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Premium Times Services Limited, publishers of Premium Times, is a Nigerian media organisation based in Abuja with a vision to help strenghten Nigeria’s democracy, advance the socio-economic wellbeing and the rights of the people, promote and enrich their cultural practices, and advocate for best practices, good governance, transparency and human rights, in line with the values expected of a modern democratic state.

Proprietors of the organisation believe that of all the institutions of a modern democracy, the media matter in large measure. It can help forge new communities, pursue political and social agenda in support of a better society, and help build visions of hope and resistance. Sadly the media can also lead in negative directions: dividing people and truncating hope and vision. In our country, the media have played both roles at different times in our history.

Premium Times, founded in mid 2011, believes that the time has come for Nigeria to embrace the challenge of progress and development in a substantial, concrete sense. We bring a huge commitment to offer our country the type of media that will advocate for the people and nudge our nation on the path of development and social reengineering.

We are of the view that in terms of its formalistic processes, and its philosophy of content, the new media that will help spur the challenge of educational revolution, cultural rebirth, and economic development, in Nigeria, must be reflective, thoughtful, analytic and empathetic without a sense of entitlement and insularity. We have come to fill that lacuna in our press, and therefore raise the bar of journalism in our country.

We will publish across all formats beginning with this online platform where we hope to appeal to the bulk of our young and middle class elites with a vision of the future and a belief in social change.




Nasiru Abdullahi, a firm believer in the power of the media as an agent of social change, graduated with top grades from the Department of Accounting, Bayero University Kano in 1987. He has since built a reputable career in Financial Management, Investment, and Banking.

Mr. Abdullahi spent half of his career, spanning 25 years, in banking, working with Continental Merchant Bank, Nigeria Merchant Bank and Intercity Bank in different capacities. Tired of counting money and watching over other people’s fortunes, he, in 1998, resigned as Manager of the Kano branch of Intercity Bank.

Following the acquisition of an MBA in 1998, also from Bayero, Mr. Abdullahi assumed, in quick succession, top level management positions in three different companies, carrying out financial and investment advisory roles.

The companies include Treasure Technologies Nigeria Limited, Proactive Trust and Investment Company Limited, and Ardent Consulting Limited, which he founded and ran as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Abdullahi has undergone several trainings in Financial Accounting, Human Capital Development and Change Management across the country and abroad, and is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria.

He is married with children.


Dapo Olorunyomi is an award-winning reporter and editor with varied experience in Nigeria and internationally. He was one of the two only Nigerian past recipients of the International Editor of the Year Award. He has also won the Freedom to Write from PEN (West) and of the National Association of Black Journalists Press Freedom Awards.

He was co-founder of The News magazine in Lagos; was enterprise editor at Next Newspapers, and founder of the Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism. He served as director and chief of staff of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission from 2005 until 2008, voluntarily resigning when the then EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu, was illegally dismissed in 2008.

Mr. Olorunyomi worked as a journalist during the military regime of Sani Abacha before moving to the United States, where he worked, first, as Senior Fellow, Africa, at the Washington DC offices of Panos Institute, and later as the Nigeria Project Director for Freedom House. He returned to Nigeria in 2005 to work for the EFCC.  He has won numerous awards for his work in journalism.


Musikilu Mojeed, award-winning investigative journalist, was until 2011 Investigative Editor at Nigeria’s NEXT newspaper.

A recent John S. Knight International Fellow at Stanford University and Ford Foundation International Fellow at The City University of New York, he has reported extensively on corruption, human rights and human trafficking and is one of Africa’s most regarded investigative journalists. He is well known for exposing government and corporate corruption in his country.

A winner of several awards, including the FAIR’s Editor’s Courage Award, a Stanford journalism fellowship, the Wole Soyinka Investigative Reporting Award and a Ford Foundation Fellowship, Mojeed was on the board of the Forum for African Investigative Reporters, and is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors. He is a member of the world’s foremost investigative journalism group, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Mr. Mojeed studied Mass Communication at the Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic and Communication Arts at the University of Uyo, all in Nigeria. His romance with journalism began while in high school where he was president of the school’s press club.

At the polytechnic, where he graduated at the top of his class and won the Josef Akpabio Prize for the best graduating student, Mojeed was features editor of the department’s training newspaper. At Uyo, where he also came tops of his graduating class, he was deputy editor and later editor-in-chief of CAMPUS TIMES, the university’s training newspaper.

After school, Mojeed worked at various times with major newsmagazines and newspapers in Nigeria: THE NEWS/TEMPO, TELL, THE PUNCH and NEXT, where he was investigative editor until October.

He has reported from the United Nations, and was also a Nigerian stringer for the New York Times.

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  • cookie

    oh… no wonder…

  • Stephen matthew

    In fact I am not surprised of what is happening in our time,let the will of God be done,if it Jonathan or Bihari ,pls my fallow Nigeria pls not kills our selfs abeg all of you

  • lindajoyadams

    Life is a right of existence. Water is needed to sustain life and must be available to ‘ALL’ and not controlled by a few. Pray the protest is successful as life is the goal. Linda Joy Adams


    Dear Sir,

    INVESTIGATION: Evicted And Abandoned: How The World Bank Broke Its Promise To Protect The Poor.

    The above caption referred:

    Our attention has been drawn to a report in your news medium with the above caption on the April 19,,
    2015 edition, conducted by the crew of Sasha Chavkin, Ben Hallman,
    Michael Hudson, Cecile Schilis- Gallego and Shane Shifflett with
    reporting from Musikuli Mojeed, Besar Likmeta, Ciro Barros, Gitulia
    Afiune, Mar Cabra, Anthony Langat, Jacob Kushner, Jeanne Baron, Barry
    Yeoman, Blaz Zgaga, Ben Ezeamalu and Friedrich Lindenberg.

    We quite agreed with the content of the report on the shortcomings of
    the World Bank on its rules and regulations on protecting the poor in
    countries where projects are funded by them.

    The case of Badia East in Ijora area of Apapa Iganmu Local Council
    Development Area, Lagos Nigeria, was a good example of the case study.
    As direct victims, we were abandoned by the World Bank, especially in
    the negotiation process, with the bank declining to avail us with its
    lid down rules on the subject matter.

    While not averse to the investigative journalism, as done by the
    International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on the subject
    matter, we take exception to the report on the Badia East Slum eviction
    exercise of 2013, where one Bimbo Omowole Osobe, a supposed victim was
    reported to have been neglected and abandoned by the Lagos State
    Government in the Resettlement Action Plan for the affected persons.

    We also disagree sharply with the comment of Megan Chapman, a former
    attorney with the Social and Economic Rights Action Center, in the whole
    report, because he almost made the people to be frustrated and
    hopeless, as he was feeding them with wrong information about the
    approved sum for the Resettlement Action Plan by the World Bank.

    Since then, members of the Community have parted ways with Megan, as he
    was opening booed in one of our meetings held at the auditorium of the
    Prosperity Church of Zion, Community Road, Ajeromi, prior to the
    completion of the exercise, and he has since deserted the area until

    On the case of Bimbo Osobe, we state unequivocally without any form of
    contradiction that there was no iota of truth in all her claims.
    Considering her dire condition, we are of the belief that she wants to
    use the medium to deceive the world, most especially international donor
    agencies to curry favour from them. She had just lately, after her
    rejection by the community, following her treacherous, joined Chapman
    Megan to form the Justice and Empowerment Initiative.


    Prior to the clearance exercise of our structure by the Lagos State
    Government on 23, February 2013 Bimbo Osobe was not a known figure in
    the community. She was just fortunate to have arrived the community at
    the time the demolition exercise occurred and joined the evictees when
    they went to protest at the governor’s office, Alausa on 25, February
    2013 over the exercise.

    Findings revealed that Bimbo, who had lived all her lives in Kaduna
    state, is a relative of one Mrs. Victoria Aiyenuro. Mrs. Aiyenuro, now
    late, was among the early settlers and a structure owner in the
    community, with some of her children still residing in the community
    till date.

  • lukman

    I write to commend the entire crew of premiumtimes on the good job you guys are doing. Premiumtimes remains one of the best today because the media house includes investigative journalism in its reportage.


    Premium times makes for exciting reading, though I fear they may be occasionally biased

  • Sharafadeen B. bello

    i do read your news online but i must commend you for good work.

  • Oluwaseyi

    Good work

  • Femi Owoade

    Good work. Keep it up

  • Ijudigal Michael

    Good work keep going


    the masses should be handle with care becos we are the one that fix you there

  • Michael Ajayi

    The board dissolution is long overdue nobody should br allows to serve more than 4yrs terms on any Govt board parastatals they constitute more nuisances and fraudulently acquiring wealth within short time pls sanitized rvery sector and build a virile institution which every Nigerians would be more proud of now and in the future.

  • Rabiu Aliyu

    Good work keep it up

  • Rick

    Buhari should realize that $150 billion USD, is lots of
    money for him to “let go away”. Obasanjo and Johathan Goodluck, as past leaders
    of the country should be held accountable for the $150 billion USD that was
    missing from the Nigeria oil revenue. These past leaders of Nigeria are nothing
    but “THIEVES”! Buhari, should publish the names of the Nigeria oil money thieves,
    including the countries and the International banks involved. The World, like
    what Buhari is doing, to “eradicate corruption” in Nigeria. Buhari, let give
    you the breakdown of what the recovered $150 billion USD will be able to do to
    a country like Nigeria:

    Pay-off Nigeria National Debt

    Modernize all the cities in Nigeria

    Upgrade the local currency to its 1980 level (1
    Niara=$1 75)

    Build American standard hospitals in all the
    states in Nigeria

    Build infrastructure for electricity, water and sewage

    Modernize the roads

    Improve water and air-pollutions

    Modernize the educational standards – better schools
    across the board

    Improve agriculture

    Estimated costs of these projects will be about $120
    billion. Then, use the balance to boast Nigeria foreign reserve. This will in
    turn attract foreign investors, create jobs, reduce inflation and most
    importantly, eliminate “POVERTY”

  • Barnabas Ebuga

    Fighting corruption will not be an easy task for Buhari, becouse he is sorrounded with corrupt people . people who cannot justify the sources of their wealth..

  • Victor Uwem

    It is the survival of the country that is at stake here. If we must build a nation
    out of this contrivance experiment fashioned over a century ago, then the theme of
    precedence requires that we do what we did not do before or after independence,
    “dialogue”. thanks be to God, we have done that, but are yet to implement it. This means the template is with
    us now that the conference was concluded in peace. This means, Nigerians can
    live together as a nation.

    We are though not wasting our time talking about corruption and other social ills that have become part
    of our national milieu, but I believe it is a way of hypocritically buying time. This is a smart way
    of burying the decision of the conference. For how long will we continue to
    apply cosmetics on the ugly face of a monster to beautify her?

    I sincerely hope we are not pretending to tackle corruption and the insecurity challenge across the country. To me, it appears we want to fix few cracks when the whole building is crumbling. Since independent, very few people who have bee in government are not corrupt. Then institutions already created to fight corruption can be strengthen to fight corruption now. Let the past be buried and let us start on a clean page, together.
    To me, the most important element to fight for is the treat to our unity. We cannot afford another looming insurgency, while struggling to halt to protracted one. The impression of national solidity when in actual fact;only the prominent people perpetually in power, have security and comfort. Give us food security and comfort first. This what will give all Nigerians hope for a better tomorrow.
    The fight against corruption is a clash of the titans. A colossal monster that had be-deviled the country since independence against only one saint. This saint is surrounded by other monsters who may not be big enough. Can the saint win? I wish him the best because I want him to win.

  • Duruji




    It is on record that Igbo of South East are not known for political desperation. But the way and manner, His Excellency Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has been going about in the pursuit of his ambition for the position of Secretary to the Government of the Federation, (SGF) and now a Cabinet Minister in the young All Progressives Congress, (APC) federal government creates such impression. Indeed many sane Igbo men and women are beginning to see the former Governor of old Abia State as one who is set out to ridicule and destroy the hard-earned reputation of the hardworking and enterprising Igbo people both at home and in the Diaspora.

    Our people, Ndigbo; are known for the value they place on self-worth. As such hardly could you see them throwing themselves at people with reckless abandon. On the contrary, one fails to comprehend the level of desperation and obsession that has suddenly enveloped Dr. Onu in recent times, over his quest to occupy the office of the SGF recently vacated by another Ebonyi man, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim and most recently his sudden switch in pursuit of the office of a Cabinet Minister shortly after Mr. President announced another person in the name of Engr. Babachir David Lawal. To say the least, Dr. Onu’s nervous search for the lowly position of SGF and now a Cabinet Minister is quite unbecoming of an elder statesman like him.

    Abandoning reason and decorum in his rabid quest to clinch the SGF and or any other Federal position at all cost, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has brought himself so low to be involved in many ridiculous and shameful actions in the recent past. Penultimate week, precisely on the24th of May, 2014, Dr. Onu was treated to a reception by the Imo State factional Gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, (APGA) in the last general election, Mr. Okey Ezeh. The lean and malnourished crowd that hurried to that regretful gathering took turns to address Dr. Onu as SGF to his shameful admiration. Daily Sun Newspaper of Wednesday June, 3rd, 2015 had at page 29 reported the event by describing Dr. Onu in the very first paragraph as the SGF designate. It did not bother Dr. Onu that Imo State is an APC controlled state and as such organizing such event without the involvement of the APC ruling party in the State tends to expose the party as one without cohesion in the zone.

    Again in his desperation, the former Governor could not note the likely embarrassment such announcement could pose to the President, Muhammadu Buhari, whose honour and discretion it is to announce the SGF of his administration. Moreover, does it not appear to Dr. Onu that by accepting the adulation as SGF-designate, he may be giving the impression that he could easily divulge official secrets if eventually appointed SGF or any other Federal appointment? This indeed is not in our character as Igbo!

    And, a day before the Owerri sad incident, precisely on 23rd May, 2015,Dr. Onu was said to have instigated some frustrated and disgruntled PDP and Labour Party members to a rally at Abakaliki in the guise of receiving the decampees into APC even without involving the APC state working committee in the state. But Dr. Onu who may have seen the event as one likely to shore up his otiose clout and popularity, gave tacit support to the deceitful insinuation to the dissident Labour Party and PDP decampees that they will take over the State structures, which made them to create a parallel office at a venue where Dr. Onu received them. The fact that Dr. Onu attended the event without the State party Executives, exposes his disregard for due process, decency and sanity. And to massage his vaulting ego, virtually all the speakers at the occasion took turn to address him as the new SGF.

    Has Onu become like the King wearing new clothes just because he wants to be SGF? And now that Mr. President has appointed competent hands from another zone of the country, Dr. Onu should therefore bury his head in shame. Yet, as if that was not damning enough, the social media went viral on Saturday, 30th May, 2015 reporting that Dr. Onu, has been named as the new SGF by President Muhammadu Buhari. Each of the online platforms that reported the contrived event claimed that the news came from the APC situation room. It took the intervention of the National Secretariat of APC to denounce that pejorative piece of information. The National Secretariat stressed that the official website of the party was hacked into by desperate individuals, who used the facility to plant the fake report.

    Though there is nothing wrong in one pursuing an appointive position, it is painful to note that the channels Dr. Onu and his army of attention-seeking opportunists happen to choose for their efforts offend good taste. If nothing else, the good image of Ndigbo is at stake here. We may be charged for collective guilt if none of us could cry out against these shameless tactics that tend to cheapen us before respectful society. Suffice it to say that even if the president has confided in Dr. Onu that he will be appointed SGF, decorum and good taste demand that he should give the President the honour of making the promise public instead of ambushing him or making the president helpless. There is no iota of doubt that this is not the best approach to a serious issue such as the appointment of the SGF or any other Federal appointment in a government that promises change. Why this needless desperation that could throw spanner to the works? It is for such display of unbridled ambition that one trader was forced to ask rhetorically whether Ndigbo are cursed or we are the cause.

    What appears as the most pitiful show of shame was that with the support and encouragement of Dr. Onu, some idle men and women of easy virtue sewed uniforms under the aegis of Onu Solidarity Forum, (OSF) and trooped to Abuja to await his swearing in on June 3, 2015. Again we may ask who notified Dr. Onu that he was going to be sworn-in on that very day. Is anybody taking advantage of Dr. Ogbonnia Onu’s desperation to take Ndigbo for a ride or has Onu suddenly developed symptoms of intermittent alienation of intellect caused by the delay in appointing him to a public office after 25 years he was sacked from his brief sojourn at Abia State Government House? Gifts and donations have been sent across and money extorted from unsuspecting but gullible well-wishers in the name of supporting the reception for an appointment that has now been given to another person from another zone.

    It is very worrisome that Dr. Onu continues to create divisions within the APC in South East and bad blood against Mr. President, making him appear anti-Igbo, by using the media to blackmail Mr. President. Dr. Onu is back at it again. According to Ajayi Temitope a Column writer who claimed that Dr. Onu had a 35 minutes telephone chat with one of his confidant and a senior friend in the early hours of 28th August, 2015. According to him Dr. Onu told him how vain Nigerians are. He narrated how his house was like mecca the previous day in Abuja with no space for people to move around in anticipation that he would be announced as the SGF. In his house were Igbo professionals and influencers who came according to him with list of those he should appoint as head of MDAs since the office of the SGF is assumed to coordinate this. However when someone else name was announce his house became empty within minutes. Now Dr. Onu is a lonely man as all those who have been coming around have all disappeared. Here we expect Dr. Onu to mention these Igbo professionals and influencers who flocked his house on that very day.

    Again Dr. Onu revealed that President Buhari had given him the honour of taking him into confidence few days before the announcement of the SGF on why he will not be made SGF because he has something better for him (Dr. Onu). Temitope stated that Onu informed his friend that Mr. President told him that people attach much importance to SGF and Chief of Staff because of the bastardisation of the system over the years and destructive influence peddling which got worst under Jonathan Administration. Dr. Onu is also quoted to have claimed that President Buhari told him that under his presidency, SGF and COS will not become Almighty that everyone must worship and that he further told him that he wants to the return government and bureaucracy to the days of yore when honour and integrity were the watch words, not corruption and influence peddling, therefore SGF and COS won’t be coveted positions again. He continued by saying that Mr. President told him that he has reasons for appointing certain people to certain positions and all will manifest in due season. But chief among his reasons is the need to protect certain individuals from under pressure and making enemies for nothing sake. For example if he gave him (Onu) SGF position Igbos will hate him for life because Onu won’t be able to give any one appointment as that function will no longer be under the office of the SGF. Many people according to Onu wanted Col. Hameed Ali to be EFCC chairman or COS but the President taught otherwise. What Onu want us to believe as South Easterners is that the Position of SGF and COS are death sentence where those appointed should start crying rather than rejoicing.

    Dr. Onu further revealed that President Buhari told him that he knows where he wants to use him and it will be what will bring glory and honour to him. And that SGF is not a big position contrary to what people think. President Buhari according to Onu informed him that it was part of failure of governance under Johnathan that made Anyim Pius Anyim powerful and to arrogate power to himself. SGF for Buhari according to Onu is an office to present Memos for the Cabinet and the President and to him Dr. Onu should serve better use than that. Dr. Onu according Temitope told his friend that he was so happy with the president after the explanation. Even if Mr. President had graciously held discussions with Dr. Onu as he claimed, is it not a betrayal of confidence for Dr. Onu to have leaked to the press or anybody at all his private discussion with Mr. President? Does this not suggest that Dr. Onu does not have any integrity to hold any public office, as he would always divulge confidential matters?

    In truth, the South East caucus of the APC recommended Dr. Onu alongside other eminent sons like Senator Chris Nwabueze Ngige and Prof. Anwuka for the position of SGF. But why Dr. Onu was dancing all over the place with the claim that the position has been granted him is unfathomable. As a disciplined political party that is mindful of its reputation, APC has come clean to say that appointive positions are not zoned in the party. By scrambling for the position for which there are millions of qualified South Easterners, Dr. Onu unwittingly provided the reasons for the appointing body to take the position elsewhere. And now that the position has been given to another zone who should we blame, our collective silence or the indiscretion of one of our elder statesmen? Not that alone, people of other geopolitical zones now see us as greedy and shameless opportunists that can do anything to get a mere government appointment.

    Just recently Dr. Onu pleaded with the Igbos to be patient with Buhari. One therefore wonders why he does not want to exercise patience in his quest to occupy appointive position. Or is he a Pharisee that does not do what he preaches? Just recently, on the 13th of July, 2015, Dr. Onu sponsored a group of charlatans who called themselves members of Ohaneze Ndigbo claiming to have endorsed him as the national leader of APC, as if APC is an appendage of ethnic cultural organization. Also, in his desperation and morbid quest to continue to lurk around the corridors of power, Dr. Onu sneaked into the venue of the last NEC meeting in breach of the party’s constitution as he is not qualified to have attended such meeting not being a member.

    If one may ask, what did Dr. Onu do now to warrant the flurry of honour awards? Even Abia State University has to remember that a former governor is qualified for an “awoof” honourary degree! Why now that the President is busy thinking about how to set up a team to put Change into action? Why did these new cheer leaders not publish the values and credentials of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu when it should have helped to garner votes? Do Nigerians need these puerile campaigns now after the elections have been won and lost? Was it not for such indiscretion and deceptive shows that Nigerians voted out the PDP? Why should a people engage in empty ‘atilogwu’ dance to ambush, arm-twist and force the hand of Mr. President to choose a perceived chameleon and dissembler into his cabinet? If Onu is as good and deserving of such an appointment, why do we need to scheme for it?

    Mr. President knows the caliber of man or woman he wants as his Cabinet members. He knows Dr. Onu very well; at least he knows that the one-time governor of Abia State was also the erstwhile chairman of All Nigeria Peoples Party, (ANPP). Mr. President even knows that the name or title of Dr. Onu as former national chairman did not earn him votes during the March 28, 2015 election whether in Ebonyi or elsewhere in the country. As such President Buhari does not need the precipitate manipulations of the media or even dubious awards to recommend Onu for an appointment. Nigerians are full of expectations of great things from the President. Distractions from those scheming for political appointment would not help our president to deliver on the mandate!

    Finally, Mr. President has not forgotten how Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu sold the soul of ANPP to His Excellency Dr. Shekarau, the former governor of Kano and other few governors of the then ANPP controlled States for a duplex Building (pot of porridge) in Asokoro, Abuja. This same action is believed to have forced President Muhammed Buhari out of ANPP to form a new Party CPC barely 6 months to the general election in 2011. Mr. President, like every other Nigerian, is also aware that Dr. Onu was single-handedly planted as the National chairman of ANPP by Ali Modu Sherrif the former Governor of Borno State, who was also sponsored to destroy APC by PDP. It is not impossible that Dr. Onu who still keeps secret relationships with Ali Modu Sherrif, his mentor in the then ANPP is still in his master’s payroll to destroy APC’s Government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

    It is a true moral question that, if appointive offices are for service, those who merit them should wait to be called. Nobody takes this honour unto himself unless he has an ulterior motive. Ndigbo are not beggarly by any means, so let nobody make us what we are not.

    Signed: Hon. Chidi Duruji Comrade Obiora Nwakalor Chairman Secretary



  • Ade Austin Ade

    Hmmmmmmm, God first in everything we do, but do we have leaders that truly believe that there is only one God that rulest over the affairs of men? if so, why is Nigeria like this? Are we sayings our grand fathers and fathers have not been praying enough for Nigeria during their days. I have reflected and ruminated over many issues of governance in this country, to me , it does not requires much prayers, night vigil and endless fasting but rather a practical and focused approach to the principles of logical and sustainable development.

    Although, I do not know, how much or quantities of prayers, fasting and all nights Singaporeans, Malaysians, Chinese, Germans and other people of developed countries of the world are engaging in daily that made their countries to be developed at the rates at which they are presently, although, some of these countries I have visited, I never saw them being so religious like us in Nigeria but I saw LOVE among the people and the Love for their country is undiluted. My humble opinion is that, until we Nigerians believe that whatever we do as a person in this country will have a rippling effects in the society which will either make or mar Nigeria as a nation, we are going nowhere, no matter the amount of prayers and fasting we subject ourselves to, for praying and fasting without purposeful actions are useless and time wasting.

    It is also a solid fact that, Nigeria have the largest number of churches and mosques in the world, with many religious people with hearts that are so far away from God, coupled with many Overseers and Under-seers that have created empires and kingdoms on earth for themselves, when God’s word through His son Jesus Christ said “it will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”. All these religion-ism and spiritualism have not translated to anything or better the lots of Nigerians rather, it is more of exploitation of the masses than benefits.

    God has given us everything we need in Nigeria, it is left for us to look inward and do the needful to develop our country, God is not a magicians. He has given us rain, if we need more water in Nigeria, we should create more efficient and modern dams and piped the water to our houses, He gave us sunlight, if we need light, we can use several technologies to generate more efficient electricity for our houses, the land is also there to grow crops and feed ourselves and construct beautiful roads and other infrastructures that can stand the test of time.

    If we love ourselves and have the love of this country at heart, when we get to the positions of power or places of authority, our actions should not be detrimental to the development of the nation and dis-service to humanity, rather, developing Nigeria should be our paramount interest and the legacies we hope to leave behind for the generation yet unborn should be our watch word. We need visionary leaders.

  • walter enang

    This is one of the most honest/straightforward and decent newspapers in Nigeria. I never even knew it was an aboki paper.Kudos and God bless you guys.

  • Coalition for Equity & Justice


    We, have been watching with dismay the ongoing dance of shame by the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC in her refusal to obey the Supreme Court ruling on the matter concerning the recent ouster of law makers representing Anambra State at the National Assembly. The ruling by the apex court upheld an earlier decision by Justice Chukwu of the Federal High Court laying out the proper procedures for selection of the PDP’s legislative candidates. In the month of December 2014, the Federal High Court had ruled that it was only the constitutionally recognized state party leadership led by Ejike Oguebego that could organize the party primaries. The full panel of the judges at the nation’s apex court stated without equivocation that the men and women representing the state should not be there in the first place since their emergence were an illegality.

    Sadly, nearly three weeks after this ruling, INEC and the illegitimate group have remained resolute in their decision to call the bluff of the Supreme Court verdict and have continued to desecrate the sanctity of the hallowed chambers by their presence apparently sustained by some dubious government officials using the instrumentality of office to prop up family and friends in total disregard to ruling of the apex court. A bigger absurdity never was.

    No less unthinkable is the crying shame currently being played out by the office of Arthur Obi. Okafor (SAN) whom has taken the game to hitherto unknown heights in the rampage to disparage the ruling of our apex court. The group represented by their counsel has stopped nothing short of trying to educate and to that effect, ridicule the ruling of the SC by mischievously dismissing the entire panel of judges as acting in ignorance. A certain Vincent Otaokpukpu purportedly from the Arthur Obi Okafor chamber has gone on to pooh-pooh the ruling as an exercise in futility and having no substance whatsoever. No less vexatious is the complicity by the supposedly unbiased electoral commission, INEC, who has chosen to play to the gallery by siding with the ousted illegal group apparently for reasons bordering on cronyism for it is widely believed that one of the INEC consortium has family ties with one of the sacked impostor. For the records Mr Okpechi Ikpeazu incidentally is blood brother to Linda Ikpeazu, a beneficiary of the illegality. Information reaching us has it that INEC has already instructed their lawyers to seek clarifications from the Supreme Court on a verdict that is most unambiguous in their feeble hope this would buy time for her preferred candidates.

    Lately, these ousted lawmakers have regaled the social media with specious claims that the apex court never ruled on their ouster and that the entire exercise was to determine who the authentic PDP exco were in Anambra State. This they maintain without any reference to the judgment by Justice E. Chukwu of the Federal High Court.

    Such shameless obfuscation of the truth compels one to ask of what purpose was the ruling of the Supreme Court in the first instance? Apparently, in the convoluted thinking of the consortium, nothing. The entire exercise has been not only academic but time-wasting and a laughable effort and the full panel of our respected judges were better off drinking wine in there respective homes than expend energy on the matter.

    So far, the action of this so called unbiased umpire, INEC has left more questions than answer.

    Since when has it become the prerogatives of a lawyer to interpret the ruling of our apex court and what part of the Constitution empowers them to dispute or contest the judgment of our apex court?

    When did it become the norm for parties in a case to chose what court ruling to obey and which to disregard?

    When did it become standard practice for one to approach the Supreme Court for retrial of a matter that had been laid to rest by them?

    No doubt, the body language has the imprimatur of their paymaster, Andy Ubah. It would interest anyone who may want to know that the apex court merely upheld the earlier ruling of Justice Chukwu of the Federal High Court so wherefore lies the claim by Andy Ubah and his group that the SC never ruled on their ouster? Since the Appeal Court setting aside the ruling of Justice Chukwu was applauded by the Commission why have they since refused to do the bidding of the Supreme Court!

    We would like Andy Ubah and his paid agents at electoral commission to know that know the Oguebego faction has been accepted as the authentic executive, it follows that their primaries was the authentic one, that their candidates are the ones known to law and because votes accrue to political parties, those other candidates are automatic lawmakers from state to federal.

    It is not strange that the Andy Ubah has chosen to returned to his old ways. It would be recalled that the same Andy Ubah, in his desperation to hang on to power knowing full well the consequences of testing his popularity at the polls, made desperate efforts to return to the Anambra State government house via the back door by asking the Supreme Court to reverse her earlier ruling that sacked him from office. His prayers were not only thrown out but he was to receive an upbraiding for wasting the time of the apex court by bringing a matter the SC had already been adjudicated on. Reliable accounts also have it that but for the strong personality of the then President Yar Adua and his avowal to respect the rule of law, Andy was set to ignore court ruling and stayed put at the government house Awka but President Yar Adua would have nothing of that.

    As justice delayed is justice denied, we at the Coalition for Equity and Justice hereby call on the President to prevail on INEC to as a matter of urgency swear in the legitimate group forthwith as every action carried out by the consortium of usuper does not only constitute an affront on the law but a slap in the face of decency. The nation would be enthroning a form of judicial anarchy should this group continue to get away with their rascality. The President Muhammadu Buhari should do the needful by way of enforcing the Supreme court ruling immediately so as not to send the wrong signals. It will be the height of lunacy to have a group of illegitimate law makers represent Anambra State at the 7th Assembly. Finally, we demand a probe into the activities of INEC and prosecution corrupt staff if indeed it is to maintain its neutral stance on electoral matters.

    God bless Nigeria

    And continue to bless Anambra State.

    Miss Kachira Roberts

    Coalition For Equity And Justice

    Email: cfejng@gmail.com

  • sibmman

    Every Plane that lands in MM Airport got 4 -9 believers , destination True Devil Joshua , to be scammed clean with a Bible , pumps Nigeria Economy Politician can touch him Jobs Jobs $$ Offshore account to Bank of Utah , Money is not the root of Evil but POVERTY , (Rich plants Evil tree , Ghettos , Barrios Unemployment , Prisons etc Bad People (POORS) breeds Evil

  • Andrew Akpan

    Let me use this medium to express my utmost grievance and disappointment with EFCC and the Nigerian Police in dishonouring the court judgment of the Federal High Court on the suit (suit N0: FHC/ABJ/CS/7/2013) filled by Cashflowabi Network Ltd and its chairman, Philemon Gora against EFCC and the Nigerian Police.
    By law, Cashflowabi Network Ltd has been registered since 2011 with the CAC( RC No: 948124) having its headquartres in No: 21 Apollo Crescent, Jos, Plateau state with physical branch offices in kaduna, Lafia, Owerri, Enugu, Lagos , Ibadan, Abakiliki, Gombe, kano, Uyo, sokoto, Ilorin, Ibadan, Oshogbo, Kaura Namoda, Abuja, Kafanchan and kebbi.
    We could recall that Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) had filled a petition to the Inspector General of Police (IG-P) and the Economic Financial and Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the business activities of Cashflowabi Network Ltd. and its Chairman Philemon Gora for allegedly running an illegal financial institution. At the time of branding the business activities of Cashflowabi as illegal, it had already applied to Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as funds portfolio manager and investment adviser but yet to receive an official final licence which took sometimes due to government bureaucratic process
    With this notice, the EFCC swung into action and directed all corporate bank accounts of Cashflowabi Network Ltd and personal bank accounts of its Chairman , Philemn Gora to be frozen with the all the depositors /investors funds trapped.
    Cashflowabi and its Chairman, Philemon Gora then instituted a case in court in suit N0: FHC/ABJ/CS/7/2013 against EFCC and the IG-Police.
    A judgement was made in the above suit mandating the applicants (Cashflowabi Network Ltd and Philemon Gora) and the defendants (the EFCC and the IG-P) to setup a committee with the purpose of unfreezing the accounts of the applicants and refunds of deposits to clients/investors of Cashflowabi Network Limited. The court based its judgement on the overriding interest of the public and not less than 60,000 poor investors who are mainly peasants investing their life serving in the scheme. The court also understood the social and security breaches that may ensue should such investors loose their investments.
    The executive Directors confirmed that there is enough money in the frozen banks accounts to pay the clients of Cashflowabi Network Ltd.
    All efforts of the Board of Directors of Cashflowabi to liaise with EFCC to implement the court judgment in order to ease the suffering of the poor investors of this company prove abortive and fell on deaf ears of the EFCC for the past four years.
    Recently, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC on July 11 2016, convicted Pastor Emmanuel Markus Anga and Atin Victor Generous before Justice Abubakar Jauro of Gombe State High Court for five hundred thousand naira (N500, 000.00) that was invested in Cashflowabi Ltd. This is part of collateral damage done to staff by aggrieved investors. Other staff of Cashflowabi network Ltd. are suffering intimidation, physical abuse and threat to life by aggrieved investors of the scheme. The continuous action of the EFCC by not implementing the court order may generate into security issues of unimaginable scale.
    Let us be reminded that a Federal High Court had also on 1st March 2013 given a restraining order to SEC, EFCC and ICPC not to molest or intimidate Philemon Gora and his software company from carrying out their legitimate business. That order has not been vacated till date.
    It is pertinent for us to know that Philemon Gora is an online trader, a financial analyst and expert in financial technology. He is a shareholder in Bitcoin, a digital asset and a payment system globally recognized as an online platform for financial transaction exchange.
    The public should also be aware that there were fraudulent and illegal withdrawal of monies in bank accounts of Cashflowabi Network Limited and personal account of Philemon Gora after EFCC had frozen the accounts. How can monies be withdrawn in accounts that are supposedly frozen by EFCC? I believe these fraudulent activities were carried out in connivance between staff of Diamond Bank and EFCC staff. I will demand an enquiry into these frauds through bank statement from these accounts to ascertain individual behinds these frauds.
    For the Diamond Bank not honouring my cheques in the name of garnishee order, I want to state here categorically that at no time was I ever summoned on cases of garnishee order. The conspiracy of blocking the monies of peasant investors is devilish. If the bank should block these monies, how will the so-called garnishee order benefit thousands of investors who are waiting to receive their investments? I demand the so-called garnishee order be made public.
    This same case has been complained to the CBN, who, as a regulatory body advised us through a letter (Ref: CPD/CMD/CON/DBP/O1/123) that Cashoflowabi should liaise with Diamond Bank to resolve this issue. All our efforts to resolve this issue has been in vain
    The issue here is that the EFCC should grant access to Cashflowabi accounts so that the poor investors will be settled. I can confidently say that more than 600,000 Nigerians who directly or indirectly depend on these investors will have their hope restored if government agencies will see reasons and comply with the court order so that investors of Cashflowabi will be paid.
    I will continue to do my best in growing the economy.
    Attached are copies of court judgement and other documents for your perusal

    Yours Faithfully
    Engr. Dr. Philemon Gora
    Chairman/CEO Cashflow ABI Network Ltd