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  • GrantUK

    @MrAyeDee has mesmerized Nigerian journalists and media. They are now recruiting for investigative journalist. @MrAyeDee deflated APC momentum.

  • Nuel

    LOL!!! Candidate must be a “Change agent” = APC supporter. Rubbish

  • Emmanuel Brush Ekanem

    They should just say Candidate must be an APC supporter. LOL

  • Tommy

    I hope i can get notified whenever their is a job posting either by you or other patrons out there…

    Unemployment is killing me

  • udemeobong

    I wish to work as a German correspondence since I am living there and did my master in politicaal science there too. I specialise in media, political and societal analyse. I am good in communication, advisory and strategic management as well mentoring, organisation, IT, Press and Image campagne. In essence, I cover wide area of professional work. That is what I was trained for Sir.
    I would be happy to be of positive contribution to your organisation.
    Thank you Sir.