Three Nigerian pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia — Official

Three Nigerians performing hajj in Saudi Arabia are dead

Nigerians celebrate independence in New York

Some Nigerians protested the presence of Labaran Maku, the Minister of Information.

The Guardian new editor, Martins Oloja, to grow paper’s online platform

The Guardian new editor, Martins Oloja, does not see his new career assignment as extraordinary, but merely “more work, rewarding hard work”. But for all it’s worth, if vital changes must come to this newspaper, seen by many as conformist,  new and digital media, a staple of the twenty first century readers, must be the […]

World’s largest platinum producer fires 12,000 workers in South Africa

Amplat fires 12 thousand South African workers protesting for a pay rise

20 Ghanaians arrested for oil bunkering in Niger Delta

The JTF says is is in complete control of the Niger Delta creeks

Obama Romney Lehrer Denver debate

Romney outshines Obama in first presidential debate

The debate is the first of three to be held before the November presidential elections.

Jonathan receives five new ambassadors

The ambassadors are for Jamaica, Vietnam, Congo, Hungary and Norway.

Turkey exhumes ex-president’s corpse, 19 years after

Perhaps, former president Turgut Ozal of Turkey was poisoned

Voter registration fraud hits Republicans, weeks from presidential poll

Barely six weeks to a crucial presidential vote, the Republican Party’s quest takes another hit.

Iran fears cyber attack than real war on its nuclear program

Iran is worried about a virtual assault on its contentious nuclear program.

Jonathan, Ban Ki-Moon in closed-door meeting

Mali, Bakassi and Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea top agenda in meeting between the Nigerian President and the UN Sec-Gen.

ECOWAS, Mali sign agreement on troop deployment

The African regional body and the Malian government have signed an agreement on liberating Northern Mali from rebel stronghold.

52 Ghanaian firms partake in Abuja Trade Fair

At the Abuja Trade Fair, Ghanaian firms are adequately represented.

Violent protests against anti-Islam film kills 15 in Pakistan

The anti-Islamic film has continued to generate a row between the USA and Muslims the world over.

Julius Malema Member of South African Parliament Photo: Aljazeera

South Africa issues arrest warrant for youth leader Malema

Julius Malema, who has played a key role in the mine unrest in South Africa has been accused of corruption.

Mohammed cartoon: France to close schools, embassies in 20 countries

In a bid to avoid a replica of diplomatic rows between Islamic countries and the USA, France will close some of its institution in 20 countries over a cartoon of the Muslim prophet.

ECOWAS to deploy peacekeeping mission to Mali ‪‬‪

The ECOWAS committee called for immediate sensitisation and education of the people and the military on the objectives of the mission.

Film by Nakouda

10 killed in protests against ‘anti-Islam’ movie

  Protests across the Middle East over the amateur American movie have left at least 10 persons dead.

AU, ECOWAS seek Nigeria’s support to tackle Mali crisis

West African leaders meet to tackle Mali crisis.

U.S. warns citizens in Nigeria of possible attacks

Extremists may attempt to target U.S citizens and other Westerners in Nigeria, the United States embassy in Nigeria has warned. The embassy issued the warning following an attack on a U.S. Mission in Beghazi, Libya, the previous day, which killed an ambassador and three other embassy staff Americans. “The U.S. Mission in Nigeria strongly urges […]

Egypt to take legal action in U.S. against Prophet film makers

Egyptian president wants the American producers of the controversial movie to be punished by law.

US sends Marines to Libya as Obama vows justice

Obama says justice will be served to the killers of the US diplomats who died in Libya

U.S. Ambassador killed in Libya

Four U.S officials were killed in Libya a day after protesters destroyed the American flag in Cairo.

Nigerian embassy staff in child-prostitution ring in Abidjan

Officials at the Nigerian Embassy in Cote d’Ivoire are accused of promoting human trafficking in the country

AU welcomes successful presidential election in Somalia

The African Union head commends the outgoing president of the war-torn country for conceding defeat.