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Picture of a tree used to illustrate the story [Photo: The Nation]

TOURISM: On Ekiti Mystery Tree, Olosunta of Ikere, By Tunji Ariyomo

As you move further inward in Yoruba land, you encounter less civilization. It was why the Yorubas in Lagos referred to anyone from Ibadan, Oyo, Ijesha to the lands of Ekiti as 'ara ilu oke'. The debate today in Ekiti is over what should be done to 'Igi Olosunta', a…

Professor Molara Ogundipe

Omolara Ogundipe-Leslie: Between the Literary, the Feminine and the Cultural

My experience of literature has always been as a medium for experiencing life. From Shakespeare to Achebe, and from Wole Soyinka to Bertolt Brecht, literature provides an imaginative retelling of life and its many vicissitudes. But literature has also been a vehicle for social transformation. Chinua Achebe’s entire literary oeuvre…