Alleged $620,000 bribe: Farouk Lawan didn't act alone, says Femi Otedola

Oil marketer, Femi Otedola, who paid $620,000 to House of Representatives member, Faouk Lawan, to get his companies exonerated from the list of firms that abused government fuel subsidy, has dismissed the House’s decision to re-list the companies as “blackmail” aimed at extorting money from him.
“If people at my level who have worked hard to build their businesses can be blackmailed this way all in a bid to extort money from them, I pity people that are just starting out in business in this country,” Mr. Otedola said.
The businessman said he was pressured by Mr. Lawan to pay bribes to clear his companies, which he insists did no wrong. The payment turned out a trap after the billionaire organized with security agents to record Mr. Lawan receiving the money.
The scandal has forced the House, which says it is not embarrassed and has no cause to be remorseful, to re-list Mr. Otedola’s companies amongst 13 other indicted firms.
In a statement after the decision on Friday, the billionaire accused the house of celebrating corruption, and said he did not believe Mr. Lawan acted alone in the episode.
“As far as I know, Lawan could not have been working alone in this extortionist plot. A tree does not make a forest,” he said. “Actions of today by the house is laughable, a mere celebration of corruption and a further indictment on their honorable member.”
Mr. Otedola claimed his companies were originally indicted after he refused to part with the amount Mr. Lawan asked for.

When he eventually did, the lawmaker sought the approval of the House to clear the companies.
“He did this without even asking Zenon to produce a single document of the forex transaction. He clearly wanted to extort money for an offence I did not commit. That is why I went to report to the security agencies,” he said.
“If I had anything to hide I wouldn’t have gone to the agencies. There is an old adage that says “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones”.


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  • UK BOY

    This Otedola will bring down this democracy!

    • Hickey

      UK boy,…this democracy has already fallen!

  • KenMani

    We do not need Otedola to tell us what we already know: that Farouk Lawan was merely a messenger who did not act alone. Any one who is diligently following the unfolding of the bribe saga and watched the show of shame in the House of Thieves and Bribe Takers on Friday already is fully aware of the fact that Hon Farouk Lawan did not act alone but on the instructions of the Speaker of the House, dishonourable Hon Aminu Tambuwaal. For confirmation, I will like to reproduce my previous comment below: NORTHERN MUSLIM HAUSA-FULANI SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF THIEVES AND BRIBE TAKERS DISHONORABLE HON. AMINU TAMBUWAAL PARADES A SHOW OF SHAME: I could not believe what I was watching over the Television. I had expected to watch a very very serious and sober session of the House of Thieves and Bribe Takers but the session turned out to be a glorification of fraud, corruption and bribe taking. They were very much at ease, laughing and celebrating their shame; nothing serious, nothing pertinent was raised and trashed out on the floor. Yet billions of tax payers money was used to fund the so called emergency plenary. At the center of it all was dishonorable Hon Aminu Tambuwaal whose speech was nothing more than the ranting of a brave coward whistling in the dark. To the eternal shame of the House of Thieves and Bribe Takers, the only positive thing that came out of the session was a very clear confirmation that all members of the Ad Hoc Committee on fuel subsidy and the leadership of the House of Thieves and Bribe Takers including their Speaker dishonorable Hon. Aminu Tambuwaal are all deeply involved in the bribe free-for-all bazaar.

    • Kamaru

      Who are the tax payers, and which tax 80 percent of Nigerians do not pay tax in any form it’s only foreigners and civil servants that pay tax. I believe clueless mumu and his tribal vulture are trying to divert attention from from the big picture for the subsidy trillions stolen its only cowards and the clueless mumu that seems to have no clue you think otedola will act honestly knowing his background and the billion of bank loan collected by him. Faruk should answer his crimes otedola too. Before the big fish for making Nigeria Brook under 2years of his clueless leadership(I have no dought(Aminu Tambuwal will do better if given the opportunity to captain the ship). Kamaru T.

    • Nagoma

      By Allah’s will and design, the NORTHERN MUSLIM HAUSA-FULANI that KenMani is working hard to hate will continue to live on the face of Earth whether Nigeria lasts or not. So, prepare to live in perpetual frustration. Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) exemplifies love while KenMani typifies hate, what an opposite. Please get cured, normalise and find a better job.

    • You seem to lack attention and crave for it by commenting foul things. can’t imagine that you are as dumb as you seem to sound. You are just acting the script BH want you to. you have been used and should be ashamed. You just elevate BH to a new status withyour message of hate

  • Fairfax4nas

    While we worry about $620,000 bribe money, we should not forget the bigger picture… 2 trillion Naira fuel subsidy scam…! May God deliver Nigeria

  • Otopsyn

    Of course,Farouk did not act alone.Lets look at it from this angle,without further investigation,the house went ahead and re-enlisted Otedola’s company.That to me is a show of anger by the representatives.They are angry that Otedola exposed their fore man and therefore,they are resolved to pay back.Left to me,that report is worthless and should be subject to scrutiny.

  • Seye1701