Overnight violence injures 3 in West Bank amid Israeli raids

The overnight raid was carried out “as part of the ongoing efforts against illegal weapons manufacturing and trafficking in the West Bank.”

German Court sends 16-year-old girl to jail for terrorist attack

The convict attacked a police officer.

Cameroon President, Paul Biya

ALERT: Internet blackout suffocates protests in Anglophone Cameroon

The group says the Internet blackout in Cameroon is suffocating protests in Anglophone regions of the country.

President of Zimbabwe

Cash-strapped Zimbabwe offers workers land instead of bonuses

A union leader describes the offer as “madness”.

U.S. deports 90 Somalis, Kenyans

Officials said President Trump had directed that migrant quotas and programmes be cut, thus slowing down the processing of visas.

At least 5 journalists killed in Mogadishu hotel attack – UN

Between 15 and 20 people died in all.

Former Gambian Minister seeks Swiss asylum

The former minister is accused ordered the detention and torture of government critics.

Trump to order building of Mexican border wall

Mr. Trump will sign two executive orders on immigration and security issues on Wednesday.

British companies forcing women to wear high heels breaking law

No fewer than 150,000 people signed a petition against “outdated and sexist’’ dress codes.

President Barrow to return to Gambia on Thursday, says aide

“He is leaving (Senegal) tomorrow and will arrive in Banjul at around 4 p.m.”

Journalists charged with rioting in Washington

The reporters were among more than 230 people arrested in Washington on Inauguration Day.

Gambia’s National Assembly revokes state of emergency

President Barrow is yet not in Gambia.


Turkey, Russia, Iran agree on mechanism to monitor Syria ceasefire violations

The Syrian civil war has displaced millions of people.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May

British PM must get parliament approval to trigger Brexit – Supreme Court

“The referendum is of great political significance, but the Act of Parliament which established it did not say what should happen as a result.”

Trump revokes U.S. pro-abortion law

The new president announced the revocation on Monday.

Trump withdraws U.S. from Trans-Pacific trade deal

Mr. Trump called the TPP order a “great thing for the American worker.”

Former U.S. President Bush out of intensive care

Mr. Bush’ wife Barbara was also released from prison

Over $11 million missing from Gambia treasury after Jammeh’s departure – Official

“The coffers are virtually empty,” a presidential adviser said.

Singer Madonna defends ‘blowing up the White House’ remark

Madonna says she is not violent.

Equatorial Guinea to join OPEC, agrees to production cuts

The country joined 10 non-cartel members to cut 558,000 barrels per day of oil production through 2017

ECOWAS, AU, UN to ensure Jammeh’s return when he chooses

President Adama Barrow has said he would return to The Gambia on Monday.

Gambia: President Barrow speaks on Jammeh’s exile, term limit

“We don’t want him (Jammeh) to stay in the Gambia, because we cannot guarantee his security.”


Cameroonian judge controversially arrested

Lord Justice Ayah Abine was picked up late Saturday from his home in Yaoundé city.

Sahara Group renovates library to boost learning in Tanzania

The school has a celebrated heritage of producing presidents and notable Tanzanians.

Trump retains 50 senior Obama appointees

The officials include the highest-ranking career officials at key national security agencies.