Doomsday believers say world will end Dec. 21, swamp French village for safety

The mountains side will be closed off for three days before and two days after the ‘doomsday’.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas gestu

France indicates support for Palestinian UN vote

France voted in support of the Palestinians for UNESCO membership.

Israel, Hamas agree to peace deal

Israel said it would abide by the agreement

Congolese security forces surrender to rebels

The M23 group says its ultimate target is to topple the government of Joseph Kabila

Thousands protest in Egypt against Gaza attacks

22 Palestinians and three Israeli’s have been killed in the crisis.

Britain condemned for “mad house” care of schizophrenia patients

Schizophrenia patients are often mistreated in British hospitals

BBC vows to “get a grip” on spiralling crisis over false allegation

The BBC said it is trying to put its house in order

Myanmar quake death toll rises to 11 as aftershocks rumble

Myanmar is one of Asia’s poorest countries

America’s CIA chief, David Petraeus, resigns after FBI uncovers extramarital affairs

In a bombshell, General David Petraeus resigned as CIA director Friday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a statement. The resignation was submitted in a letter dated Friday and was accepted by the White House. In the letter, Mr. Petraeus noted that he had been married for 37 years and had […]

Syrian rebels attack pro-regime area in Damascus

Damascus is still under the control of government forces loyal to the Syrian President.

Sudanese journalist found after being abducted, tortured

The journalist was subjected to “physical torture and beating with whips”

Electoral College Map: Obama Will Win, See State By State Breakdown

Editor’s Note: In this special Election Day feature, PolicyMic is spotlighting the election predictions of two of our most prominent pundits, conservative Jesse Merkel and liberal Matthew Rozsa. As a twist, we also got them to agree a little friendly bet: Whichever one comes closest to correctly gauging today’s results will have a tribute written […]

200 migrants rescued at sea off Lampedusa

The migrants were fleeing to get a better life in Europe

American election: Obama now 98% likely to win, but conservatives disagree

Most statistical models are now showing that Obama will win this election and that the odds of him doing so are shockingly high

Obama takes early voters lead ahead of Tuesday election

By Edwin Nwachukwu Nov. 4 (PREMIUM TIMES) — President Barack Obama is leading the Republican candidate Mitt Romney in early voters in key states that could decide the U.S. election coming up in three days. Reports of early voters monitored by the North America Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday, indicate […]

Malian Soldiers

EU considers sending 200 troops to train Mali army

European countries fear that Mali could turn a terrorist ground.

Donald Trump’s announcement fails to unsettle Obama

Billionaire Donald Trump’s announcement Wednesday will go down in the annals as just another instance of self-aggrandizement from the shameless self-promoter. Earlier this week, Trump declared that he would makes a revelation about Barack Obama that could alter the course of the presidential election. But Trump’s announcement turned out to be a big dud, and […]

Russia says Syrian rebels have shoulder-fired missiles

Russia opposes placing an arms embargo on the Syrian government.

Mitt Romney falls apart in final debate

In the first debate, President Obama was widely criticized for his poor delivery.  Tonight, Governor Mitt Romney’s performance was not only poor; it showed his obvious discomfort with the issue at hand.  So which is the better showdown to sleep through, the first or the last?  The answer is likely to determine who comes out […]

10 drug traffickers hanged in Iran

The men had earlier been convicted by Iranian Courts

North Korea threatens to attack South Korea over dropping of leaflets

Some activists and exiles in South Korea insist on using giant balloons to drop the leaflets.

12 Nigerian pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia

Four of the pilgrims died in Mecca while eight died in Medina.

Bomb blast in Beirut kills eight, injures 80

The blast is the first in Lebanon since 2008.

Jobless man sets self on fire in Italy

There has been a wave of highly publicized suicide linked to financial woes

Shot Pakistani teenager, Malala, out of coma

Malala was flown to the UK on Monday.