Pope Benedict retiring into life of prayers

After Pope Benedict XVI retires at the end of February, he will dedicate himself to a life of prayer and study in a Vatican-based monastery. The Pope will first stay in Castel Gandolfo before eventually going back to the Vatican to live in Mater Ecclesiae monastery, EWTN, the Catholic Church’s main media outfit reports. The […]

Egyptians rebuke Prime Minister over “unclean breasts” remark

The Egyptian Prime Minister is being criticised for his comment.

Malian Soldiers

Malian forces clash with mutinous soldiers in Bamako

The clash is seen as a blow to international efforts at boosting security in Mali

Pakistani girl shot by Taliban discharged from U.K. hospital

Malala is to continue her rehabilitation at her family’s temporary home in London

Malian Soldiers

Islamic summit backs Mali government, omits France

Mali battles to drive out Islamist fighters from its territory.

France to start withdrawing troops from Mali in March

 The withdrawal will enable African forces to take over the operation.

Jonathan begs Indonesia to save Nigerians on death row

The Indonesian president, on a state visit to Nigeria, did not assure the request will be granted. President Goodluck Jonathan has appealed to President Susilo Yudhoyona of Indonesia to grant a stay of execution for Nigerians on death row in the Asian country. President Jonathan met on Saturday with the Indonesian leader who is on […]

Syria threatens “surprise” response to Israeli strike

Israeli warplanes struck targets in Syria on Wednesday

64 year-old Mozambican wins prestigious vaccine innovation award

INTERVIEW Sixty-four-year-old Margarida Matsinhe has won the 2013 Gates Vaccine Innovation Award for her “instrumental” work in overhauling the vaccine system in her native Mozambique. Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, made the announcement on Wednesday in his annual letter. The award recognizes “revolutionary ways” for immunizing the world’s poorest children. Nominees are assessed on innovation and creativity, […]

Donors pledge $455m for Mali military intervention

French and Africa military strive to take back the entire country from the rebels.

Malawi: Joyce Banda to Auction Presidential Jet

Malawi’s Capital FM has reported that the Malawian government is offering its 14-seat presidential jet, worth more than U.S.$13m five years ago, to the highest bidder. The proceeds of the sale will be used to provide basic services for the country’s poor, according to President Joyce Banda. This move by Banda is the latest in a series […]

French, Malians retake Timbuktu, rebels torch library

French and Malian troops retook control of Timbuktu, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on Monday, after Islamist rebel occupiers fled the ancient Sahara trading town, torching several buildings. The buildings touched included a library holding priceless manuscripts. The U.S. and the EU are backing a French-led intervention in Mali against al Qaeda-allied militants they fear […]

women and men dancing in a club

Clubbing goes awry as 230 people die in Brazil

About 230 Brazilians who went clubbing at a club in Santa Maria were killed  by a fire that razed the club. Witnesses told the BBC that a band member caused the fire when he set up a fire work on stage. Many of the victims also died from smoke inhalation during the stampede that resulted […]

Mohammed Morsi

Egypt President, Morsi, declares state of emergency in three cities.

The Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, has declared a state of emergency in three cities of Port Said, Ismailia, and Suez over violent protests that have led to the death of about 50 people. Army officials have now been deployed to the three cities while a curfew (9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) has also been declared […]

U.S. military to allow female soldiers in combat units

Out-going United State Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, has announced a ground-breaking decision that could see female members of the military take up combat roles, including potential posting to elite Special Forces. Current U.S. military policy forbids women soldiers from serving in commando units whose purpose is to kill; such as the combat roles in […]

Clinton angrily defends handling of Benghazi attack

Mrs. Clinton’s appearance has been deferred for more than a month due to her ill health

Cold weather kills 17 people in Afghanistan, rights group says

At least 17 people including 11 children have died from the cold this month in makeshift camps in Afghanistan, Amnesty International said on Tuesday. The casualties occurred among people displaced by the conflict into camps in the capital and the western province of Herat, the group said in a statement. “These deaths were a preventable […]

Syria on map used to illustrate the story.

Syrian rebels clash with Kurds in northeast – activists

Activists have said that 56 people were killed in a week of fighting in northeast Syria between anti-government rebels and members of the long-oppressed Kurdish minority. They have seized on the civil war to try to secure self-rule, activists said on Tuesday. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which collates reports on Syria’s violence […]

African force in Mali now 1,000 -French army

West Africa now has 1,000 soldiers in Mali.

Nine Japanese killed in Algerian hostage crisis – source

The source said about 48 hostages have been killed.

Nigeria soldiers army

ECOWAS leaders name Nigerian head of military operation in Mali

A Nigerian Major General will head the Mali mission.

In a quiet ceremony, U.S. President, Obama, sworn in for second term

At 11: 50 a.m. on Sunday, American president, Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term. Mr. Obama’s Sunday swearing-in went on without a hitch, with the president taking the oath of office in the White House with Chief Justice John Roberts, flanked by his family and with a small contingent of press. The […]

Mali: ECOWAS solicits speedy UN logistics, financial support

The Nigerian President is among 14 African leaders at the summit.

U.S. recognizes first Somali government in 10 years

Years of instability left Somalia without a functional government for years

Mali Islamists tougher than France anticipated – envoys

French troops’ initial clashes with militants in Mali have shown that the desert fighters are better trained than France had anticipated before its military intervention, French and UN diplomats have said. The French and UN diplomats also observed that the Islamist militants are well equipped. The realisation that the fighting could be bloodier than anticipated […]