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Health Stories in the News Last Week

Nigeria adopted a new national health policy.

Major health stories last week

Nigerian agencies faulted a professor’s HIV cure claim.

national hospital abuja

Major health stories across Nigeria last week

AN official wants Health Management Organisations in Nigeria investigated for alleged corruption.

INTERVIEW: The challenges faced, successes achieved in dealing with HIV in Nigeria – NACA DG

“People with HIV should be treated well, they should not be stigmatised, and they have the right to good quality life just like everybody else.”

PHOTO STORY: Mrs. Aisha Buhari receives Mrs. Melinda Gates

Major health stories across Nigeria last week

While adopting a new health finance model, Nigerian government also appointed new head for the NPHCDA.

Major health news across Nigeria last week

Efforts to stop malaria got a boost with a new vaccine passing trial.


INTERVIEW: Nigeria’s health minister speaks on resident doctors, polio, tuberculosis, budget, transparency, others

“I cannot force Oyo or any of these states that have financial hardship to pay you(resident doctors), we can only appeal to those states.”


Major health news across Nigeria last week

It is very important for every woman to undergo regular cervical screening to detect abnormalities.

Major health stories across Nigeria last week

According to official statistics, 33,000 mothers die in Nigeria each year during childbirth.

Pneumonia replaces malaria as number one child killer disease in Nigeria – Report

“Pneumonia is now the leading cause of child deaths in Nigeria, a position previously held by malaria over the years.”


INTERVIEW: No cancer machine working in Nigerian hospitals – Health Minister

The minister said the government is working towards eradicating polio in Nigeria by 2017.