Francis Adedayo Faduyile

INTERVIEW: Why Nigerian doctors are leaving country to other climes – NMA President

The pathologist also speaks on the ongoing JOHESU strike and how to curb quackery in the medical profession.

National Bio-Technology Development Agency.

INTERVIEW: Why Nigeria is adopting GMOs – Official

“We don’t know the long term side effect of eating GMO foods, but there is a lot of ongoing research on that.”

Health workers used to illustrate the story.

ANALYSIS: Health Sector Crisis: Are Nigerian doctors asking for too much?

Medical doctors’ threat over JOHESU has reignited concerns about their wide edge above all other skilled workers in the civil service.

Pregnant women suffer as Nigeria’s health workers strike worsens

The nationwide strike was called by JOHESU, an association comprising all other health workers except doctors, is taking its toll on patients.

A health worker attending to sick patients in a hospital ward

ANALYSIS: Return of rains heightens Nigeria concerns about deadly epidemics

High number of deaths from five recent disease outbreaks has exposed Nigeria’s low level of preparedness against epidemics.

VVF Centre

How thousands of women get VVF treatment in North-west Nigeria

Thousands of women in the states in North-west Nigeria surfer from VVF.

Hand washing

World Hand Hygiene Day: How washing of hands saves lives

About 7 per cent of women and 15 per cent of men do not wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Binta Nuhu, a Traditional Birth Attendant at Igu, a community in Bwari, a suburb town in the Federal Capital Tertitory.

INTERVIEW: How Nigerian govt can make our practice safer – Traditional birth attendant

“I have been delivering women of babies for over 25 years”

A typical street in a slum in Abuja (Photo Credit: Guardian Nigeria)

In Abuja, malaria is a slum’s nightmare

Malaria is the number one cause of illness in the slums.

Syria Airstrike Warning: Airlines re-routing flights

The U.S. warns it could conduct airstrikes in Syria.

Outgoing Sani Aliyu, Director-General, National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA)

INTERVIEW: Why U.S. is funding world’s largest HIV survey in Nigeria — NACA Boss

Nigeria has highest rate of mother to child HIV transmission globally, the official says.

Striking doctors in Nigeria used to illustrate the story

SPECIAL REPORT: Anxiety as Nigerian doctors leave country in droves

“Nigeria should brace itself to losing more of its doctors,” an emigrant doctor says.

INTERVIEW: Why hypertension among black people is higher in urban areas – U.S.-based Nigerian Scientist Charles Rotimi

The scientist also speaks on his research into sickle cell, science education in Nigeria‎, and other matters.

INTERVIEW: Nigeria should decriminalise harmless drug use – Ex-Swiss President Dierfuss

“The philosophy of punishing people who take drugs and do no harm to people is no longer working, the perception is just something that has no reality at all.”

NMA President, Mike Ogirima, a professor of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery

What we’re doing to check medical quackery in Nigeria – NMA President Ogirima

Mr Ogirima also speaks on steps the health ministry can take to improve the medical profession.

Chikwe Ihekweazu, CEO, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

INTERVIEW: ‎What we’re doing to stop Lassa fever, meningitis, other diseases killing Nigerians – NCDC CEO

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control boss explains what his agency is doing to check spread of diseases. ‎

Prof. Isaac Adewole. Minister of Health

INTERVIEW: Why Nigerian health workers are vulnerable during disease outbreaks  – Health Minister

Mr. Adewole explains why the government is discouraging treatment by injection generally and promoting oral drugs. 

INTERVIEW: Why we agreed to help Nigeria pay $76 million debt to Japan – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The official also speaks on the foundation’s other engagements in Nigeria and Africa.

Major Health Stories from Last Week

About seven in ten deaths annually are caused by Non Communicable Diseases.

FEATURE: Patients lament long waiting time at Nigerian hospitals as govt seeks solutions

A study in Nigeria indicates that the average waiting time for patients is six hours.

INTERVIEW: Why we want Nigeria’s health minister removed – JOHESU Chairman

The physiotherapist also highlights the challenges facing the health sector, and solutions to them.

INTERVIEW: UNICEF spent over $10 million in Nigeria to treat acute malnutrition, others in 2017 – Official

The UNICEF official also speaks on stunting and treatment of 400,000 children.

FEATURE: How Kano successfully immunised 2.6 million children against measles

The six-day exercise began on November 12 across the 44 LGAs of the state.

File photo of children fetching water from the borehole constructed by UNICEF and EU in Ikot Nkpenne community, Nsit Atai Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, [Photo Credit: Nike Adebowale]

FEATURE: How potable water is changing lives at a rural Nigeria community

School children narrate how provision of potable water in their community has helped their education.

Doctors performing surgery on a patient

FEATURE: What the law says on government-employed doctors engaging in private practice

The Nigerian government says it is reviewing whether public sector health professionals can engage in private practice.