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INVESTIGATION: Shikira: Community where 28 children die from lead poisoning

The gold miners excavated the depths of the earth crust, digging pits or burrowing tunnels to trace gold-bearing quartz stones

Rivers Inquiry: Witnesses link PDP chairman, former First Lady, Patience Jonathan, to election violence

A lot of the witnesses who testified mentioned Mrs. Jonathan and the Rivers State PDP Chairman as masterminds of some violence and killings.

Nigeria spends N4.62 trillion on National Security in 5 years, yet widespread insecurity remains

There are concerns regarding how huge allocations  to Nigeria’s security sector are spent.

Senate approves life sentence for rape, underage sex

Rapists and paedophiles will be imprisoned for life.

Nigerian volunteer workers to Liberia

INVESTIGATION: How Nigerian, AU officials maltreated, cheated Ebola volunteers in Liberia, Sierra Leone

Nigerian volunteers who risked their lives to save others against the deadly Ebola virus, say they were singled out for maltreatment.

Amnesty International report “concocted, biased” – Nigerian Military

The military forcefully rejects allegations by Amnesty International against its officers and the force.

Muhammadu Buhari talking

Buhari to review Amnesty International’s allegations against Nigerian Military

President Buhari says his administration will not condone impunity.


Nigerian govt. schools reject students displaced by Boko Haram over “academic documents”

Government schools in Abuja say children displaced by Boko Haram must return to the north east for vital documents before they are admitted.

Seriake Dickson, Bayelsa State Governor

Gov. Dickson signs Bayelsa’s Widows Protection Bill

Mr. Dickson called on the state assembly to urgently pass the Child’s Rights Bill before the end of the 7th legislative assembly.

Over N121 billion wasted, Nigeria’s troubled National ID Card project in fresh controversy

The project is rocked by executive high-handedness, corruption, irresponsibility by government officials and abuse of power

Female suicide bomber kills 7, injures 26 in Yobe

Seven of the injured are in critical condition.

Former military Head of State, Sani Abacha

Abacha Loot: Inside the secret deal Jonathan authorized to shield ex-dictator’s family from prosecution

The Abachas will receive clemency for returning part of the estimated $5bn loot, a pact anti-corruption activists argue will embolden others to steal more.

SERAP drags Nigeria to ECOWAS Court over suffering of displaced persons

“The Nigerian government has continued to fail and/or neglected to respect, protect, fulfil and promote the human rights of IDPs.”

Army Headquarters

Boko Haram: 30 top army officers in trouble, to face court-martial – FULL LIST

On two different occasions, the Nigerian military has court-martialled top senior officers.

If I knew Shekau’s whereabouts, I won’t tell Nigeria – Chadian President

The Chadian president says lack of co-operation between Chad and Nigerian forces stalled fight against Boko Haram.

Boko Haram: Displaced women deliver 5 babies in 3 days

Of the five new babies, three are girls, while two are boys.

FILE PHOTO: A woman and her child in an IDP camp in Gombe.

Boko Haram: UNICEF, Yobe government to erect tent classes for displaced children

“Raining season and fasting period is fast approaching and living condition at the camp may not be comfortable for us …”

Mary Paul, pregnant with her seventh child, watches one of her children munch a stick of boiled corn for her breakfast

Boko Haram: How Abuja Minister, Bala Mohammed, sacked, humiliated IDPs to please President Jonathan

Sacked by Boko Haram, then humiliated by the FCT administration – The touching story of Waru Boko Haram refugees

Uneasy calm in SSS over ‘hurried promotion’ of alleged bribe-taker, Marilyn Ogar, others

Aggrieved officers complain about the promotion of the spokesperson of the Service, Marilyn Ogar and others

Children used to illustrate the story..

Boko Haram: Nigerian military rescues more women, children from Sambisa forest

Troops destroyed seven Boko Haram camps.

Nigerian soldiers used to illustrate the story.

Plateau Killings: Bodies of missing soldiers recovered

One soldier is still missing.

Senate passes bill criminalizing female genital mutilation, violence

The bills seeks to prohibit violence in private and public life.