EFCC raids PPPRA office over fraud in subsidy payments

The EFCC begins investigation into the monumental fraud in the NNPC and the PPRA

Kano Labour vows to continue strike, protests

The labour leaders in the North-western state said the struggle would only end when government reverts petrol price to N65 per litre

Nigerians disappointed as Labour chickens out, calling off strike

Millions of Nigerians were heartbroken today as organised labour abandoned them midway into the battle to get government to restore petrol subsidy

Jonathan under fire for flooding Nigeria with soldiers to quell protests

The president comes under severe condemnation for unleashing soldiers on peaceful protesters across the country

Jonathan blames politicians for Nigeria's woes

President Jonathan says politicians should be blamed for the nation's woes

Soldiers take over Lagos roads

The federal government deploys scores of military personnel in the streets of Lagos to prevent peaceful protests

JAF, labour's civil society partner, disowns NLC, TUC, says mass action continues

The movement says the decision to call off the strike was a betrayal of trust.

National Industrial court ask FG, Labour to settle out of court

The National Industrial court which had earlier ordered the labour unions not to embark on protests asks the federal government to settle their differences with the unions out of court
Picture suggestion: industrial court emblem

Kano protesters defy security threat, resumes protests rally

Protesters in Kano wants President Jonathan to stand down

EFCC to probe corruption in subsidy management

Following almost two weeks of protests against the removal of subsidy on fuel as well as the perceived corruption in the oil sector, the petroleum minister orders a probe

President Jonathan sends troops after protesters, journalists

As opposition to government's policy withdrawing subsidy on petrol increases, President Jonathan unleashed soldiers and the police on protesters and journalists.

Soldiers brutalise El-Rufai in Abuja

Reports say the former minister was attacked by armed soldiers who tried to seize his phones

Fashola asks President Jonathan to withdraw soldiers from Lagos streets

The president said Lagos protesters were peaceful and had broken no law

Labour calls off strike after government blackmail, intimidation

Labour leaders back down on the strike after they were threatened and intimidated by the President

Soldiers all over the place

Premium Times has received reports that government has deployed soldiers and police to venues of protests across the country

Jonathan says petrol to sell for N97 a litre, as NLC suspends street protests

The president ignores labour's position and unilaterally reduces the pump price of petrol

JAF, labour's civil society partner, says strike, mass action continue Monday

Labour's civil society partner says the nationwide protests resume tomorrow

Muslims group in Kano attends church service, calls to shun ethno- religious violence

Muslims group in Kano attends church service, calls to shun ethno- religious violence Muslims in Kano yesterday visited churches to show solidarity with Christians as part of the effort to sensitize Nigerians on the need to shun ethno-religious violence.  The Leader of the Muslims who visited the churches in the state on Sunday, under the platform of […]

U.S Government says Nigeria no longer safe

The American government warns citizens against visiting Nigeria

Labour, government in separate strategy meetings in Abuja

Government is desperate to halt the mass action but reluctant to revert to N65 per litre

Why labour/government subsidy talks broke down

Labour explains why it couldn't reach a deal with government

Police arrest Christmas Day bomber in governor's lodge

Mr. Sokoto was arrested while hiding in the Borno governor's lodge

Labour/Government talks break down again

Both parties couldn't reach a deal for the second time in a row

Azazi begs America for help on Boko Haram, disparages Nigeria

The security adviser says the security problem confronting Nigeria is far bigger that the world knows. He wants America to help his troubled nation

Labour, civil society stand on N65 per litre, as negotiation begins in Aso Rock

Labour is going into the meeting with a demand that government reverses to N65 per litre