Two more Ebola cases in once virus-free Liberia

Neighbouring Guinea and Sierra Leone have not yet been able to stop transmissions of the virus that causes a deadly haemorrhagic fever.

Barack Obama

Ethiopia releases 5 journalists ahead Obama’s visit

Obama has been criticised for planning to visit Ethiopia which has terrible human rights record.

Xenophobia attacks FILE PHOTO: Photo: Naijanedu

South Africa police arrest 9,000 xenophobic attack suspects

Foreign nationals account for a portion of those arrested.

Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi President

East African leaders call on Burundi to postpone presidential poll

No fewer than 80 people have been killed during the over two months of protests against Mr. Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term


Kenyan President, Kenyatta, signs controversial law legalising polygamy

Plans to ban the payment of bride prices were dropped – although a person must be 18 to marry.

European Union flag

EU assistance to West Africa to hit 1.1 bn euros in 2020

New funding doubles the support from the last programme period.

Greece accuses lenders of terrorism

The country, which is rapidly running out of money, missed a 1.7 billion dollar loan payment

Iceland’s parliament legalises blasphemy

The proposal to legalise blasphemy was introduced after the Charlie Hebdo attack in France.

AU Commission gets first woman Secretary-General

The former secretary general is now an advisor to the chairperson.

Nigeria Oil Scandal: Zambian govt. denies influencing ex-leader’s acquittal

Local media accused the government of influencing the court.

Official confirms 142 body bags at Indonesian plane crash site

Some of the identified bodies of victims would be transferred to airports where they initially boarded the ill-fated flight.

50 killed in attack on Egyptian military by Islamic State

The attacks raise questions about the government’s ability to contain a Sinai-based insurgency that has already killed hundreds of police and soldiers.

Military training plane crashes into sea in Bangladesh

The pilot of the aircraft is missing

Suicide bombing kills 11 people in Chad

Boko Haram is believed to be targeting Chad over its participation in military operations against its insurgency.

Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi President

2 killed in Burundi ahead of election

Burundi has been in turmoil since April when President Pierre Nkurunziza said he would seek a third term.

Islamic State claims responsibility for Tunisia attack

At least 27 people were killed in an armed attack on a Tunisian tourist hotel in the popular resort of Sousse.

Rwanda imports lions to boost tourism

The group of lions includes five females and two males.

South Africa threatens ICC withdrawal over al-Bashir controversy

Radebe argued that South Africa was right not to arrest al-Bashir due to his diplomatic immunity.

15 Boko Haram fighters killed, 20 arrested in Niger

No injury were reported on the part of the army.

Ebola Volunteers

Sierra Leone reports 3 new cases of Ebola

The first of the three new cases was reported on June 17.

Zuma defends police over Marikana massacre

Zuma has been widely criticised over the killings.

Militants release Mali hostages video

The men were kidnapped in November 2011.