Malabu Oil Deal: Jonathan breaks silence on bribe allegation

Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to the allegation that he received gratification to approve the controversial Malabu Oil transaction during his tenure.

In a statement by his spokesperson, Ikechukwu Eze, in Abuja on Tuesday, Mr. Jonathan said he did not send businessman Abubakar Aliyu or any other person to receive bribe on his behalf during or after the negotiation.

The former president also said he held no secret meeting with parties in the transaction at anytime.

More to come….


Our attention has been drawn to news reports published mostly by online media which suggested through innuendo, rather than factual evidence, that former President Goodluck Jonathan received kickbacks in the $1.3bn OPL 245 oil block deal involving oil giants ENI and Royal Dutch Shell.

With regards to the publication, we wish to make it clear that former President Jonathan was not accused, indicted or charged for corruptly collecting any monies as kickbacks or bribes from ENI by the Italian authorities or any other law enforcement body the world over.

In the first place, we have to categorically state that the negotiations and transactions for the oil block deal predate the Presidency of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan which began on 6th May 2010 and ended on 29th May 2015.

It may interest those promoting this false narrative to know that all the documents relating to the transactions, issues and decisions of the Federal Government on the Malabo issue, during the Jonathan administration, are in the office of the Attorney General of the Federation/Minister of Justice.

As President of Nigeria, there is no doubt that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan met with executives of all the oil majors operating in Nigeria and urged them to, amongst other things, support the growth of the Nigerian oil industry by ramping up their investments and comply with the Local Content Act that he promoted and signed into law.

We however wish to state, for emphasis, that at no time did the former President hold private meetings with representatives of ENI to discuss pecuniary issues. All the meetings and discussions former President
Jonathan had with ENI, other IOCs and some indigenous operators were conducted officially, and in the presence of relevant Nigerian Government officials and were done in the best interest of the country.

We make bold to point out that the former President never sent any Abubakar Aliyu, as the innuendoes in the false report suggest, to ENI, the IOCs or any indigenous operator to seek favour or collect any gratification on his behalf.

We will like to point out for the umpteenth time that whether in office or out of office, former President Jonathan does not own any bank account, aircraft or real estate outside Nigeria. Anyone with contrary information is challenged to publicly publish same.

As the President who signed the Freedom of Information Act into law, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan lifted the veil on governance and encouraged transparency knowing that evil breeds in secrecy. It is the opinion of the former President that journalists and media houses should take advantage of this law in their investigative journalism, rather than rely on hearsay.

We hope that these clarifications will help guide future reports which should be factual.

Ikechukwu Eze

Media Adviser to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

(President 2010-2015)


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  • Dualpolemedia

    Time will tell…… Mr Adviser don’t play smart on people’s intellect.

    • No-Comment

      “Though Shell and ENI paid Nigerian government, the $1.1billion was transferred shortly after
      to Malabu Oil and Gas company controlled by ex-Oil Minister, Dan Etete, who in 2007
      was convicted in France of moneylaundering.

      According to the (then) Nigerian Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr Mohammed Adoke,
      Shell and ENI were fully aware, and in agreement, that the money would be transferred
      to Etete’s company – Malabu Oil & Gas.

      If as Nigeria’s Attorney General Mohammed Adoke suggests, Shell and ENI knew
      that the ultimate destination of the US$1.1 billion paid by Shell and the Italian energy company
      – ENI – for a Nigerian oil block – OPL 245 – would be Malabu Oil and Gas company
      and Chief Dan Etete, then, this transaction might well fall foul of anti-bribery
      legislation in the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy.

      The reason is that a substantial monetary ’reward’ ended up being paid to a company controlled
      by an individual, who had arguably abused his public position to obtain OPL 245 in opaque
      circumstances during the General Abacha dictatorship in Nigeria”

      …….…..Global Witness (U.S.A)

      (November 12, 2012)

  • God win ooo

    Wise man, lol. You did not send anyone to receive bribe money but did you received it from the man? It is only in this part of the world things like this can happen and nothing will be done to those corrupt fools that takes pleasure to develop other countries with their own nation’s wealth. I weep for this country. Only God will punish all those that made nigeria to be underdevelop

    • Sim-One

      If you believe in that your name you should know that even you can be accused wrongfully mistakingly. Don’t hastily.

  • Opekete

    He did not receive any gratification PERSONALLY. His wife did on his behalf that is why millions of Dollars was swimming in mama peace’ accounts. I agree with GEJ because there is a difference between receiving gratification personally and receiving it by proxy. After all stealing is not corruption. What a logic!

  • Jimi

    Note that he did not deny receiving any payments. Also note that he did not deny if anyone is holding any property or money on his behalf inside the country (Patience Jonatha’s $15m) or outside the country.

    • Okechukwu Aribeana

      All conjecture. FOI Act affords these lazy journalists to go for facts. They publish innuendos, are some of you fall over each other. It’s a waste of time.

    • Benny

      He has challenged you and your ilk to invoke the FOI Act and publish the facts rather than rely on hearsay or are you that moronic that you cant decipher what the FOI Act is all about!

      • Clergy

        But when General Buratai produced his CCB form to refute claims of his being corrupt, you didn’t see that as being sufficient. Why do you think GEJ’s CCB form would exonerate him from this complex transaction?

        That you cannot find anything on an individual’s CCB form doesn’t exonerate the person from corruption because assets that are hidden in other people’s names may not be declared to CCB. I think it’s better to allow the outcome of the Italian prosecution come out with its verdict, if there’s such going on. GEJ’s CCB form won’t solve this complex transaction.

      • Sword of Damocles

        Shouldn’t he be challenging the Italian Prosecutors who produced this document(preferably in Italian Court)???? (eyes wide shut, just like a typical Nigerian), carry on BLACK MAN, more power to you & others like you who make our RACE SO PROUD…sic

      • WeeFree

        Would anyone that received a bribe or a kickback report it as asset? How would invoking the FOI Act reveal money that is hidden in homes and or in accounts not in his name?

  • Jimi

    Now we know why the drunkard from Otueke refused to publicly declare his assets! Remember “I don’t give a damn”?

    • Benny

      Never knew consumption of sewage water have such an adverse effect. Well, there is some ray of hope, consume less of these ignoble product and save your family this social malaise. What a twat!

    • calyboy

      Sir. GEJ assests are with the CCB as required by Nigerian law. You might choose to access it via either a court order or FOI request.

      • Williams Johnson Fortune

        You took it there b yourself I guess

        • calyboy

          Under Nigerian law, it is mandatory in occupying certain positions to submit a writ of your assests. It is not mandatory to make such public. GEJ met conditions of the former, if you want the latter kindly follow judicial process.

          Read and learn. Thank you.

      • Holy truth

        He 4got to list mama patience multi billion naira hotel in bayelsa, d mansions in Abuja dat got raided by d security agents few days back in d assets declaration form.

      • WeeFree

        Would anyone that received a bribe or a kickback report it as asset?

  • Okokondem

    What troubles me with the string of accusations and allegations concerning the looting of the Nigerian state is the absence of a conclusive concoctions in majority if not all the allegations.

    The lack of visible and transparent accomplishments by the law enforcement and the judiciary renders these a charade.

    Is there record of recovered loot from current and erstwhile government officials and why is such record not made public?

    Watch out here as anti and pro Jonathan advocates square off in castigation or exaltation of the man. At the end of the day nothing is learned, nothing is gained and the people are left still holding the bag.

    • Okokondem

      That’s conclusions and not ‘concoctions’.

    • Sim-One

      God bless you.

    • Akiika

      The FG stated that part of the 2017 budget will be prosecuted with recovered loots. Yes, monies are being recovered except we just want to deny it. We should laud the effort. We will be deceiving ourselves if we absolve GEJ of complicity when his wife, majority of his ministers, aides etc have been vomiting loots. At least this case is at the Italian court, the accusation emanated from the available evidence at their disposal.

  • TTT news centre

    “Without competitive tendering and with full, unconditional exemption
    from all national taxes, the OPL 245 block was bought illegally in contravention
    of domestic laws. In total, $801.5 million was allegedly transferred to Etete’s
    Malabu accounts; and $466 million out of the amount was used for remunerating
    government officials, including Jonathan and Alison-Madueke, A suspected
    “agent” of Jonathan, named Abubakar Aliyu, is alleged to have withdrawn a
    further $54 million and beneficiaries of the money went on a shopping spree
    buying property, aeroplanes, armoured cars.”

    ………..Italy Prosecutors’ reported charges on Dan Etete’s OPL 245 Oil deal

    (December, 2016)

    • Benny

      He has challenged you and the bole-kaja journalists to invoke the FOI Act and publish details of where the alleged bribes are deposited either in cash or in investment. This follies by this government and their online zombies is the height of snow-flaking.

      • ayo

        Perfect response from an e’rat……
        How market?

      • sanetalk

        Hilarious! Online writers are now zombies because they published unfavourable piece about our dear GEJ but become impeccable sources when they spread unfounded incendiary tales about the present government. And pray, what is ‘snow-flaking’ connoting here? Do you mean they are making themselves crystal clear? Please note to change ‘This’ to ‘These’ in the opening of your last sentence.

      • Tonnero

        Did you even read the article. This has nothing to do with this government. It is the Italians. GEJ has already been given the name Don Fortunato by the Italians.

    • Sim-One

      Oga, accept the challenge of the former President as stated above and stop this rubbish!

    • solomon olushola

      In Nigeria, tax evasion should also be included in the charge sheet. bunch of thieves.

  • Kamalu

    The media office of Goodluck Jonathan should be attacking the authors of the Italian document which has fingered their Principal on the sordid deals surrounding Malabo rather than pointing media houses to the Freedom of Information Act. The clear direction for Jonathan himself will be to initiate legal action against the Italian Prosecutors rather than sit at home and use a rudderless media office to veil his indictment.

    • Holy truth

      If he tries to initiate any legal action against d Italian prosecutors na hin be say yam pepper scatter scatter be dat o. Uncle jo won’t be dat dumb to take legal action against d Italian prosecutors.

  • Olawuyi

    “As the President who signed the Freedom of Information Act into law, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan lifted the veil on governance and encouraged transparency knowing that evil breeds in secrecy….journalists and media houses should take advantage of this law in their investigative journalism, rather than rely on hearsay”

    Is Dumbie the brainless listening to the advice? You know it is parables that the wise use to speak to brainless people. Transparency and presenting witnesses in Court with Masks has no affinity whatsoever. A word is enough for the dumb.

  • The Observer


    In June 2014, the United States Justice Department in Washington D.C
    said it has begun criminal investigation of the two counter-parties to this OPL
    245 transaction. On the wording of ‘an obligor’ that the usually daft
    Muhammed Adoke inserted in OPL 245 financial settlement, with ex-President
    Jonathan named therein as obligor on behalf of the federal government of
    Nigeria, Jonathan may be one of the two ‘counter-parties’ under investigation
    for money-laundering in the United States of America.

    • Repost by Popular Demand

      “Without competitive tendering and with full, unconditional exemption
      from all national taxes, the OPL 245 block was bought illegally in contravention
      of domestic laws. In total, $801.5 million was allegedly transferred to Etete’s
      Malabu accounts; and $466 million out of the amount was used for remunerating
      government officials, including Jonathan and Alison-Madueke. A suspected
      “agent” of Jonathan, named Abubakar Aliyu, is alleged to have withdrawn a
      further $54 million and beneficiaries of the money went on a shopping spree
      buying property, aeroplanes, armoured cars.”

      ………..Italy Prosecutors’ reported charges

      (on Dan Etete’s OPL 245 Oil deal)

      (December, 2016)

    • C. Okwechime

      MY PEOPLE,

      This thing is not a joking matter again O! Once America entered into this case a serious dimension has entered. American laws on RICO law (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) and the other U.S moneylaundering laws, can finish off all the suspects in this OPL 245 deal.

      That is why GENERAL ALIYU GUSAU, GOODLUCK JONATHAN, ADOKE MUHAMMED, DIZEANI MADUEKE and ALHAJI ALIYU must be careful. Already, a criminal charge has been filed in Italy’s court. The ultimate verdict
      of that criminal case will have automatic effect in all the member countries of the European Union.

    • 222Politico


      Goodluck Jonathan does not seem to fully understand what he’s got into over this OPL 245 deal.

      Adoke Muhammed and General Aliyu Gusau, who are also implicated, may have much better idea.

  • Ajayi balogun

    Gutter journalists premiumtimes

    • Uncle Finegold



      • Ajayi balogun

        I am not defender for Jonathan, if he committed offence against our federation please let our send him to jail but investigate the said crime very well before publish it

        • Bunmi Oye

          @ajayibalogun:disqus, You’re right my brother but which other investigation can be better
          than this ‘judicial hearing’ in the criminal case filed in the Italian court following Italian
          Police investigation of the entire OPL 245 transaction? If Goodluck Jonathan has a
          cogent, contrary fact he may apply to the court to be permitted to present such fact.

    • Tonnero

      Premium Times is simply reporting what is happening in Italy.

  • Dazmillion

    The irony. He signed the Freedom of Information Act into law yet his government did not obey one single Freedom of Information request. Even when a Freedom of Information request was sent to his alma mater university of Portharcourt, requesting for his PHD thesis, that too was denied. A scholar’s PHD thesis being denied public viewing by a university, a thesis that should be a source of pride to his Alma mater turned out to be shrouded in darkness.

    Jonathan should give it up, no need for all this pretense. Nigerians and the good people of Otuoke has come to accept the fact that the poor boy who had no shoes growing up, later turned out to be an international thief. Him and his wife.

    • Sword of Damocles

      He also signed the Money laundering act of 2011 and broke that with the bullion vans moving the billions of the people’s money within 1 yr(with his executive order to NSA Dasuki), but in all candor, this is how Nigeria has been “lead” since 1960, but this fella(Mr PHD) took all of it to another level (PHD Level), and you can say he is not qualified, after all he does have a “Ph.D”……

      • Dazmillion

        The man is a bag of contradictions

        • Tonnero

          No contradictions. He is simply a two-faced thief who tries to present a good face to the public while stealing them blind. Soon, he will also say he did not get the FCT Minister to allocate 99 hectares of land to a phantom farm he owns with his mother. That farm was registered one year after he became president.

    • Kohwo Enaohwo


  • solomon olushola

    Idiotic, but the money was transfered by Jonathan regime. please stop fooling us. The investigation was through, and some of the money are still trapped in London,and Swiss account.

    • Kohwo Enaohwo

      The money does not belong to the government, this were private companies funds in dispute over ownership of OPL 245 oil block deal involving oil giants ENI and Royal Dutch Shell; of which Malabu was the original owner. ObJ illegally cancelled.

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    croked ebele ………………………….volunteer to visit italy as an observer of others’ trial ………………………..

    • Lolade Adubi


      The law of Nigeria prohibits the outright sale of OPL 245 to a foreign oil company.

      For authorizing the sale of OPL 245 to SHELL and AGIP Jonathan broke the law.

      • ?????????


      • Tonnero

        Which law you dey quote for this one o. You are not correct. Besides, it was during OBJ’s tenure that OPL 245 was awarded to Shell.

  • sunday

    Is it not wise to leave Jonathan and his family alone? All men will ever remain equal in a world where some men will ever remain more equal than others.

  • Africa

    ebele tif!

    • Izon Redeemer

      Ibo man your ancestors are thieves—–cannibals——————-that was why Zik was caught stealing from the south south by the British

      • Tonnero

        In spite of all you wrote, Ebele and Madam Peace are still thieves.

      • Africa

        Haha…if not for the likes of Ziks you’ll still be the white man’s houseboy.

  • Izon Redeemer

    Only a monkey brained thief would want to slam Jonathan with an incident that took place over 20 years ago——the oil block in question was gifted to Etete–ati Danjumah —–by Abacha almost 30yrs ago——-But–the Tripod out of fear of the tribal marks of Danjumah, who hails from an oil less environment in Taraba, allowed him to sell his oil wells that late Abacha dashed him————and got away with the proceeds–But when it got to the turn of Ijaw man Etete—-Nigeria made up of the Fulani thieves ati Yorubas and Ibos ganged up against Ijaw man Etete——————————-now Ijaw man Jonathan is being accused by the tripod of sharing the money that accrued from the sale of an oil block that was given to Etete by Abacha long before he become president—–Aware only Ijaw oil Ministers have so far been investigated by Nigeria–they include————David West———who was jailed by IBB–Etete another Ijaw oil Minister often chased by Obj—-and now Bingo Buhari——–and his gestapo–the DSS and Efcc——-As if that was not enough they go after another Ijaw oil Minister married to an Ibo man–Deizani——-Already they have seized all her properties–sold them to themselves—Yet two oil Ministers from the Fulani North remain as saints in Nigeria—among whom are Jubril Aminu and late Rilwan lukman who was oil MINISTER for over 25 yrs–Separation is the only way out–not the rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas ati their Ibo surrogates in Apcs——————————–

  • westman

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  • emmanuel

    In all of this, Malabu Oil Block will never go to the North!