Malabu Oil Deal: Corrupt Nigerian officials bought private jets, armoured cars with N83 billion bribe

More than half of the N171.32 billion ($1.1 billion) paid to Malabu Oil and Gas for the procurement of one of Nigeria’s richest oil fields, OPL 245 by Shell and Eni was used to bribe Nigerian politicians and intermediaries who helped to secure the controversial deal, Reuters is reporting.

According to a letter seeking the help of UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to freeze the assets of those involved, Italian prosecutors said some of the N83 billion ($533 million) slush money was used to buy private jets and armoured vehicles.

“We are investigating many money transfers to many people in various countries who received sums that vary from millions of dollars to thousands of dollars,” Reuters claimed the letter reads.

British prosecutors acting on the request have already frozen two accounts with combined sum of N29.5 billion ($190 million) belonging to the chief intermediary, Emeka Obi.

Former oil minister, who was convicted for money laundering in France, Dan Etete, owns Malabu Oil and Gas. The company was incorporated five days before the oil block was awarded to it in 1998 during the regime of military dictator, Sani Abacha.

While trying to cover his link with the company, Mr. Etete registered the company with a fictitious director, Kweku Amafegha. The company also listed a fake address in registration documents.

Dan Etete
Dan Etete

Mr. Etete confessed to a British court in 2013 that former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, demanded  a slice of the oil block as bribe.

The Federal Government acted as a conduit for the fund after Shell and Eni raised concerns over transferring the money directly to Malabu due to Mr Etete’s conviction.

PREMIUM TIMES investigation revealed that after the money was paid to the Federal Government account, it transferred N120 billion ($801 million) to Malabu’s account.

The Attorney General of the Federation, Mohammed Adoke, and Minister of State for Finance, Yerima Ngama, authorized the transfers.

The company subsequently transferred the money to shady companies with fake addresses.

Despite overwhelming evidences showing that Shell and Eni are aware that the money would be paid to a character with a shady background, officials of the companies have denied any wrong doing in the affair.

For instance prosecutors said that a senior official of Shell had a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Etete over expensive “lunch and lots of iced champagne” few moths before the money was transferred to the Nigerian government.

An email presented during the trial also mentioned that the Shell official who feted with Mr Etete would refer to someone in The Hague known as “Peter” over the terms of the deal. Curiously, Shell’s CEO is named Peter Voser.

The Italian prosecutors are investigating the role of Eni’s former CEO, Paola Scaroni and his successor Claudio Descalzi, for alleged international corruption over the scandal.


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  • paul preston

    Ibb Abacha Obj the trio

    • Wähala

      The fourth leg of that table of thieves is GEJ… your ijaw uncle.

    • Maria

      GEJ is also a big thief. This is why he cannot prosecute corruption. His hands are soiled.

      • Otile

        Not so, you know better, Maria.

    • Tonnero

      GEJ, Abacha and Etete are the main thieves here with established facts. Abacha and Etete connived to award themselves an oil block five days after registering the company. Abacha’s son is still at daggers drawn with Etete over this. Maybe the recent “forgiveness” of Abacha’s son is part of the deal. The other thief is GEJ for quietly rewarding a man who did not merit the block in the first place with a cool $1bn. IBB had nothing to do with this, And OBJ revoked the block unless, of course, you choose to believe Etete’s story (which is not factual) that it was revoked because he did not give OBJ a slice.

      • paul preston

        who the person mentioned in the haliburton matter I think saint obj

  • King Carlos

    I expect EFCC to be making arrests by now. These impunity has to stop. I’m tired of seeing foreign countries investigate corruption in Nigeria but our own government acts like nothing happened. UK spent millions of pounds to bring down ibori, south Africa govt are investigating the $9.3 million illegally flown into their country. But our government is shielding all ths people.

    Even though they won’t listen, with the power confered on me in the 1999 constitution, as a Nigerian, I hereby callbon President Goodluck Jonathan to set up a committee, as always, to probe this matter.

    IGP, NSA, ICPC and SSS should all start a joint investigation so that we dont have to rely on foreign governments to make judgements before we act.

    Very soon, people wiil be filing cases in foreign lands because the Nigerian judicial system is fast loosing its pedigree. Nigerian politicians are worse than Abacha.









    I weep for my country Nigeria. Who’s gonna wipe my tears… God help us!

    • Tonnero

      EFWhat? You must be kidding me.

  • WorryingMan


    Please, what business did President Goodluck Jonathan have getting involved in this private deal on OPL 245?
    The Italian Police have now uncovered that 500million dollars was kicked-back to the facilitators of this illegal deal.
    How will President Jonathan convince anybody he did not receive the lion’s share of the $500m kick-back as facilitator?

    • George

      hatrest will kill you and your half dead godfather tinubukuru.

      This happen under your under age fuckers and inherited by another son’s wife fucker OBJ and you want us to direct the blame to GEJ because he is not a Yoruba or Hausa person.

      May the good Lord visit the sins of your generations upon your household.

      • Tonnero

        Old boy, slow down. You did not get the story else you will also complain. Dan Etete, working with Abacha, registered a company. Five days later, they awarded that company OPL245 for a signature bonus of $2 million. Even that $2m they did not pay. Enter OBJ in 2001 and probing all oil contracts. He spots this one and revokes it. Dan Etete says OBJ asked for a slice of it and when he refused, OBJ revoked it. Whether that is true or not or whether that is just the song of a sore loser, we are yet to know. OBJ advertised the block publicly and block was won by Shell who later farmed out part of it to Eni. In the midst of all this, Dan is, of course, unhappy and kept petitioning. Enter GEJ in 2010 who brokers a deal to give Etete over $1bn with Adoke a key player in the discussions. Details about who paid what and how the money was shared are still unravelling. These are the facts.

        • Adoki

          It is not his fault. Blame the newspapers who would not do a thorough enough job to be able to present a clear picture.

    • Calm Man

      It goes without saying, i beg, don’t be a worrying man again, you hear?
      No step could have been taken without President Jonathan’s signature.
      President Jonathan was the author and finisher of this OPL 245 deal, okay?

  • Lorddaniels

    Shell and Eni bought an oil block and an indegenous company called Malabo oil and the company is owned by an Ijaw in the name of Dan Etete then all hell was let loose because Dan Etete is not a Gambari Fulani.

    Premiumtimesng get a life and move on. The world has changed and never again would your Gambari overlords rule Nigeria again.

    Get that into your head you Gambari slave.

    • Wähala

      @Deri Orbuka, you stink like stock fish…
      I keep telling you to stop changing handle names, everybody can smell a soaked stockfish from miles away…
      Your mind stinks so stop opening it in public debates. Why don’t you get a life and move on instead of coming here everyday to complain about every news outlet being against your Ijaw criminals. Dan Etete is a thief, an Aboki associate helped your Ijaw President steal that Malabu settlement so the “Gambari Fulani” is still lording over you lazy drunks. Chump!

      • Lorddaniels

        You are a nitwit for calling me Deri.

        It’s a gradual process and your Gambari fulani overlords are already feeling the pain of life outside of power. For instance they would have cornered the entire sum paid by shell and Eni but they only got some crumbs unlike TY danjuma to pocketed the entire proceed from the apo oil block but you will never see premiumtimesng write about their Gambari overlords.

    • Usman

      shameless human being, that is why despite the billions pumped to Niger delta, you will never see any development

      • Lorddaniels

        And in your Gambari land despite 50 years of domination what did you have to show other than almajiri, Boko haram and backwardness and professional begging

    • kick ’em out

      “The world has changed and never again would your Gambari overlords rule Nigeria again.” – Lorddaniels. You mean the world will end by 2015? or you are migrating to another planet next year? Need more explanation.

  • Wähala

    Now that Dumbo has been anointed to wear the crown for his PDP crime family going into 2015, sh*t has hit the ceiling and old wounds will be reopened to give more Nigerians HBP over the mammoth graft that is this administration. OPL 245 was Dumbo’s first signature and the heist was a meager $1.2bn compared to $20bn that is now en vogue. It is the process of hiding the dough that landed CAN thug, Oritsejafor, into Zulu trouble. The Italians can conclude their end of the investigations, likewise the Zulus, but Nigerians have since developed hard skins to news of Aborigine Wetbacks stealing everything in sight…. from oyel bunkering to wharf rats as youths, to mega-heists by their chieftain like fossils Clark ati Anineh to youthful creek crooks like, Alams, Alaibe, Odili, Orubebe, Etiebet, Etete, Ibori, Uduaghan. Their wayward women are even worse if you factor-in Diezani. Indeed, nothing good can come out of ol’ Jericho. Niger Delta is Nigeria’s Jericho and the sooner we gather those slimy, near-naked Aborigines on their boats and deport them to Papua New Guinea like the Australian Govt. is currently doing, Nigeria will still be walking-wounded with Achilles heels of Amnesty Program, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, NDDC and 13% derivatives all stolen by lazy creek crooks… Drunkards!

    • Bancho

      You too too much……. Hehehehehe

    • Seriously

      You see, I agree with your sentiments and your stand against corruption, but your tribalism is so savage that I’m not sure how your head hasn’t exploded. For you to disparage millions of people from a particular tribe based on the actions of a few, shows that even though you appear to be literate, you’re still uneducated. You use the term “wetback”, so I’m sure you know its a racial slur used in the US against people south of the border. Typical Nigerian, even prejudice sef, you still had to import. Are you not ashamed? You are vile, and a bigot. There is no place for your ilk in public discourse.

      • Wähala

        With all your mumbo-jumbo, you still ended up tipping your prejudiced, sanctimonious hand with, “typical Nigerian”. Are you not guilty of stereotyping millions of Nigerians as bigots? Smart-by-half clown. My adoption of “wetbacks” is premised on Ijaw wharf rats who swim ashore in Apapa after robbing ships waiting to be unloaded. Next time, ask and you shall be educated… lingua always derives from somewhere and it’s constantly improved upon. Ode!

        • Seriously

          LOL “mumbo jumbo”. Pot meet kettle.

    • D-ONE

      if this is what you believe abt ppl in your country sorry for you!!!! you ll be no beta in govt!!!!

  • adnoy

    For most Ijaws and Ibos corruption is right if it is commited by one of their own, that is why they continue to see great things in nothing Jonathan is doing.

    • Wähala

      Just condemn corruption and don’t bring ethnicity into it. How many Igbos/authors can you refer me to who supported Stella Oduah during her trial days at Aviation? On average, Ndigbo have the least number of corrupt serving/past ministers or politicians accused or on trial for graft so get your facts right before I lower the boom on your arid ahss. What data do you have to support your “most” Ibos claim? Utu anu mpam like you… Chump!

      • Tonnero

        Wahala, you are my man but on this one, I disagree with you. You should go back and read the newspapers during Stella’s wahala. You even had traditional rulers and village groups talk less of newspaper opinion writers from the SE supporting her. Truth is that Igbos like you who are focused on right and wrong have a lot of work to do to move some of your kinsmen away from focusing on where the person is from and what religion the person is.

        • Wähala

          Fringe elements do not speak for Ndigbo. Clowns like Ezeife, Peter Obi and the Uba bros, are what I call, “pocket politicians” basically after enriching their sokoto. No Apex Igbo group supports criminality by any Igbos and like you know, even Ndigbo in diaspora has advised ome-based Igbos to jettison Dumbo and support someone truly capable of developing Nigeria… not just Igboland. The real truth is, Igbos are the least ready to focus on religion/ethnicity before condemning right or wrong. If you want the nitty-gritty, the Yoruba are the quickest to focus on ethnicity in rendering services to others in Nigeria although overtly, you may think they’re fully behind you. But in your back, they dismiss you as, “oloshi” and look for one Aderemi Olaniyi to award your contract…

          • Tonnero

            I hope you are right. And if so, mainstream Ndigbo has allowed the fringe elements to dominate the public square pretty much like BH, ISIS, Al Shabaab etc are writing the narrative of Islam for moderate muslims. Time to flush them all to where they belong: the fringes.

          • Wähala

            While I agree with you that loud-mouths have spoken without Ndigbo’s mandate, I still take umbrage with your analogy comparing them to terrorist outfits. If Igbos want to fight they declare war and slug it out, no fringe groups of Igbo extracts are on record for senseless bombings and killings of innocent citizens anywhere in the world. “Pocket politicians” act alone for financial gains… kapisch?

      • Seriously

        “Just condemn corruption and don’t bring ethnicity into it”<— What?! You wrote a whole essay bringing ethnicity and tribalism into the argument a few hours ago, so what are you saying here? Or is it because he mentioned igbo? Is that your tribe? All of a sudden, he shouldn't bring ethnicity in to it? Are you drunk?

        • Wähala

          Aborigines are not native Nigerians. They washed ashore carrying Lord Lugard’s luggage. They stole his empty bottle of whisky and concocted ‘Sapele Water’ from it and since then, Nigeria has not known peace. You will never read me castigating Hausas, Yorubas, Igbos, Igalas, Uhrobos, Itsekiris or any “natural inhabitant” of the original geographical definition of Nigeria. Clowns with names like, Godluck, Godswill, GoDoWell etc, are thankful to God they made it ashore. But, even ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ has limitations… for me, it doesn’t and will never include near-naked slimy Aborgines. Kapisch?

    • $20 Billion (dollars) is still unaccounted for at NNPC

  • Nuel

    These dumb fellows don’t read before they comment. The said deal happened in 1998. It was uncovered during OBJ’s administration, he in turn demanded a slice of the illegal funds. Etete stood trial in 2013 after investigators discovered the fraud. So what Brought GEJ into the fray..

    • Tonnero

      You are in such a hurry to exonerate GEJ, you did not even read the story. The deal is a long standing one which started in 1998 with the award to Etete (he awarded it to himself since he was Petroleum Minister at that time) for a signature bonus that the man did not pay anyway. OBJ came in, revoked the block and rewarded same to Shell and Eni. Etete kept trying to be compensated and this did not happen until 2010 with GEJ facilitating payments to Etete to the tune of circa $1bn. The current attorney general was an important part of the deal. Is it clear to you now? You should not be too quick to call others dumb when you are actually the one that did not understand the story.

      • Samuel Okezie

        The story didn’t have the details you added. But then again what is the criteria for owning oil blocks in Nigeria if not cronyism and nepotism?

        • Adoki

          You have not been following the story from the begining, so let those who have been doing that painstakinly educate us. These papers and their journalists are simply lazy, and would only tell the side of the strories that appeal to their benefactors and bad-belle readers. You should therefore try and recognise the substance of any matter when it is presented to you. Don’t take the half-cooked stories as presented to you by the media.

    • $20 Billion (dollars) is still unaccounted for at NNPC.

  • Comfortkay

    All these happen under PDP government and the Military that handed power to PDP. This is how they have deliver to Nigerian.

  • Ayelala

    GEJ is hopelessly corrupt .that man actually looks like a retard.

    • Tunsj

      Agreed. But I still believe that a lot of Nigerians will vote for him in 2015. They are blind to see what is going on.

      • Dan Fulani

        All the Christians from the North will vote for GEJ, including those in Gwoza, Dambua and Chibok and above all the home base of the youth Minister Michika and the entire Middle Belt.

        • D-ONE

          do you think it will be better under buhari? ask yourselves what is the climate in nigerian politics today?
          it it free and fair or it has taken other fronts of ethnicity and religion.
          remember that the last tym buhari was in power, he was in the military now he is a civilian!!! it will be different oh!
          he cannot just carry his gun n run into town! d revolution jerry rawlings did in ghana was when he was amilitary man not a civilian!!!!
          nigerians tink well!!!!!!

  • Peter Irene

    Another hollow ritual. What about Halliburton, Siemens and other scandals. Those connected overseas have almost finished their terms in jail. The ministers that were openly mentioned in Halliburton and about 3 Heads of State are walking freely, and nothing will ever happen to them. That is why they dont want somebody like Buhari. As long as we continue to vote PDP Curruption will continue as the people who started it and all of them are all currupt from head to toe.. Have you ever heard GEJ comment on the 9.3 million dollars. Nobody will ever know where water has entered the ground. But there is God…..oooooooo

    • KD

      @Peter Irene, God bless you!!!
      They will never let that man win. He Knows it, and that’s why he keeps re contesting, hoping Nigerians will get it one day.
      If only Nigerians can come together and let Buhari do just 4 years…That country needs some form of accountability before we begin to tackle the myriad of other problems.
      Oma se o! I’m sorry for the people who live in Nigeria!

      • Uzoma

        OK, convince him to sign an enforceable agreement that he will serve only one term and then return power to SS. If he does that Nigerians will give him a try.

        • D1

          The same way GEJ promised to serve for 4 years.

  • Obaro E

    I have consistently maintained that the environmental terrorists operating in my Niger Delta are worse than boko haram. Shell, Exxonmobil, Eni, Chevron etc rape & decimate my ecosystem by the second…worse still, the Nigerian govt colludes with them in this brazen display of evil…and my people have to travel to courts in Europe & US to seek redress for degradation and decimation of our ecosystem bcos the Nigerian courts are not immune to bribing. We know the foreign courts are not better, but the aim is to keep the will to fight alive until that time when we take back completely what belongs to us by fire by force. Amalgamation was a disaster….and this is why the corruption in Nigeria defies logic.
    God bless the ND Republic

    • Otile


  • Otile

    Once upon a time Gen Obasanjo was popularly elected the president of the Republic of Nigeria. Everybody was happy, Northerners were particularly overjoyed because they bailed him out and paid his campaign funds because at that time Ogagun could only afford N20 just like his Igbo brothers after the genocide. Odua people were equally overjoyed because one of their sons landed the presidency and lucrative contracts were assured them even unto Gbenga, Moji and Iyabo. Quickly Odua people forgot whatever high-handedness Ogagun employed when he served out Col Murtala Mohammed’s short regime of terror. Ndigbo were relieved that with Ogagun as their cousin no more genocide was likely on them. Ogagun did his best to serve every citizen throughout the 6 zones.

    That time too, Middle Beltans had so much influence as well as the Ijaws. People like Aondoakaa, Waziri, Gen Malu, Col Theo Danjuma loomed larger than life. Col Danjuma’s wife herself became a very powerful Senator in a Southern state. The Middle Beltans surreptitiously cornered the economy of Nigeria the economy of Nigeria through a scheme called oil blocks.

    Things did happen that time but nobody complained. President Obasanjo was also our Petroleum Minister and accounted to nobody but himself, nobody complained too. Wife Stella had fleets of planes flying her to the Caribbeans. Halliburton, Siemens, Ette Gate and all that were not considered scandal. Brother Gbenga was in charge of oil Power and Steel industry, nobody asked questions. No body questioned F Kayode for misuse of Aviation Ministry. Imam Pastor Tunde Bakare them became powerful men of god unparalleled in history. He could even speak with Musa in the morgue and assured us that Musa was resuming duty after short prayers.

    To cut the long story short, we can say that we are now looking back with nostalgia to those good days when Halliburton affairs was no scandal, nobody could question what the President was doing as oil minister and all that. But things have changed because the present President came from a minority tribe east of the Niger. Now the First Lady must give public account for how much she spent for a family dinner. Deziani must now face firing squad for not being Northerner like Lukman. Stella had to be dismissed with Kayode rehired. The good news is that all these things will come to an end when Nigeria splits and people take responsibility for their new countries, for we are not going to allow ourselves to be ruled by Hausa Fulani again.

    • Onike24

      Your logic is so flawed, it’s almost a joke!

      • Otile


  • $20 Billion (dollars) is still unaccounted for at NNPC

    • Sholoko


      Yes, the final result of the audit on NNPC is awaited on that $20b allegation.
      If any amount of money is missing there it must be required from the thieves.
      Ditto, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi must be arrested to face a criminal trial in court.
      His own case of un-accounted 650 billion Naira at CBN has ripened for trial.

      • The Revolutionary

        Nigerians should stop the silliness of picking which crimes to punish and which to overlook.
        A crime is a crime and all money crimes must be punished as such, besides recovering the loot.
        Nobody must be allowed to sweet-talk the public to get away with stolen public funds in Nigeria.
        There’s no immunity for theft and all official thieves must now face justice for ruining Nigeria.

  • gyemeleth

    This is what makes me think Africans are inherently deviant and corrupt. This sort of behavior is routine among African governments. Why is Africa full of so many indulgent, dishonest men, who think its their turn to eat when they get elected. Why are the so undisciplined, selfish, greedy, and excessive in living such high lifestyles? This happens all over Africa. There is no continent on Earth as corrupt and continuously backwards as Africa, and it will remain that way for some time to come.

  • Guguru

    Very sad

  • True Nigerian

    I often hear and see Nigerians getting angry when a foreigner or a Nigerian refers to Nigeria and Nigerians as very corrupt country and people. As a Nigerian, I would feel sad and depressed about such descriptions for my country and most of its people. But I have learned to face the truth as it is, no matter how hard it comes. For anybody that truly and sincerely wants to assess the depth, width and breadth of corruption in Nigeria, this Malabu case offers an insight and a window into how truly rotten and hopeless this country is. Here is what I mean. Even in foreign countries, many people are going down, getting kicked and being destroyed by their own country for a crime that happened in Nigeria and against the Nigerian people. Yet, brazenly, in Nigeria where the crime happened, not even as much as a dust is being raised on it. The so-called probe by the so-called National Assembly has ended with no other action.

    This is not the N2t oil subsidy heist facilitated, perpetrated and supported by government and its cronies; this is not the missing $20b which they are trying to cover with shady probe and conclusion even before an auditor has reached a conclusion; this is not the N200b stolen by one man from the civil service; this is not the billions stolen by James Ibori for which he could not be prosecuted in Nigeria; this is not the mindless heist that was perpetrated by Jonathan’s Chief of staff, thief Mike Oghiadomhe; this is not the hellish eyesore of stealing by a criminal called Diezani-Madueke who has serial indictments on mindless stealing running into billions; this is not Peter Odili’s bottomless robbery of Rivers State; this is not Tinubu’s midnight deal with Jonathan for the destruction of Tinubu’s criminal files with EFCC; this is not the billions stolen by Jonathan and his wife as governors of Bayelsa who cannot point to anything they achieved in Bayelsa after 4 years; this is not the hiking of airport runway project cost to an incredible amount of N64b (an amount that most aviation infrastructure experts agreed that it could give Nigeria an entirely new airport with two runways; this is not the fraudulent forgery of Yaradua’s signature by Mike Aondoakaa to enable a flurry of murderous thefts whilst they played a pun with an enfeebled Yaradua as he laid almost lifeless in Saudi Arabia; this is not the N10b that Turai Yaradua later carted away as she departed from Aso Rock; this is not the N17b that Jonathan budgeted and fraudulently spent in the name of 50 Anniversary party in 2010 which ended up in a presidency-backed bomb blast that killed many innocent Nigerians; this is not the $9.3m cash in clergy private jet and several other similar money laundering flights that were carried out successfully; this is not the Halliburton and Siemens scandal running into billions of dollars; this is not the common practice in our universities where it is now normal for lecturers to fail students for not paying them for marks; this is not the police culture of demanding money from victims of crime in order to investigate the crime; this is not the culture of corruption impunity across the civil service in both federal and state governments; this is not the N300b that disappeared under Tony Anenih’s watch as the Minister of Works and Housing (despite an indictment, he is today the closest confidant of the President and remains untouchable. The President even referred to him as a guiding light for the nation).

    Nigeria is rotten to the bones! Such a country can never afford basic infrastructure like bridges, major roads, rail networks, world class hospitals and affordable medicare system, proper universities, functional pre-tertiary education, etc. Yet, somehow, generality of the people are happy to vote or defend horrendously corrupt leaders and politicians. Nigerians refuse to see eye to eye with the truth. But with time, it will dawn on us that we have been living a lie – a lie we feed our own selves to suit our ethnic and religious bigotry. The truth is, on the long-term, this country has no future, unless there is an immediate stemming of this tide of recklessness, impunity, idiocy, docility and a culture of corruption.

    • Olutola

      And Pastor Adeboye promised in 2011 that he will personally lead a protest if the government he helped to midwife is not performing. Imagine what will happen if folks like Adeoboye, Oyedepo, Olukoya, Kumuyi, etc called out their followers to detest this criminal activities. They can borrow a leaf from Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu of South-Africa. He could not keep quiet in the face of tyranny and brutal oppression. What is religion if it only serves as means of approving the hooliganism of those in power. I call on the church in Nigeria to wake up and speak for the truth.

      • adnoy

        That’s true

      • Dae

        That is if the “church” was built on truth in first instance.
        Know what you are talking about first, and if you know not ask Sir George Bernard Shaw who said the most dangerous book on earth is the Bible – where the “Church” derived its mostly exploitative and evil teachings.

    • Konkolo

      Whoever you are and wherever you live, I honestly admire your EXCELLENT write-up. It’s like you read my mind and people like you are what we need in that hopeless Country. It has been 54 years of CRAWLING for Nigeria mainly because of all the issues you touched upon in your contribution here. Thanks for making my day True Nigerian.

    • Naira

      My brother it’s a serious situation. Where is Mr integrity Farouk Lawan and what happened to the case against him? Mike Andoakaa is getting ready to rule Benue state as governor. His very close friend Gabriel Suswam is working hard to achieve this. In case this fails they have planned to deploy all the stolen resources to sponsor another candidate so that those whom they think they can’t manipulate may not become governor. Adoke was fingered in many shady deals earlier on but Jonathan need every crook to retain his seat so he won’t move against them.

  • Phicomba

    “If indeed, as Nigeria’s Attorney General Mohammed Adoke
    suggests, Shell and ENI knew that the ultimate destination of the US$1.1
    billion paid by Shell and the Italian energy company ENI for a Nigerian oil
    block – OPL 245 – would be Malabu Oil and Gas company and Chief Dan Etete,
    then, this transaction might well fall foul of anti-bribery legislation in the
    United Kingdom, the United States and Italy – for the reason that a substantial
    monetary ’reward’ ended up being paid to a company controlled by an individual,
    who had arguably abused his public position to obtain OPL 245 in opaque
    circumstances during the General Sani Abacha dictatorship in Nigeria. Though Shell
    and ENI paid the Nigerian government, the funds were then transferred shortly
    after to Malabu Oil and Gas company controlled by ex-Oil Minister, Dan Etete,
    who in 2007 was convicted in France of money laundering. According to the
    current Nigerian Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr Mohammed Adoke,
    Shell and ENI were fully aware, and in agreement, that the money would be
    transferred to Etete’s company, Malabu Oil & Gas.”

    …….…..Global Witness

    (November 12, 2012)

  • marc umeh

    Mr True Nigerian, your writeup should be distributed to as many Nigerians as possible.
    Nigerians don’t even believe that corruption is wrong !!!