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Bukola Saraki

Saraki raises concern over withdrawal of international funding for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

“Information at our disposal reveal that significant global support for HIV/AIDs in Nigeria has been withdrawn.”

Meningitis: Nigerian govt explains challenges, successes in dealing with outbreak

At least 336 people are believed to have died from the disease.

Vaccination used to illustrate the story

Meningitis outbreak: Abuja residents criticise N500 vaccination fee

The government says vaccination is free.

Cross River state

Meningitis outbreak: One dead, 23 hospitalised in Cross River

“Before now, we have actually been having sporadic cases of CSM…”

Vaccination used to illustrate the story

Nigeria Meningitis Outbreak: Death toll rises to 336

The NCDC has activated an emergency operations centre.

Vaccination used to illustrate the story

Nigeria Meningitis Epidemic: Death toll rises to 328 as health ministry advises citizens

At least 16 states have now reported cases of the disease.

Meningitis: What Nigerians should look out for – Medical Experts

“Some predisposing factors are upper respiratory problems, abnormal posturing, aching at the back, stiffness of the neck…”

Nasarawa on map

Nasarawa records 12,000 tuberculosis cases in five years

He explained that the rally was aimed at building public awareness about Tuberculosis and efforts to eradicate it.

A pharmacy used to illustrate the story

WHO launches global initiative to cut medication errors by half

“We all expect to be helped, not harmed, when we take medication”

National Hospital

Nigeria meningitis outbreak: 282 deaths confirmed in five states

An official said there was no commercially available vaccine for this new stereotype “C” meningitis.

Meningitis Outbreak: Death toll rises to five in Abuja

An outbreak of meningitis has killed over 200 people across Nigeria in recent weeks.

A Hospital ward with health workers used to illustrate the story

Meningitis claims four lives in Abuja – AMAC

“They (meningitis) can be transmitted by coughing, sneezing or close contact.”

A Hospital ward with health workers used to illustrate the story

23,000 ghost enrolees removed from NHIS

“For this, the HMOs are fighting me, but we have to make sure that the
right people get the money.”

High measles outbreak across Europe threatens progress towards elimination – WHO

“Today’s travel patterns put no person or country beyond the reach of the measles virus.”

Sokoto state on map

21 people die of meningitis in Sokoto – Health Commissioner

The official said identification and treatment of the disease is hampered by residents’ belief in witchcraft.

World Tuberculosis Day: Nigeria outlines plans to improve identification, treatment

“Currently Sokoto has the estimated highest prevalence cases in Nigeria with 127 TB cases per 100,000 in 2016.”


French firm takes over Nigerian drug manufacturing company, Swipha

Swipha was the first Nigerian pharmaceutical company to obtain ISO 9001 certification in 2007.

NACA urges stronger collaboration between TB, HIV programmes

Tuberculosis is the most common infection suffered by people living with HIV.

WHO issues new ethics code to protect rights of Tuberculosis patients, health workers

Tuberculosis is the world’s most infectious killer disease, claiming about 5,000 lives each day

Premium Times Centre ​launches Health Tracker to deepen accountability in Nigeria’s public health delivery

“This way, capital projects will be better tracked to promote citizen participation as veritable mechanisms…”

A Maternity Ward used to illustrate the story [Photo: The Guardian Nigeria]

Nigerian govt deployed 1,473 graduate midwives to PHCs in 2016 – Official

“The midwives were deployed to PHC facilities in rural areas throughout the 36 states and FCT in 2016.”

GSK gets new Managing Director

Mr. Akshikar joined the Nigeria business in January 2017 from Mumbai, India.