How the weather will look like on April 17

The southern states will experience cloudy conditions over both inland and coastal cities while northern states will experience partly cloudy to cloudy conditions


How the weather will look like on Saturday April 7 – NiMet

The agency says the southern States will experience cloudy conditions while northern states will have dust haze conditions

Nimet's headquarters

This is what the weather will look like on Sunday, April 1 — NiMet

The agency says southern states will experience partly cloudy to cloudy morning skies.

Nigerian food takes backseat at ‘Nigerian Flavour’ festival

“The aim of the event is to showcase Nigeria, and food is a huge part of it.”

A picture of Ibadan used to illustrated the story (Photo Credit: ICiR)

TRAVEL: Navigating Ibadan early epicentre of Oke-Ado

“The story of Oke-Ado is the story of Ibadan’s rich history and cosmopolitanism as the largest traditional town in black Africa.”

SATIRE SATURDAY: What makes Lagos masquerades tick, By Oladeinde Olawoyin

“The Lagos masquerade enjoys doughnut and Òpà, eats ice-cream, fancies designer wears.”

TRAVEL: Curator calls for research on 8,000 yr old Nigerian canoe

The antiquity is currently been preserved at the National Museum, Damaturu.

Minister flags off final dry run of Calabar Carnival

The main event will hold 27-28 December and will attract participants from 25 countries.

The eight Africans that participated in the Visitors Programme

TRAVELOGUE: Savouring amazing Germany and its election for eight memorable days

Eight African journalists participated in the 2017 Visitors Programme of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Travelogue: Voyage to the land of the Pharaohs

Every evening after my classes, I took a stroll down the busy roads of Cairo.

How Studying In America Makes Me Pray for Educational Revival In Nigeria

I have seen many schools from the outside in Nigeria and I do not like what I see.

First storey building in Nigeria records 7,433 visitors in six months

The foundation of the building was laid in 1842 and was completed in 1845.

Why we travel by road at night despite warning, insecurity, Nigerians speak

The Senate says outlawing the notoriously dangerous night travel will violate people’s right to movement.

Travelogue: Seven stops and 21 days in America

The 2017 International Visitors Leadership Programme provides a rare window to learn American bureaucracy and its media under Trump.

TOURISM: On Ekiti Mystery Tree, Olosunta of Ikere, By Tunji Ariyomo

The tree is believed to be 900 years old.

TRAVELOGUE: A trip to Vegas, the city of allure, sin and gambling, By Folu Olamiti

“When you hear of a SIN CITY, here you are,” Steve told me without betraying any emotion.

Tourism recorded 3.9 per cent growth in 2016 – UN World Tourism Organisation

The report noted that 2016 was the seventh consecutive year of sustained growth.

10 places to visit in Nigeria during Christmas holidays

If you are planning on a family vacation or picnic this Christmas, there are amazing places to go.

Àjọ̀dún Ọkà: A Feast for a Thousand Mouths!

Why are people so enamoured with a dish whose colour is most unlikely to attract the retina?

Nigeria generated over $1.1 billion from tourism in 2015

“In 2016, about 6.01 million came into Nigeria and we generated over $1.1 billion as the expenditure related to their arrival.”

30 countries for Calabar Carnival, says official

“Calabar carnival is 12 years on the road match.”

TRAVEL: Like Britain, tourism can help bail Nigeria out of recession, By Folu Olamiti

“Nigeria has a lot to learn from Britain’s private sector, the academia, tourism industry, the media and entertainment sectors, among others…”

Al-Andalus: The Mosque-Cathedral and the Conscience of History (IV)

The Mezquita is the place where you see two contending forces of psychological and physical ownership living together..

Al-Andalus: The Mosque-Cathedral and the Conscience of History (III)

“It is only in Cordoba where the mosque means a church, and vice versa.”

Al-Andalus: The Mosque-Cathedral and the Conscience of History (II)

“Interestingly, in all the countries I have visited so far, the fastest clearance by an immigration official that I have ever experienced was in Spain.”