Côte d’Ivoire may lose 115,000 tonnes of banana export to rainfall-Minister

Banana caters for about five per cent of Cote d’Ivoire’s GDP and employs some 8,350 persons.

85 Nigerians in detention in Abidjan – Embassy

Embassy plans to provide legal assistance to those awaiting trial.

Death penalty has no place in 21st century – UN Chief

“Together, we can finally end this cruel and inhumane practice everywhere around the world.” The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has said that death penalty has no place in the 21st century. He called on all states to take concrete steps toward abolishing or stopping this form of punishment. “Together, we can finally end this cruel […]

Army chief urges manufacturers to produce APC’s to meet Africa’s requirements

“In other words, effective employment of armoured vehicles means that they should be employed in large numbers,”

182 die from ebola in Guinea, says health officer

Doctors Without Borders has disbursed N488 million to help the fight against ebola.

AU Summit used to illustrate the story

AU Summit approves creation of African Monetary Fund

The AMF would be established to basically help to tackle macro-economic matters in Africa.

Re-arrested Sudanese Christian woman released

The woman was re-arrested on Tuesday. ‎ Sudanese authorities have released 27-year-old Mariam Ibrahim who was detained on Tuesday alongside her husband and children as they tried to board a plane in Khartoum after she was released from death row. Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, quoted by The Independent, U.K., said […]

Sudan re-arrests Christian woman released from death row

Mrs. Ibrahim was arrested while attempting to leave Sudan.

Death toll from Kenyan attack rises to 48

“We can confirm 48 deaths and three more injured who have been evacuated and rushed to hospital”.

Kenyan police seize 300 elephant tusks being packed at port city

“The ivory was being prepared for loading and export to a destination we are yet to establish.” Kenyan authorities seized 228 whole elephant tusks and 74 others in pieces as they were being packed for export in the port city of Mombasa, police and wildlife officials said on Thursday. Poaching has surged in the last […]

Co-Founder of ‎shot dead in Kenya

Mr. Eaton was shot during an armed robbery The co-founder of online auto mart, ‎and CEO of One Africa Media, Carey Eaton, has been shot dead in Kenya this morning. Mr. Eaton was shot during an armed robbery at a friend’s home in Nairobi in the early hours of Thursday, One Africa Media announced […]

#Whatsupafrica: Kenyan Somalis in racial profiling storm

Ethiopia jails nine journalists, renews crackdown on the press

The Ethiopian government denies the allegations.

Incarcerated Ethiopian journalist, Reeyot Alemu, spends 1000th day in prison

In a month when we are celebrating women, today, Sunday March 16th is Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu’s 1000th day of imprisonment for simply doing her job. A columnist for several Amharic-language newspapers, Reeyot Alemu was one of the first journalists arrested in a 2011 government crackdown on dissent as authorities in Addis Ababa, unnerved by the […]

Hijacked Ethiopian Airline: Swiss authorities detain co-pilot

Swiss authorities is holding the co-pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines flight that was hijacked and forced to land at Geneva’s international airport early on Monday morning. Swiss police said the co-pilot hijacked his plane after the pilot went to the toilet, then landed and alighted through the Cockpits’ window using a rope. The co-pilot has […]

Ethiopia to generate 37,000 megawatts in 2037, says Energy Chief

Ethiopia currently generates 2,300MW of electricity.

Saudi Arabia repatriates 2,540 Ethiopians

The returnees are being re-united with their family in Ethiopia.