past to say that the two main political parties – APC and PDP – were wobbling. I must reiterate that nothing has happened to convince me otherwise. If anything, I am reinforced in my conviction.”

INTERVIEW: Why we want Nigeria’s health minister removed – JOHESU Chairman

The physiotherapist also highlights the challenges facing the health sector, and solutions to them.

MUST-READ ADVISORY: This is how to Police Lagos (1), By Oladeinde Olawoyin

“For a greenhorn Lagos Police officer, there is the tendency to flare up if the driver orders his conductor to give you ‘4 white’. But, man, just chill…”

How to become Nigeria’s President (1), By Oladeinde Olawoyin

“Be careful with sensational media headlines. Avoid ALL newspapers like plague…”

INTERVIEW: My role in negotiation with Boko Haram, release of Chibok Girls – Zannah Mustapha

The lawyer also speaks on his orphanage that houses children of Boko Haram members and other victims of the insurgency.