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Photo of the 1.2 tonnes of Seized Cocaine (credit: Business Insider)

SPECIAL REPORT: Drug Frontier: How cocaine trafficking is impacting West Africa

The route first became infamous between the 16th and 19th centuries when millions of West African slaves were shipped to South America through it. But the distance of approximately 2,500 kilometres (between Brazil and Dakar) has acquired a new type of notoriety since the early 2000s after Latin American drug…

Chicken market [Photo taken by Umar Isa Ladu]

INVESTIGATION: Europe in Africa: The Price of Partnerships

“On the entry into force of this Agreement, all prohibitions or restrictions on imports or exports affecting trade between the two Parties shall be eliminated, with the exception of the customs duties and taxes and the fees and other charges...implemented through quotas, import or export licensing or other measures. No…