Tinubu, Buhari and Jonathan talk politics – BUNI TV

President Jonathan, Bola Tinubu and Muhammadu Buhari have a late night talk on the Aso Villa grounds about Nigerian politics, friends and enemies.

President Jonathan, Bola Tinubu and Muhammadu Buhari have a late night talk on the Aso Villa grounds about Nigerian politics, friends and enemies.


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  • mike


  • Lawrence Efana

    Madam you have indeed stated the “crux” right: “The path of discipline will confront some age old destructive habits. It will challenge some unwritten rules, and I personally will step on some highly placed toes on this journey. All this I am fully prepared for, and so I do not expect nor do I particularly want to be popular”. A greater part of what will make the last statement positive and less circumstantial is going to be how “exemplary and convincing” things go. The battle to put the crux itself through will need delicate practical styles and a “tactful” approach. If agreed it is so, it would be helpful and much might be eased if much discussions and explanations continue to be made to win hearts, integrate processes and understanding across the spectrum. Much healing talks, media contributions and political actions will be a “plus” in the process and could mean looking beyond the pains of party politics and tactfully showing the type of love that will make adversarial politics and tactics shameful and indefensible. We pray for you and the Nation’s nerves which must be disciplined and managed for happiness and trust to return fully once again. It is possible as you keep honestly trying the best!

    • thechange

      very thoughtful contribution u have made, the government needs to publicise these actions unseen by the public but aimed at resuscitating the sluggish economy.

  • SkyAboveLimits

    All patriotic Nigerians are solidly behind you in this path and will sacrifice some of our comfort to have more later. God will do His own part by giving you all grace, wisdom, strength and PROTECTION necessary for success. Ride On Girl! #Nigeriashallbegreatagain

  • Sanmi Falae

    Thank you so much, madam, for a great relief from those one-mile-long-but-one-inch- thick economic bamboozles of yesteryear. But please madam don’t forget you need Intellectual Infrastructure to drive your program and sustain your legacy. In that regard, there are many Nigerians who have either written or about to write books that could facilitate your effort at turning Nigeria into a knowledge society. These intellectuals can’t publish their work because they can’t sustain the financial loss they will most certainly incur from piracy. They really wish your Government would equally wage war against Piracy of intellectual property as you are against corruption. Please madam can I crave your indulgence to ask that your Government should take on this fight? We can’t have a thriving and prosperous private sector that we could and should have if we don’t eradicate piracy. Secondly, perhaps by showing Nigerians on the telly etc what the Government does with the tax they pay and thereby educating and inculcating a culture of non-tax-avoidance in our society, it might cost you less to collect more tax? Bravo for signs that yours is a listening and learning Government. Thank you for giving us back our humanity in Nigeria. Looking forward to the third instalment.

  • Romberg

    What is Nigeria’s economic plan? According to Kemi, infrastructure spending! Because it brings jobs (to a few, as most technologies and resources are imported!!)? What type of infrastructure is she talking about – rail, road, transport, housing, ICT, marine, security, oil and gas….? No name, no specific plan. But it’s clear what her intention is: to renegotiate old contracts (undercut them and achieve greater value?) and award new ones in ‘today’s commercial reality’ (at ridiculous prices as though the govt can fix prices of projects!). We have no plan to manage the ones we already have (because they were built by the PDP?). We have no plan to re-orientate, fix, complete our moribund and abandoned projects that dot our landscape everywhere you go in Nigeria.

    We also intend to strengthen our local systems. How? Make the presidency the centrality of every decision? 90 percent of Nigerian corruption is rooted in its public contracting. Is this not worth looking into?

    It’s a shame many people only read. They don’t understand the mess she calls economic plan. Maybe we should get a Soludo to comment on this.

  • MI

    Excellent piece excellent committment; most importantly, very many trust your ability to deliver. We are as are committed to these changes for the good of our country and future generation. May Giod be your strength.

  • Jujil

    I can’t agree less with you on the urgent need to set up strong financial systems and monitoring tools. Releases tied to outcomes sounds good but program/project management systems most also bet put in place to avoid and/or ensure actual implementation and value for money.

    However, on the execution of an economic plan, Nigerians are still at a lost because we are still trying to understand the policy direction of this government and that I think explains your not being specific to any economic plan in your article. I’ll be glad to know what the economic framework of this government looks like in your subsequent articles so we can make more contribution on specific economic plan(s). Until then, I can’t say much.

    Overall, nice piece – building on the first. Such article(s) gives light on what you/govt is doing.

    • Daniel

      What else do you want? It is all about implementing the budgets on roads, schools,power,rail,airports and so on. Buhari is not about to re-invent the will.

      Jonathan had policies which could not be implemented. That is what Buhari intends to do. Amaechi told us he would continue with the railway projects on ground. Fashola says he will continue with power privatization, and improve on it.

      Buhari does not favour devaluation of the naira, rather he wants to cut down on imports to shore up the foreign reserve and strengthen the currency. It is not Buhari who frittered away the savings or caused the fall of oil price that has affected the value of the naira.

      Why did the former presidents not diversify the economy when oil price was very high?

      • Jujil

        It will be nice for the government to come clean and make known their short-term, medium-term and long-term economic plan so that Nigerians and other investors can know exactly where and when to invest in a particular sector. Roads, railway, schools does not equal policy framework for economic growth, they are dividends of a flourishing economy. Amechi is just one minister and can only speak for his ministry. Don’t forget that the government also said they will review policies and renegotiate contracts. Such statements do not amount to a framework. Aside the fall in crude oil price, investors are not confident to invest in the economy, the few others are withdrawing their monies because of the uncertainty in terms of lack of a clear policy direction and you can see the results in the stock market.

        While I understand the current situation, please do not make continuous excuses for the government. Obasanjo came into power in 1999 when the price of crude was around $30-$39 but he was able to secure Dept cancelation save some money. Buhari knew so well that the price of crude was rapidly falling during his campaign; that was why the previous government started looking towards agriculture. Take for example the agric sector what exactly are we trying to achieve as a government? It does not begin and end with irrigation or rice farming, what policy is there to subsidize land or make it affordable for the young farmer? How is the government going to protect him so he sell his products and make profit without being short-changed by the activities of the middle men? How can farmers have access to improved varieties and support? What agric area or product is goverment going to focus on in the first 2-3years and subsequently? What are the incentives and/or export policies of exporting agric products or importing mechanized equipments? What how much loan can a farmer access and at what interest, through which of the agric instituions? These are things to consider or things that will make one to consider venturing into the agro business.

        Buhari was also a former leader himself why didn’t he diversify back then? If he build refineries then why not other sectors of the economy?

        • Daniel

          You had FEEDS, SEEDS, and LEEDS, Seven Point Agenda, Transformation Agenda, all from former presidents. How did you benefit ?

          I would prefer the budget is implemented in all those sectors. Then economic activities will naturally pick up.

          Just imagine implementing the 2016 – 2019 budgets of all sectors to the letter. It will galvanise the economy.

          We have lots of abandoned projects. I want them completed.

          Enough of policy statements that have no budgetary allocations or implementable plans.

          There is enough work on hand already.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    With the competent,capable and proactive minister of finance,Mrs Kemi Adeosun,in-charge of Nigerian-fiscal planning and management of our finances,there ray of hope at the end of the tunnel that present restructuring efforts of president Muhammadu Buhari,s goverment,Nigeria will surely come of the financial wood after present financial chaos.