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Nigeria faces dire economic challenges today, following the recent debacle in the global oil market, and the virtual collapse of its 2020 federal budget. Matters have become even more debilitating with the coronavirus pandemic.


As anxiety grows and the future appears foggy, the nation’s need for crucial, up-to-the-minute, accurate, and reliable information has not been more urgent. Such extraordinary times call for a redoubtable media, unwavering in its editorial independence, integrity and commitment, yet steeped in the best ideals of professional ethics.


Emerging from a recent legacy of perhaps the hardest hit industry by the economic downturn further complicated by the COVID-19 crisis, the media in Nigeria today face a truly existential threat of an unimaginable proportion.


Massive layoffs, pay cuts, bruised morale and, invariably, accommodation and compromises defining a new norm of professional vulnerability elect a rare platform like PREMIUM TIMES to man the barricades and lead the charge to defend the truth, citizens’ liberties and the challenge of democracy.


Unblemished by proprietary pressures that frame media agenda for political or business purposes, or dribble professional goals to cut corners on facts and accuracy, it takes a rare publication like PREMIUM TIMES, the only Nigerian publication to have on its belt a Pulitzer Award, the Global Investigative Journalist Network [GIJN] Shining Light Award, the One World Award, and numerous regional and national laurels to lead this new charge to renew journalism in Nigeria.


In April this year, the famed Nobel laureate in economics, Joseph Stiglitz announced the editor in chief of this paper – Musikilu Mojeed – as one of his favourite journalists in the world, reinforcing our reputation for delivering quality, verifiable, and courageous journalism that, in less than 10 years of existence, has established the paper as the market leader in investigative journalism in Africa.


But good journalism costs money. This is why we call on you now to kindly accept membership of a noble community that invests a modest donation to the making and sustainability of our accountability and fearless journalism that will defend our security through incisive and diligent investigations while holding power accountable at all times and standing as a tribune against the growth of autocracy in the land.


Thank you.

Dapo Olorunyomi

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We are grateful that you have chosen to support our journalism of courage and truth. In exchange, we will be compelled to provide you an elevated service which could include:

1.  A members-only newsletter, called “The Brief”: starting as a monthly newsletter, the Brief would provide additional insights to the news, on topics such as politics, business, culture, and health (see previous editions here). It would feature groundbreaking (international) investigations, success stories in the Nigerian diaspora, and diaspora (relevant) news. It would also have a segment, PT Extra, which takes an inside look into our operations in the Premium Times’ newsroom.

2. Invitation to our events (members choose their price); we host a few events every year. These range from conferences such as our National Health Dialogue and Agricultural Summit, to book/ art exhibitions, to private dinners with our influential members/ friends. Instead of setting a ticket price, members will be invited to pay what they consider to be the value of the event.

3. Access to our correspondents and editors: we would host monthly tweet meets and quarterly live town-hall-style interactions with our editors. Members may also request a one on one dinner based on availability with our editors when in Abuja.

4. Members-only discounts on special publications and books: members get special discounts on books and special reports from our publishing company, PT Books.

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