Malabu Scandal: Why I am running from EFCC —Nigeria’s former Attorney General Adoke

Mohammed Adoke
Mohammed Adoke

Nigeria’s former attorney general, Bello Adoke, named as an alleged beneficiary in the $1.3 billion Malabu oil scam, has said he may not return home until he gets some concessions from the Nigerian government.

“I will definitely come back, if I have the assurance that they will not harm me, they will not humiliate me any further, they will respect the laws of the land,” Mr. Adoke told The Cable in an interview published on Tuesday.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said Mr. Adoke, who was AGF from 2010-2015, participated in the alleged fraud that marred the transfer of OPL 245 licence from Malabu Oil and Gast Limited to Royal Dutch Shell and Italy’s ENI.

Italian prosecutors also accused Mr. Adoke and 11 others, including ex-Petroleum Minister Dan Etete and Shell and ENI officials, of wrongdoings when the deal was struck in 2011.

The EFCC accused Mr. Adoke of being on the run, and the anti-graft office earlier this month sought a court order to compel him to appear for trial.

But Mr. Adoke said he would remain in The Netherlands, where he said he has been studying since 2015, unless there are competent assurances from Nigerian authorities that he won’t be humiliated.

“If I am arrested and granted bail, I hope they will obey the court and not treat me like they have been treating others, they will not scandalise me, and there will be no mob trial, media circus, certainly I will return,” Mr. Adoke said.

He, however, expressed doubts that the prevailing political atmosphere in the country could afford him such privileges after his return.

“But I will tell you something: that is not the environment that exists in Nigeria today. That is where my fear lies.

“Also, I cannot underestimate the extent to which those after me can go considering the enormous power and influence they have in the government of today,” Mr. Adoke said.

The former attorney general controversially approved the transfer of $801 million from a Nigerian government account into the private accounts of an ex-convict, Dan Etete. A large part of the money is believed to have gone as kick-backs to officials of the Goodluck Jonathan administration, including the former president and Mr. Adoke. Both men have, however, denied the claims.

The $801 million was part of the total $1.3 billion Shell and ENI paid for OPL 245, considered one of the richest oil blocks in Africa. While $1.1 billion of the money was paid directly into a Nigerian government account in London, Shell had earlier paid about $200 million as signature bonus. It was the whole $1.1 billion that Mr. Adoke ordered be transferred into Malabu accounts controlled by Mr. Etete, but court cases in England by middlemen, stalled the full transfer.


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  • sheyman

    Adoke the sharp guy, your time will soon be up.

    • Public Interest Group [P.I.G]


      The problem with Nigeria
      is that Adoke Muhammed does not understand English language
      and it shows. He does not know the meaning of the word ‘certificate’ and that’s
      why he said Muhamadu Buhari did not afterall present a forged certificate to
      INEC even if Buhari brazenly lied that he got a Wasc/Gce certificate in 1961. Whereas
      everyone who asserts a claim has a bounden duty to prove it. Therefore, in
      extent that Buhari wrote down on INEC Forms that he sat for the WAEC
      examination in 1961, Buhari had a subsequent duty to attach a copy of the
      Wasc/Gce certificate obtained from the examination he (falsely) claimed he sat.

      What a
      literate and sensible attorney-general, unlike Adoke Muhammed, should have done
      was direct Muhamadu Buhari to attach his omitted Wasc/Gce certificate to the
      INEC form he has filled out. A similar lawful instruction would then go to INEC
      to receive Buhari’s Wasc certificate and verify it in line with section 137 of
      the 1999 constitution.

      Alas, the usually idiotic Adoke
      Muhammed failed to do what a reasonable person would do; and without any sense
      or gumption, Adoke leaps into the public domain expecting to be praised for
      asphyxiating the Constitution of his own country which stipulates that a
      candidate for an election shall be disqualified if he presents a forged
      certificate to INEC. What Adoke Muhammed did was allow a presumptively false
      claim on INEC forms and corruptly exempt BUHARI from attaching any certificate
      in proof of having Wasc/Gce Buhari made on INEC forms.

      • Patrick Otobo

        Gutter language. Please focus on the issue. Please remember that the imperative of national security will not allow any action against Buhari who has a cult like follower-ship in Nigeria.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Now I see your point. But, you can still do something about it, or you can continue to whine till eternity. You can go to court to secure an order of mandamus compelling the Attorney General to prosecute Buhari for certificate forgery, so that you can bring back Don Fortunato to continue ruining the country! L’obatan

      • Julius

        So, its because Buhari didn’t give him his cert that made Malabu deal happened . Na Buhari fault..abi. I got ya !

      • SamPsalm

        Adoke, incredulously seem to have been better at playing the Attorney-General than you even over a matter that you have had all the time in the world to research and espouse on without PRESSURE.

        For starters, the Office of the Attorney-General does not extend to the routine check of forms filed at INEC offices.

        Secondly, it is not part of the Attorney-General’s brief to selectively decide which candidates are to supply physical copy of certificate authenticating every academic exposure they claim to have been exposed to.

        Thirdly, he was right: certain facts need no corroboration. It takes only the naive to even entertain the thought that the education available to a General, even in a third world country does not equate to a primary six level education – which is all that is required to stand for election.

        Fourthly, Adoke was right. Written claim that one completed an education level is not the same thing as presenting a false or forged or even altered Certificate attesting to that fact. As courts globally have clarified thousands of time, there is only forgery when a primary document is proved to be in existence which details have been misrepresented in another document purporting to be that original one. That’s basic. If you cannot get that, I cannot help you. If you can get that, then all your claims fall apart.

        Finally, there is a reason why there is an I in INEC – standing for Independent. INEC is not behlden to the Office of the AGF telling it who to allow for election or not depending on the AGF’s desire that every claim be attested to via a certificate. It is always the duty of any party who will be prejudiced by the election of any person using certain false claims to approach the court and prove that.

        Dearly beloved ones, even in Nigeria, bad as it – it is our Courts that have been given the right to make that call: to decide when a party should not be allowed to contest or even take the benefits of victory at the polls due to false or forged representations.

        There is only so much that the AGF can do when it comes to election. And that is a for a good purpose: to reduce the injection of politically motivated interference in the INEC-refereed process.

        Am sorry that Adoke has taken the wind out of your one-pony mantra against Buhari. But such a time comes when you have to give up flogging a dead horse. There is no legal dead baby in your bath-water. Pour it away. That thing is nyamanyama you think is a legal baby. Even Adoke knows so

        • Man ‘O Peace


          No sir! You are wrong n all points. It is the duty of attorney general of every country to assure
          compliance with the constitution of a country. The Constitution of Nigeria says a person shall
          be legally disqualified from the office of president if he presents a forged certificate to INEC.
          Buhari had a compulsory duty to attach a copy of every claimed certificate to his INEC form.
          Once Buhari made a claim without attaching supporting certificate alarm bells should ring.
          An attorney general should hear those alarm bells and bring Buhari into line with the law.
          There’s no other way the Constitution can be obeyed if everyone attached no certificate.

          • SamPsalm

            Can you please copy and paste the section of the Nigerian Constitution which created a compulsory duty to attach a copy of every claimed certificate?

            And since you are clearly not a lawyer, can you also tell why you think you have the right to redefine ‘forgery’ as to include the non-existence of any attached forged document?

            If you can do those two, even I, for whatever it is worth will concede to you the point.

  • R.Ess. Kay


    Adoke Muhammed is the worst attorney general in history

    ADOKE MUHAMMED should be arrested by INTERPOL summons and deported to Nigeria without conditions.
    He disgraced Nigeria and put the country in infamy abroad over his CORRUPT handling of the Malabu Oil
    bloc OPL 245 with incompetence rising from the trough of theft through a crescendo of moneylaundering in
    America. Criminal trial is opening tomorrow in Milan, Italy, where Nigeria will be on trial as a virtual criminal
    organization, as a result of Adoke Muhammed’s ignorance of law, greed and corrupt proclivity.

    For those three traits Adoke should be arrested and deported and kept in Kirikiri maximum prison to
    await completion of his trial in Nigeria for theft and moneylaundering. Adoke Muhammed isn’t entitled
    to bail under any enlightened theory of law because he’s shown criminal intent to evade his trial with
    a plenitude of excuses. A sensible attorney-general will not finesse a deal that would disgrace his
    country worldwide, and put every other government official in his country in the dock of a criminal
    court, as Adoke Muhammed’s fumbling head caused the government of Goodluck Jonathan.
    Adoke Muhammed is the worst and the most criminal attorney general ever in world history.

    • ??????questo

      Why did Adoke Muhammed (the attorney general appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan

      to broker this criminally insane Malabu Oil deal) fail or and refuse to do what a reasonable person

      in public office possessed of average intelligence, will do, which is DEMAND A BOARD RESOLUTION

      OF MALABU OIL, with minutes of meeting authorizing Malabu Oil to sell OPL 245 to a consortium of

      Shell and Agip oil, before releasing the $810 million purchase price to Dan Etete as an individual?

      • Patrick Otobo

        Who told you that those to negotiated the sale of Malabu did not have a board resolution? You think that Shell will acquire an asset of that magnitude without a board resolution???? Malabu is a commercial dispute between shareholders? EFCC is just playing playing to the gallery and carrying out there masters’fraudulent game of evil.

        • ??????questo


          A company willing to sell its only known asset is virtually wind up, albeit temporarily,
          unless it later invests the proceed of sale into any other business venture. Therefore,
          all shareholders of Malabu Oil must be notified that a meeting was scheduled for a time certain
          to decide whether or not to sell OPL 245 oil bloc and inviting each shareholder to attend in person
          or to fill out a proxy form for vote by proxy. At no time did Dan Etete say such a notice of general
          meeting was issued or delivered to ALL SHAREHOLDRERS OF MALABU OIL AND GAS LIMITED.
          Shell and Eni/Agip would be negligent not to have spotted that error despite having legal advisers.
          Once that board resolution of a plenary meeting foundation was missing all else became unlawful.
          Shell and Eni/Agip dealt with Dan Etete as if he alone was Malabu Oil – but that was egregious error.
          A company is a separate entity from any individual and Dan Etete is legally not equal to Malabu Ltd.

          • Ademola J.


        • Keem Dee


          BROS, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. AGIP PAID $1.3 billion , not $1.3 million. Okay?

    • Wey

      @abiodunadeniran:disqus :

      Yes O. Adoke is seeking exoneration from a set of impossible facts. He wants to be acquitted
      on the facts as they stand but can’t point at any other country in the world where federal officials
      were wholesomely implicated for moneylaundering abroad in consequence of the means selected
      by an attorney general. The facts as they stand will convict Adoke Muhammed as a daft person
      because there’s no way the Minister of Petroleum and the ex-president of Nigeria will suddenly
      be thrown into the middle of criminal investigation abroad if Adoke Muhammed were thinking
      properly. Even the ex National Security Adviser has been dragged into the loop of the probe.

    • Patrick Otobo

      Where are you getting your facts from???? Obviously not from the documents available on malabu but from the fiction being sold by Premium Times commissioned by their promoters and the Abacha family. Please get hold of the Malabu documents before descending in to the arena and insulting people. I hope the gutter is not your natural habitation where you dwell??? Pity!!!

      • ‘Sho’


    • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

      Deliberate “fumbling” with a big nod from the Oga. It is apparent; as a business man, the deal for Africa’s largest oil field was blinded by avarice! Pigs, greedy lots.

    • otitokoro

      Or can we do an Umaru Dikko London style to get him to come back to Nigeria? Just kidding o.

  • Mary


  • javscong javscong

    Mr. Adoke’s fears are baseless. The only cases that the government has refused to honour bails granted are those bordering on “national security” as alleged by the government. All the other thieves granted bail are not in detention. My advise is that Adoke returns voluntarily just like Obanikoro did. If he allows himself to be arrested by INTERPOL and deported, that will make any Judge reluctant to grant him bail because he will be deemed a high ” flight risk”. In addition to that, he puts himself at a greater risk of having whatever privileges that have allowed him to remain in the Netherlands, revoked. As a deportee, he is also not likely to be granted visa into most countries. I thought this man is supposed to be a lawyer, SAN for that matter. He ought to be aware of all the above. Abi na Toronto the man go?!!!!!

    • Adefemi B. Olopade


      Of the $1.3 billion paid by both SHELL and ENI/Agip, a signature bonus of $210 was deducted;
      next, Dan Etete took $250million for himself, whilst Italian prosecutors trace another $460 million
      passed through JP Morgan bank in London to Alhaji Abubakar Aliyu, everything thus adding up to
      $910million accounted for so far, and so, it follows that $390 million remains missing, unaccounted
      and deemed stolen. Where then is the remainder $390 million; and, who stole the $390million?

      • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

        Let them check Oga pocket. It was a bazaar of Alibaba and the numerous thieves! Nigeriana!!!

      • tundemash

        It’s with Dumbo Jo. Listen to BBC news below.


    • bobisa

      I thought as much too, because he’s acting like someone who bought a law degree certificate. Hes supposed to be well informed when it comes to issues like INVESTIGATION,

  • David Adeniran

    Also, I cannot underestimate the extent to which those after me can go considering the enormous power and influence they have in the government of today,” Mr. Adoke said.
    Unfortunately Adokie, it is your PAST MISDEEDS that are after you, I mean it is your own SHADOW that is now chasing you? So for how long can you run away?

    • Patrick Otobo

      You are one of the most gullible Nigerians that Premium Times is deceiving through their half truth and outright falsehood. It is very obvious that you have not read the documents on the Malabu transactions hence your ignorance and lack of informed comments. Why is PremiumTimes refusing to talk about Obasanjo angle to the transaction, about Abacha angle to the transaction?? Mohammed Abacha has gone to court praying the court to declare that malabu should not be treated as a criminal asset.
      Adoke surrendered himself to international investigation on Malabu in the Netherland and Italy and till date there is no indictment on Adoke contrary to the falsehood of PT. So what is the past misdeeds of Adoke? Pack well!!!

      • David Adeniran

        “PACK WELL”? No wonder your output! Every accused should run away and be shouting from abroad to prove their innocence? Your output is a reflection of your inner quality.

      • Julius

        Moron, didn’t you read what Obj said in the open about the deal ? By the wa, Obj is at home where any agency that wanna question him will find him. Your fake clueless Phd ex-president is also walking free in Nigeria but, you are not asking the efcc to question him. See yourself so .

      • SAM .A

        “… that Premium Times is deceiving through their half truth and outright falsehood. “It is not David Adeniran that is gullible as you stated above , it is u and people like you .People from where u come from glamorize corruption ,swim in corruption when they steal, their relative rejoice , the village give them chieftaincy title , what about Ibori ? Remember your hero Furtunato Dumbo said stealing is not corruption . PT publish half truth , like dummy u are here, commenting with your warped sense. Now that u have used your robotic mind to comment , will u kindly crawl back to your hole in the creek and let others read PT

        • Patrick Otobo

          That is your level of intelligence. Scum!!!!

          • SAM .A

            dimwit, you are a notoriously corrupt person .

    • Julius

      Well stated !!

  • Mamman Bako

    Adoke’s thinking is really amazing. It is shocking, this man does not understand the dire consequences of corruption in public service on citizens. People die, kids lose their foundational rights for a good life. This man forgets the kind of corruption he’s being accused of requires powerful capability to bring him to book, he has not proven that this is the case by statement, but that the EFCC must sustain its strengths in dealing with people like Adoke. He deserves much more worse of what people suffered as a result his mal-administration as Attorney General of Nigeria. Wicked man.

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    What a nerve? He will return home and he states conditionalities that will shame IMF. Those lawyer wayo was in the GEJ era and the party is over counsel learned advocate, Sir.


      Why is an administration and a country that is doing better against corruption, poorer and sadder than one that had corruption?

      Results matter!

      • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

        All these findings are not results? How did we become poor in the first place when the land is flowing with milk and honey? Who caused the punishing poverty? No corrupt country is happy, India, Afganistan, Pakistan, contrast with Norway, Iceland, Sweden. The impunity at which corruption is perpertrated in Nigeria is the crux of the matter.

  • Julius

    I guess we have to beg him to come back and answer for what he did while in the office. Na wa oo, what a freeking nerve these people has ? Can’t the FGN ask for his extradition back home ?

  • MrXtra Plate

    “But Mr. Adoke said he would remain in The Netherlands, where he said he has been studying since 2015, unless there are competent assurances from Nigerian authorities that he won’t be humiliated.”

    Royal Dutch Shell

    Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands

  • Olatubosun

    Thief, you better return the money you stole

  • Olatubosun

    We will come and arrest you where you are……..
    Oro o ti Kan ni…
    When the time comes, efcc will fetch you out

  • MI

    Adoke, why don’t you simply return whatever you have received from that deal and also stole while in office and then ask for the privileges. You unlawfully steal from Nigeria and keep it unlawfully away from her and want Nigeria to apply her law on fairly?
    Even if you escape this here, you’ll surely meet it at your Lord’, the day after you depart this earthly world. Whatever action you take going forward, remember a day of reckoning will surely come, today, tomorrow, a decade or a century; a day no lies can be told, no hiding place for people like you, unless you have fore knowledge that you have failed the test beyond redemption, then return all that you unlawfully acquired for this temporary journey, that you already have walked more than half of it. Seek the path of redemption, it may never be too late now, but tomorrow could be.


      Please tell me, how much has been returned, by whom, when, and where is the money, so far, since 2015?

      If you don’t know then keep quiet about returning money!

      • tundemash

        Mor0n, send a FOI request to the Ministry of Finance and CBN.

        • AFRICANER

          If you had a soul, you will be spending your time asking where Sowore of Sahara Reporters is, and is he free to leave Nigeria. You will show some compassion and make sure this evil administration assures his safety.

          • jamajake

            Sowore is not a looter like brother Adoke

          • Right Minded

            Sowore is worse than a looter

          • jamajake

            How? Oh I forgot because he bosting your looter uncle

          • Pat

            That statement is always expected from the people in the other side that you belong, where stealing is not corruption. Sowore flash light is already beaming rays of light into your hidden deeds. The more names you call Sowore the brighter his flash light on the corrupt and hidden acts of people in your camp. Sorry!

          • duwdu

            Wrong Minded, you.


          • tundemash

            Mor0n, since where and when does your love for Sowore start ? Go worry about your hopelessness, Sowore can take care of himself.

      • MI

        You probably have something to learn about recovering money from looters and thieves like Adoke et-al, in ‘democratic’ set ups world wide. Good news is that lots of monies have been frozened or temporarily forfeited to govt pending court cases. A thing is certain, such monies will never ever be released to these rogues whatever the outcome. Secondly, many others have ‘voluntarily’ returned monies to FG, like former chief of air staff and some of his cohorts. Dasuki money to politicians, many have returned such funds mind. And many others whose cases were not as popular as well and don’t have the ‘cloud’ to go through the rigors of courts.
        Adoke should return the loot or wait to face the music and he will face the music.

  • ijelejames

    Shameless runaway thief.

  • SAM .A

    A sinner runs when nobody is pursuing him , it is only in Nigeria where a criminal dictates the terms of his trial , when you were stealing million dollars , or taking bribe and corruptly sharing the loot , u enjoyed it . To give account of your stewardship now u start singing different tones . Remember Mr Adoke , Dikko’s crate is just few miles away.

  • marc umeh

    It is shameful that under the nigerian system ONE man can order the transfer of $ 1.1 billion to the account of a private company. Even a president should NEVER have such powers. In a corruption- infested country , every effort should be made to institute checks and balances to limit the powers of would be looters.

    • Ekeh Celestine T.


      Adoke Muhammed is to blame for the whole mess. Adoke put Nigeria into shame. He was Legal Adviser
      to the government of the federation. He made a complete mess of the job. Nigeria’s government officials
      are now under investigation in America and Italy over the way Adoke Muhammed handled this OPL 245
      oil sale. What difference would it have made had President Jonathan hired a carpenter for legal advice?

  • blow fissh

    Former attorney general, Bello Adoke is a man with low mentality. Quote from an attorney general says it all.

    “I argued that there are people in Nigeria that we just cannot afford to rubbish over anything,”

  • wazobia decomposition !!!!!!

    story ….. who chop beans must sh!t beans ……….

  • Apostel

    Adoke: “Why I am running from EFCC”
    It’s very easy to answer, because you are a criminal, just a criminal, simply a criminal.

  • FineBoy

    Thief de give condition.
    Did u follow due process to thief our money?
    Did u provide adequate info to GEJ?
    If u die there, we will bring ur corpse and try it.

  • NwaIgbo

    Nonsense Adoke, you be thief. Come back to face the music before Interpol picks you up . Jail time for you is 100 years Olehhhh!

  • TDaniels2

    Adoke, you’re a man of the law, so why should be afraid of being grilled and asked few questions on your activities while in office? You can have all the services of the SANs in the land if you don’t want to defend yourself. The guilty are always afraid, eh?