PHOTO SPEAKS: Ooni of Ife, Sultan, others grace coronation of Oba of Benin

A new Oba of Benin formally assumed office on Thursday.

New Oba of Benin crowned as Ewuare II

The coronation was performed secretly according to tradition.

How to watch Facebook videos on TV

While you’re watching a Facebook video on your TV, you can go back and  scroll through News Feed on the device you’re streaming from.

How I work with Europeans, Asians to create African fashion — Top Nigerian designer, Deola Ojo

After over three decades, Ojo says she has no plan to retire just yet.


Placing money inside brassiere can cause breast cancer, expert warns women

“The common types of cancer in the country included breast, cervix, ovary, colorectal and uterus.”

Sade Adu’s daughter officially begins medical transition into a man

Sade Adu is yet to make a public statement about it

Kim kardashian

Thieves put gun to Kim Kardashian’s head, tie her up

“Five attackers, wearing ski masks and clothes with police markings, struck inside the exclusive apartment block.”

FirstStars Reality TV Show Premieres on September 28

The TV show is in partnership with FirstBank and EbonyLife TV

A shrine used to illustrate the story

Pastor goes numb while destroying traditional shrine

The victim could still be charged for malicious damage if the traditional priests file a formal report, the police said.

Gov Dickson’s wife gives birth to quadruplet

Rachael Dickson gave birth to a boy and three girls.

‘La La Land’ musical takes top prize at Toronto film festival

“La La Land” is from 31-year-old Writer, Director Damien Chazelle.

How ‘witchcraft’ slows fight against cancer

There is a growing tendency for people in Akwa Ibom State to attribute cancer to some witchcraft powers.

‘Why I won’t want to work for government’

A hair-maker speaks about her job and her dreams.

Top 10 places to cool off in Abuja

From classic landmarks to new hot-spots, we think everywhere on this list is worth a visit.


LIFESTYLE: Why banks use beautiful women as marketers, By Bisi Daniels

Some ladies are pushed by biting unemployment into accepting the terms of the banks, and to keep mum about it.

LIFESTYLE: Why time flies in Lagos, By Bisi Daniel

“We therefore live in self-delusion if we think that in reality time is flying like it appears to do in Lagos…”

Adversity to Opportunity: The Hard Part, By Bisi Daniels

“The first physical step for a turnaround is accepting the reality of what has happened.”

Men with lower sperm count run higher disease risk — Research

The researchers said that the study was carried out on 192 men with sub-average sperm counts.

LIFESTYLE: How to Turn Adversity into Opportunity, By Bisi Daniels

“Adversity leaves you in a hole; you either climb out or die there.”

LIFESTYLE: Love can be addictive, By Bisi Daniels Bisi Daniels

In healthy long-term relationships, the initial love gradually transforms into a more mature love.

Study shows thumb-sucking, nail-biting kids grow up with fewer allergies

“The findings support the hygiene hypothesis, which suggests that being exposed to microbes as a child reduces your risk of developing allergies.”

How to live long — World’s oldest priest

The priest reveals the secret of his long life

LIFESTYLE: Why workaholics should check their mental health, By Bisi Daniels

Workaholics are two or three times more likely to suffer psychiatric disorders.

Eid-el-Fitri: 10 Important Tips Muslims Must Note

If the new moon is sighted today, the Eid-el-Fitri celebrations (marking the end of fasting) will hold Tuesday.

LIFESTYLE: Why You Must Think Twice Before Accepting A Promotion, By Bisi Daniel

This discourse is based on the Peter Principle principle.