Nikki Halley

U.S. Ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley resigns

“I think you have to be selfless enough to know when you step aside and allow someone else do the job.”

Aftermath of Sri Lanka flood disaster {photo: Sunday Observer}

9 killed as heavy rains continue in Sri Lanka

This adverse weather leads to thousands of people being evacuated from their home.


Syria offers amnesty to deserters and draft dodgers

It gave them several months to report for duty without facing punishment.

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela confirms suicide of councilman linked to attack on Maduro

“Alban requested to go to the bathroom and jumped from there,’’ said Saab to the Venezuelan state television.

Theresa May during the Tory conference [Photo: The Week UK]

40 UK lawmakers willing to vote down Brexit deal

“My estimate is that there are at least 40 colleagues who are not going to accept a ‘half in, half out’ Chequers deal.”

China on map

China bans imports of pigs, wild boars from Belgium, Japan

China also ordered the return or destruction of products shipped from the two countries, customs said.


Trump seeks to dismiss Stormy Daniels lawsuit over hush money agreement

Michael Avenatti, who represents Ms Daniels, has said keeping the case alive serves the public interest

Viktoria Marinova, murdered Bulgarian Journalist [Photo: RFE/RL]

EU demands inquiry into killing of Bulgarian Journalist

30-year-old Viktoria Marinova was raped, beaten and suffocated to death.

Aftermath of Sri Lanka flood disaster {photo: Sunday Observer}

Adverse weather kills 8 in Sri Lanka

Over 1,000 houses have been damaged due to the adverse weather.

Taliban Militants

Taliban urge Afghans to boycott polls, reject peace talks

The Taliban also demanded a complete withdrawal of foreign forces as the only solution to end the 17-year-old war.

Indonesia on map used to illustrate the story

5,000 people now missing in Indonesian quake, tsunami

It was an indication that far more may have perished in the twin disaster than the current toll of fewer than 2,000.

5.3-magnitude earthquake hits Japan

No major damage or injuries have been reported.

Jim Kenney, the Mayor of Philadelphia

Mayor of Philadelphia berates Trump for unprecedented spread of misinformation

Since he was elected president in 2016, Mr Trump has constantly attacked the American press.

Map of Cameroon

UN chief urges peaceful, free, fair elections in Cameroon

Nine candidates are contesting the elections to the country’s highest body on Sunday.

George Weah

US Congress calls on Liberia to implement truth commission’s recommendations on war crimes

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed a resolution.

Former PM of Malaysia, Najib Razak

Wife of former Malaysian PM charged with money-laundering

Rosmah Razak faces a total of 17 counts of charges under Malaysia’s anti-money laundering law.

Lightning (Photo Credit: CNN)

Lightning kills 3 children, injures 72 others in Uganda

The lightning struck a primary school in the northwestern part of the country.

Embattled U.S Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh {photo: BBC]

U.S. senators get FBI report on Kavanaugh

The Supreme Court nominees is being probed over sexuall misconduct allegations.

Map of Pakistan. [Photo credit: Cryptid Wiki - Fandom]

Saudi Arabia to build oil refinery in Pakistan

The oil facility will be located near Gwadar sea port in the South-Western province of Balochistan.

Theresa May during the Tory conference [Photo: The Week UK]

Britain says Russian military intelligence behind host of global cyber attacks

Russia has repeatedly denied the charges.

Zambia map

Mining firms say Zambia’s tax hike plan will ruin economy

Zambia said last Friday it will introduce new mining duties and increase royalties to help bring down mounting debt.

India on map

India facing “economic crisis” due to huge oil imports – Minister

The partially convertible rupee has lost about 13 per cent against the dollar since the beginning of the year.


Facebook’s lead EU regulator opens probe into data breach

This is its worst-ever security breach, given the unprecedented level of potential access.

Iran MAP

Iran to defeat America by overcoming sanctions – Ayatollah Khamenei

Iranian Supreme Leader says the country will defeat America.

Seven Turkish soldiers killed in Kurdish militant attack – Sources

Violence in the largely Kurdish southeast has escalated since the collapse of a ceasefire in 2015.