Drugs used to illustrate the story.

Report adverse drugs reactions, NAFDAC urges Nigerians

“Medicines are double-edged swords that can have tremendous benefits or untoward effects on our health.”

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Group seeks reduction in cervical cancer cases in Nigeria, conducts free screening, treatment

HEDEN said of the 51 women that were tested, nine tested positive to the disease.

Nigerian govt calls for vigilance after Lassa Fever death

“Anybody with symptoms which include fever, headaches, vomiting, should report immediately at the nearest medical facility.”

Nigeria and the challenge of ending Female Genital Mutilation

South-Western Nigeria has the highest prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation

Nigeria announces policy proposal to restructure inefficient primary healthcare system

“The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari would love to be remembered in making basic healthcare services qualitative…”

Resident doctors threaten strike from January 2

Mr. Onyebueze also called on NARD members to wear black ward coats or clinical gowns from January 2.

A Hospital ward with health workers used to illustrate the story

Nigerian government spends only 1 per cent of GDP on health – Don

“Nigeria has spent eight point something on the budget but when you look at the GDP in general, it is only one per cent.”

Major health stories across Nigeria last week

According to official statistics, 33,000 mothers die in Nigeria each year during childbirth.

Drugs used to illustrate the story.

Nigeria’s pharmaceutical research institute laments inadequate funding

“We have never received more than 50 per cent of whatever is usually appropriated to the institution.”

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After surviving Boko Haram attacks, displaced persons die of diarrhoea in IDP camp

A second diarrhoea outbreak caused the death of 10 people at the IDP camp.

A Hospital ward with health workers used to illustrate the story

Stress can lead to mental problem, psychiatrist warns Nigerians

“Mental problems denote emotional and psychological difficulties, which cause distress and interfere with how people go about their everyday life.”

A Hospital ward with health workers used to illustrate the story

Nigerian doctors want increase in health budget

“Government must increase the budgetary allocation to either meet up the WHO recommendation or something close to it.”


Global Fund to invest N1 billion on health in Nigeria – Minister

“In 2015 alone, there was an estimated 214 million new cases of malaria,” the minister said.

HIV Ribbon

NACA decries rate of mother to child HIV transmission in Nigeria

“Nigeria is among countries with slow mother-to-child transmission decline.”

Cholera patients in hospital ward

Patients shun general hospital over dilapidated structures

“The structure is dilapidated and the environment is so bushy that patients prefer to travel to Azare for medical attention.”

We can’t end AIDS without ending discrimination against persons living with it – Official

“The world will never achieve the end of AIDS without bold actions to advance the human rights of the people left furthest behind.”


Nasarawa residents get free surgical operations

Screening for hepatitis, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer were also conducted.

Healthcare: Reps ask NHIS to halt payment to HMOs

“Enrolees are treated like lepers while trying to access the services,” a lawmaker said.

Unwanted pregnancy mainly caused by wrong use of contraceptives – Health Minister

“Contraceptive-failure, if you use it well, rarely fails.”

World AIDS Day: U.S. provides HIV testing, counselling to 12 million Nigerians

According to the envoy, 726,200 adults and 34,695 children are receiving treatment for HIV under the programme.

Nigerian govt., Unilever sign MOU on oral health programme

A similar programme was successful in other countries.


Expensive malaria drugs are not better, experts warn Nigerians

The groups also said the Nigerian government is showing ‘little commitment’ in fight against malaria.