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Malabu N155bn scandal: UK group seeks tougher EU action on Shell, ENI

Shell and ENI claim they did not know the money was going to Mr. Etete’s Malabu

Malabu oil scandal: AGF Adoke and the great cover-ups

Mr. Adoke peddles falsehood in desperate bid to retain credibility over the Malabu $1.1 billion

$620,000 Bribery Probe: Police detain journalist for obtaining classified info on investigation

Charges him For Conspiracy & devulging of Official Secret

I don't own the FaroukLawan01 twitter account, Farouk Lawan

The embattled lawmaker described the twitter account, which has been posting favourable statements credited to him, as an impersonation.

Farouk Lawan agreed to send third party to collect bribe payment, new audio shows

A TV channel leaks audio records or calls exchanged between Farouk and Otedola

Latest on bribery scandal: House turns heat on Otedola

After the session, the committee chairman, Gambo Dan-Musa said

Malabu oil block presidential scam: How Jonathan funnelled N155billion to phony companies

The Nigerian Government through the Attorney General and the Minister of State for Finance paid N155bn to phony companies with fictitious addresses

House of Reps blasts Otedola, as Farouk Lawan says he will be vindicated

Farouk Lawan says,

Alleged $620,000 bribe: Tambuwal's pledge helps get Farouk Lawan bail

The embattled lawmaker got a bail because Speaker of the Hose of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, said he already has the bribe money in his custody and has promised to hand it over to the police.

Alleged $620,000 bribe: Farouk Lawan didn't act alone, says Femi Otedola

The oil mogul says he is convinced Farouk Lawan was only the face of a broad extortionist plot, possibly masterminded by the entire House

Jonathan denies masterminding House bribery scandal

The president says his hands are clean and won't capitalise on the bribery scandal to kill the subsidy scam report

How PDP scrambled to cover up $620,000 bribery scandal

The ruling party's intervention denied Nigerians of a bizarre drama that would have seen $620,000 cash displayed in the House of Reps during plenary

Oil mogul, Femi Otedola, interrogated by police over $620,000 bribery scandal

The man who says he paid a bribe to trap a lawmaker goes to the police to explain his method

Alleged $600,000 bribe: Inside details of the sting operation that caught Farouk Lawan

In sheer size and brazenness, details of the bribery deal and the sting operation by the State Security Service (SSS) would rate amongst some of the most startling in Nigeria

Senate in no mood to investigate N155bn oil block scandal

The Nigerian senate, through its spokesman, Eyinaya Abaribe, says newspaper reports are not enough reasons for it to investigate the 155billion naira scandal

The 155billion naira presidential scam: How Jonathan approved transfer to ex-con, others

The president, his associates and some ministers have been named in a monumental money laundering scandal, one of the most elaborate in Nigeria's history

Halliburton bribery: Judge strikes out suit for want of diligent prosecution

An Abuja High Court has struck out the EFCC

Halliburton bribe: Middleman Tesler jailed

Nigeria won't prosecute its citizens who received the bribe