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INVESTIGATION: Minister Abba Moro in fresh scandal; defrauding Nigerians of billions

Controversial Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, has devised a fresh scheme to fleece Nigerians, using the increase in the new fees charged for the Nigerian passport

EDITORIAL: No to Death Penalty for Our Soldiers

PREMIUM TIMES does not condone the actions of these soldiers. But the death sentence on them is flawed and condemnable on many grounds.

EXCLUSIVE: How Nigerian govt. bungled Edwin Clark-led fresh negotiation to free Chibok girls

The government, in an exuberant show of enthusiasm, chartered a Boeing 737 jet to convey the girls to Abuja from Yola. What was thought to be a discreet arrangement turned into a loud orchestra

Nigeria 2015 Presidential Election: Atiku Declaration – LIVE #ANigeriaForAll

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, is declaring his bid for Nigeria’s most coveted political position- President of the Federal Republic – in Abuja.

Synagogue Building Collapse: Why I exposed T.B. Joshua for bribing Journalists – Nicholas Ibekwe

The journalist comments on the “brown envelope” phenomenon in Nigeria.

Document counters Auditor-General’s denial of report indicting Oronsaye for N123Billion Fraud

PREMIUM TIMES challenges the Auditor-General to explain why he failed to forward the report to the National Assembly two years after, when he is constitutionally required do so within 90 days.

INVESTIGATION: Auditor General’s Report Indicts Ex-Head of Service, Oronsaye, for N123billion fraud

The audit uncovered outright stealing and kick-backs during the 18 months that Mr. Oronsaye served as Head of Service.

EXCLUSIVE: Secret Intelligence Report links ex-Governor Sheriff, Chad President to Boko Haram sponsorship

Nigerian defence and intelligence community suggests that Mr. Sheriff did not create Boko Haram but was actively using the “monster” and could be sponsoring the sect as a way of protecting himself.

EXCLUSIVE: Real Reasons President Jonathan Fired NNPC GMD, Andrew Yakubu

But even before the last clash that culminated in the sack of Mr. Yakubu, the minister and the ex-NNPC boss had for long related with each other with suspicion.

APC in disarray as key leaders leave in droves

Analysts believe with its inability to resolve the widespread crises within its fold, the APC might blow its bright chances of dislodging the ruling PDP from power in next year’s elections.

EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Senate’s resolution on Imo based on rumour; no evidence state planned IDs for Northerners

Extensive checks by this newspaper show that the Imo State government had no role in the ID claim.

SCANDALOUS: Outrage in Nigeria as government brands National ID Card with MasterCard’s logo

Nigerians express outrage over security and economic consequences of the deal

Ebola: Jonathan fails to stop rallies for own reelection despite advising against large gatherings

President Jonathan wouldn’t halt the rallies despite personally warning against such large gatherings as part of measures for checking the spread of Ebola

EDITORIAL: DSS, Sack Marilyn Ogar Now

The DSS must reassure Nigerians that as a major government agency mandated to provide security to all Nigerians, it is not the hunting dog of the ruling party.

Former Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State opposes Godwin Emefiele's appointment

While Gov. Lamido Pockets N1.3 billion Kickback, Jigawa’s Anti-Poverty Projects Are Poorly Funded

In an exclusive report Tuesday, PREMIUM TIMES published details of how Mr. Lamido and his sons, Aminu and Mustapha, used their positions to siphon Jigawa State funds

Former Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State opposes Godwin Emefiele's appointment

EXCLUSIVE: How Jigawa Governor, Sule Lamido, Received N1.3 billion Kickback from Construction Firm

The governor has now been caught collecting kickbacks from firms that offered service to his state.

EXCLUSIVE: How Liberian Govt Cleared Patrick Sawyer to Travel to Nigeria while under observation for Ebola

The Nigerian health minister says Patrick Sawyer’s action has placed unnecessary stress on Nigeria’s health system.

How BPE breached privatisation rules in sale of Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company

BPE seems to be favouring Northwest Power Limited, the Preferred Bidder for the Kaduna DISCO.

With no established rules to follow, Jonathan turns to politics in search for new Head of Service

In the search for a new Head of Service, Jonathan sticks to a formula that critics say, for years, has bred corruption and entrenched inefficiency in the civil service.

EXCLUSIVE: How Alison-Madueke’s management style is killing Nigeria’s oil industry

Nigeria’s oil industry operators blame the sector’s woes on the lethargic management style of the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Deziani Alison-Madueke.

EXCLUSIVE: INEC Sacks 30 Staff Over Election-Related Offences

The election management body is currently prosecuting nine others in court

How NNPC is colluding with Swiss traders to steal Nigeria’s crude oil

A damning report lifts the veil on how state oil company, NNPC, is joining forces with foreigners to steal crude oil, robbing Nigeria of billions of dollars.

INVESTIGATION: President Jonathan’s Niger Delta region ‘epicentre of electoral fraud’ in Nigeria

Is Nigeria’s Niger Delta region the “epicentre” of vote-rigging in Nigeria? Voter turnout figures suggest that it is particularly exposed to electoral fraud.

EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Army court-martials 18 soldiers over alleged plot to kill General

The soldiers face a six-count charge to commit murder and mutiny.

INVESTIGATION: Photo alleging Boko Haram’s massacre of 375 Christians is fake

A graphic image circulating on Facebook and Twitter is said to show the badly charred bodies of 375 Christians murdered by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria. But the claim is false. —————————————– By Kate Wilkinson and Julian Rademeyer The image is horrific. Dozens of charred corpses lie in rows in the sun. In the background […]