Nigeria to establish consulate in Manchester

A Nigerian consulate in Manchester would reduce the stress Nigerians living in the city undergo travelling to London for consular services.

South African farmhand jailed for life for Terre’blanche murder 

South African farmhand jailed for life for Terre’blanche murder 

Burst water pipe kills two in South Africa

Eight hundred people have been evacuated from the affected shanty

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, dies of infection

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, who led the East African nation for more than 20 years, has died after months of illness, the government says. Mr. Meles died in a hospital abroad where he was treated for an undisclosed infection, the country’s council of ministers said in statement on Tuesday. He was 57 years old. He is the […]

more and more Ghanians are taking their own lifes

INVESTIGATION: Why more and more Ghanaians are committing suicide

Our findings indicate the suicide rate in Ghana is frightening

At 66, Pakistan stays ahead of Nigeria in growth and troubles

With a number of key Nigerian officials in attendance, Pakistanis in this country popped wine and clinked glasses on Tuesday, celebrating the Asian country’s 66th Independence anniversary.

Time, CNN recall Fareed Zakaria after plagiarism suspension

Less than a week into his one month suspension, Time magazine and CNN recall Fareed Zakaria.

Julian Assange

Ecuador grants asylum to Wikileaks’ Assange

Even with asylum granted, Assange has little chance of leaving the Ecuadorean embassy in London without being arrested.

Riots kill 9 in South Africa

Violence caused by rival gangs has killed nine people in South Africa Fighting between two rival unions, over members, at platinum mine in northern South Africa has led to the death of 9 people, the country’s police said on Tuesday. Some of  the dead, from the violence which started on Friday, are miners, security guards […]

Mitt Romney gaffes in naming Congressman Ryan as running mate

The Republican Presidential hopeful mistakenly calls his running mate the next U.S. president. U.S. presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, Saturday, unveiled state Congressman, Paul Ryan, as his running mate for the November presidential elections; but seemingly played into the hands of opponent, President Barack Obama, by erroneously introducing Mr. Ryan as the “next President of the […]

Time and CNN suspend Fareed Zakaria for plagiarism

Ini Ekott with agency report | (PHOTO SOURCE: Time magazine and CNN have suspended columnist and TV host, Fareed Zakaria, after admitting he plagiarized from another magazine, New Yorker. Mr. Zakaria, 48, is a well respected columnist for Time and a host for news programme, GPS, on the Cable News Network. He was suspended […]

Mohammed Magarief

Libyan assembly votes Gaddafi’s opponent as President

Mohammed Magarief will head Libya’s parliament and help draft a new constitution for the young democracy.

Jonathan advises African leaders to emulate late Ghanaian President

President Jonathan joined 15 Heads of State, five Vice Presidents, and other high-powered international dignitaries at the burial of the late Ghanaian president

Mali Islamists amputate hand of suspected thief

Splinter islamist groups in Northern Mali carry out different forms of punishment enshrined in the Islamic law

About 2,400 Syrians reach Turkey to flee violence

Turkey expresses concern over the influx of Syrian refugees as the numbers rise by the day

Three-day funeral begins for Ghana’s late leader

Ghanaian president who dies last month will be buried on Friday

Syrian crises: Kofi Annan pulls out

Mr. Annan will not continue his mediation efforts in the Syrian crises after August 31, the UN Secretary General says

Clinton commends Senegal for having many female elected legislators

Mrs. Clinton has hailed Senegal which she says has one of the highest percentage of women in elected legislative bodies in the world

Ghana Central Bank head named vice president


Ghana Central Bank head named vice president


Secretary of State, Clinton, snubs Nigeria in tour of African countries

Contrary to media speculations, Mrs. Clinton has no plans to visit Nigeria in her tour of 6 African countries which begins on Tuesday

John Mahama sworn in as Ghana's new president as Jonathan, Obasanjo mourn

Mr. Mahama says: "We are really saddened and I never imagined that, one day, I will address our nation in such a difficult circumstance. I lost a father, a friend, a mentor and a senior colleague."

Ghana's President, Atta Mills, dies at 68

Mr. Mills died few hours after taking ill

Ghana announces more oil discovery

Samples of oil recovered from the well indicate that it was of "high quality of API values of between 38 and 44 degrees''.

Fourth conviction sentences Tunisia's Ben Ali to life imprisonment

Ben Ali's latest conviction is his fourth in absentia since his ouster.