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USOSA National Summit on Education – Liveblog

Old students of Nigeria’s Federal Government Colleges, under the aegis o- Unity Schools Old Students’ Association, USOSA, holds an education summit in Abuja, today, to discuss Education, Good Governance and National Unity. The one day dialogue will appraise government education policies and is expected to come up with a strategies for a major policy change […]

Sunset at the National assembly

Nigeria House of Reps unable to account for N750 million constitution review funds

A Freedom of Information response issued by Nigeria’s House of Representatives on how it spent N1 billion taxpayers’ funds it received for the conduct of the constitution review is fuelling another round of suspicions of fraud. The House reacted to an FOI request by a Nigerian youth group demanding a detailed financial statement of the constitution review process. The […]

INVESTIGATION: Fertiliser fraud thrives despite government’s claim sector is sanitized

The federal government’s Growth Enhancement Support (GES) scheme, which seeks to bypass fraudulent middlemen in distributing subsidised fertiliser to farmers, has largely eliminated the brazen fraud of the past but created new forms of corruption and is far from being efficient. By Dayo Aiyetan & Habeeb Pindiga Abubakar Jibrin is a young farmer in Kumo […]

INVESTIGATION: How Nigerian health officials connive with hawkers to steal, counterfeit mosquito nets

Even as malaria remains prevalent in Nigeria, the counterfeiting of anti-mosquito nets remain on the increase, exposing more citizens to the deadly effects of malaria.

What to Do When Stopped By The Nigeria Police

It could happen to you. Where are you coming from? Where are you going to? Where do you live? Where do you work? Do you have an identity card? These are very simple questions, which can be easily answered by almost everyone. But when a police officer is involved, it can cause a lot of […]

Untold story of how Boko Haram overrun Nigerian soldiers, massacre hundreds in Borno

Dressed in full military fatigue and armed with anti-aircraft guns, rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and a fleet of armoured tanks that they stole from Nigerian soldiers, the Boko Haram insurgents now stage bolder attacks and even overrun federal  troops in northeast Nigeria. There are fears that the continued attacks on the military and the looting […]


INVESTIGATION: Gravely ill patients die queuing to see Nigeria’s few specialist doctors

Nigeria has some of the world’s worst health statistics but few specialist hands to help treat her millions of poor, sick people. In March 2013, when the pains in Ogaga Akpojaro’s breast, ankles and wrist became unbearable, she rushed to a private hospital in Ozoro, Isoko North local government area of Delta state where she […]

INVESTIGATION: How FCT officials steal houses, lands from Abuja indigenes in huge resettlement fraud

Apo Resettlement Scheme, designed to resettle indigenes of communities displaced by the creation of Abuja as capital, has long become a honey pot for corrupt officials. ————————————————— At the centre of the Apo Resettlement District, on the fringe of the Abuja city centre, sits an imposing High Court building, distances away from a police station […]

President Goodluck Jonathan

Presidency places Atiku, Baraje, other PDP faction leaders under security watch

The presidency wants a heads up on the next game plan of the dissident PDP members.

Doctors performing surgery on a patient

INVESTIGATION (1): Nigeria’s Health Sector Faces Critical Doctor Shortages

Hospitals are short-staffed and doctors overworked. Nigeria appears headed for a grave health crisis as the nation’s hospitals face a severe shortage of qualified medical staff in key areas of specialisation, forcing thousands of patients abroad yearly. Those who are unable to afford travelling abroad are left to die or placed on queues that in […]

How Abuja administration officials extort bribes from petty traders

Various petty traders narrate their experiences. Officials of the Abuja Environmental and Protection Board, under the guise of keeping the city clean, routinely extort money from street traders; forcing the helpless victims to either part with their meagre income or lose their wares, a PREMIUM TIMES investigation reveals. These officials, who go around the Nigerian […]

President Goodluck Jonathan

INVESTIGATION (2): Goodluck Jonathan District: Exclusive preserve of the super rich

Rich Nigerians rush to acquire plots near the proposed official quarters of the four presiding officers of the National Assembly.

Spectacle, Words, and Performance, are the Essence of Creativity, says Professor Sekoni at 70

Dr Ropo Sekoni, a retired Professor of Comparative literature, and chair, Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Reporting, turns 70 saturday, August 10.  One of the finest literary theorists, and  semioticians, Sekoni,  an academic, culture and political activist, and researcher,  has mentored dozens of students, top academics, and researchers. In this anniversary interview he sat with […]

INVESTIGATION (1): Goodluck Jonathan District: Exclusive preserve of the super rich

Rich Nigerians rush to acquire plots near the proposed official quarters of the four presiding officers of the National Assembly.

Photo: Aljazeera

Investigation: U.S. bankrolled anti-Morsi activists

President Barack Obama recently stated the United States was not taking sides as Egypt’s crisis came to a head with the military overthrow of the democratically elected president. But a review of dozens of US federal government documents shows Washington has quietly funded senior Egyptian opposition figures who called for toppling of the country’s now-deposed […]

How Okonjo-Iweala, Nenadi Usman, others supervised abuse of over N1 trillion special funds

The Finance Minister would not respond to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry. Last week Thursday in Beijing, China, President Goodluck Jonathan detailed, in an interview with Chinese television, CCTV, why Nigeria must immediately move away from its perilous dependence on oil and gas as the nation’s sole economic mainstay. The president said the increasing utilization of shale […]

Exclusive: African leaders to shift HIV, Malaria, poverty targets by 15 years

The leaders will also commit to the introduction of new a malaria formula. Amid alarming rates of poverty and diseases across the African continent, its leaders meeting in Abuja Monday are planning to reschedule the timeline for achieving reasonable outcomes in the fight against poverty, HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis, an undertaking to be adopted by […]

How Abuja administration turns female footballers to beggars, prostitutes

The players have not been paid for about 18 months. When Stephanie (not real name) joined FCT Queens football club of Abuja in 2011, she was overjoyed. Her chance of being a professional footballer and eventually playing for the Falcons, Nigeria’s senior female football team, was getting brighter, she thought. Things have  however, not moved […]

Police fingered in Abuja “mystery” killing

Residents and witnesses reject police’s denial of responsibility for the shootings at a council election. A “mystery” shooting that left one person dead and others injured at a council election in an Abuja suburb has remained unresolved three months after, with police denying knowledge of the attack and the attacker. The Police claim it has […]

NGF Crisis: Governors Go Spiritual

The governors look to God to settle their political scores.

Nigeria Human Rights Body Indicts Military On Baga Killings

The report says attention should be on the scale of force in Baga than the casualties.

EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan violates Nigerian laws, corners N3billion general hospital for own town, Otuoke

The Federal Government does not build general hospitals. But PREMIUM TIMES can report today that President Goodluck Jonathan has waived two vital rules to establish a princely N2.8 billion new general hospital for his hometown, Otuoke, effectively placing the coastal community as an exclusive beneficiary of a strange largesse not known to federal laws. It is […]

EXCLUSIVE: UNIUYO Security Chief says VC, Deputies Induced Deadly Students’ Protest to Conceal Fraud

A deadly student protest at the University of Uyo, UNIUYO, which left at least one student dead and key offices razed a fortnight ago, erupted after the Vice Chancellor and two deputies repeatedly ignored red flags, and indeed, fueled the crisis presumably to save their skin from a possible graft investigation, the school’s chief of […]

Alarming: Nigeria leads the world in number of children contracting HIV- UN report

Health experts say government must do more to stop the trend. By Tobore Ovuorie Nigeria has the highest number of children contracting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, in the world, the latest report by the United Nations has shown. The report says nearly 60,000 Nigerian children were infected with the virus in 2012, a figure […]

Video Evidence Counters Jerry Rawlings’ Denial of PREMIUM TIMES Story

A former President of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings, is being economical with the truth in his claim that he made no reference to Nigeria corruption and the Nigerian government in a speech he delivered at a conference in Abuja on June 17,  PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report today. A video recording of the event, where the […]