Pakistan wants closer ties with Nigeria

Pakistan pushes for stronger relations with Nigeria

World leaders agree on measures to monitor nuclear materials

The Nuclear Summit in Seoul came to an end on Tuesday

Jonathan assures global community of Nigeria

President Jonathan tells the international community that Nigeria will ensure international regulatory compliance on all nuclear programmes

World Bank, African Development Bank suspend Mali funds

Major development institutions suspend aide to Mali in protest of the military take-over

AU condemns coup in Mali

The African Union takes a stance against the Mali coup plotters

ECOWAS condemns coup in Mali

The regional body says it has zero tolerance for coup

Nigeria wants full implementation of Security Council arms embargoes

Nigeria is asks the UN for a check in small arms and light weapons in Africa

ECOWAS to address security challenges in the region — official

ECOWAS noted that some of the security challenges facing the region include: piracy, armed rebellion


Don says that the Southern African region is pitched against West Arica within the AU

Court to deliver judgment in Charles Taylor trial next month

The former Liberian president knows fate in April

ICC to deliver first judgement on war crimes

Mr. Dyilo is accused of conscripting children under the age of 15 into a rebel group

Nigeria, Cameroon sign trans-border security agreement

Nigeria and its neighbor, Cameroon, sign a bilateral agreement to check the spread of insecurity

Jonathan, Cameron pledge joint efforts against terrorism

The two heads of government say they will continue to work together

Irish envoy urges dialogue with Boko Haram

Irish envoy advocates dialogue in dealing with the Boko Haram terrorist threats plaguing Nigeria.

Obasanjo heads AU Observer Mission to Senegal

The AU has appointed former president Obasanjo to head the team charged with observing the upcoming presidential polls in Senegal

6,000 languages at risk of extinction, says UNESCO

UNESCO worries about the dearth of mother tongue across the world

Serbia to open consulate in Kano

Serbia to re-open Nigerian embassy shut down in 2003

ECOWAS Heads of State summit begins in Abuja on Thursday

Summit of ECOWAS heads f state to begin in Abuja from Thursday

For Nigerian illegals in the Netherlands, it is a tough and risky life

When Nigerian-born illegal, Timothy, couldn

US Issues a veiled warning to Israel on Iran

President Obama sends a veiled message to Israel

Human Rights Watch blasts Nigeria's Ibrahim Gambari for hugging President Al-Bashir

The right group says Mr. Gambari, a top UN official, should not have mingled with a President wanted by the International Criminal Court

National Security Adviser illegally imprisons Nigerians rescued from Libya

A court ruling sets free Nigerians who escaped from the uprising in Libya but were arrested and imprisoned in Nigeria

AU turns to football to boost policy implementation

African Union has turned to football for help with persuading leaders of its member nations to implement its decisions

Nigeria’s future bothers washington

Polity experts and academics will meet to discuss Nigeria

Obama tables agenda against inequality

President Obama touts the successes of his administration including the killing of Osama Bin Laden during the annual state of the union address