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  • askirsch


    The best music is that which reaches beyond its original genre. It can move people deeply, even when the composer and listener are separated by oceans. Such a work is the latest release by Marlow Rosado, “Salsanimal.”

    With over two decades’ experience in the music industry, Grammy-winning pianist, composer, and producer Marlow Rosado has developed a powerful portfolio working with many of the top artists in the Latin recording industry. From salsa to rock, from merengue to hip-hop, from bachata to reggaeton, producer, composer, and pianist Marlow Rosado has had his musical hand in all of it. He is continually sought out by Latin Artists for his musical arrangement skills, his aggressive montunos on the piano, as well as his ability to direct orchestras for artists such as the late Salsa legend Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Jr., Tito Nieves, and many others. It is not uncommon to see Marlow’s name on CD liner notes, whether it is as a pianist, producer, songwriter or musical director.

    After his extremely successful second album, “Retro,” which won a Grammy for best tropical album of 2013, Rosado is set to release album number three, “Salsanimal,” which he produced, wrote, and arranged. It’s power-packed with 12 original hard-driving salsa arrangements featuring nine invited artists, each interpreting a song tailor-made for him.

    Legendary salsa pianists Larry Harlow and Richie Ray join Marlow in a friendly piano solo battle among the three virtuoso salsa pianists. Harlow, founder of Latin Legends of Fania, holds a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. And Ray, “El Embajador del Piano,” best known for the duo Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz (“the kings of salsa”), is still considered one of the best and more influential pianists of all times in salsa music. The veteran salsa singer Herman Olivera interprets Rosado’s “Cataño”, a song written as a love letter to Marlow’s home town in Puerto Rico. This dynamic sonero is currently the lead singer of the Eddie Palmieri Orchestra, where he is featured on five CD’s with the nine-time Grammy-winner and master pianist, including “Masterpiece/Obra Maestra” with the late, great Tito Puente, which garnered two Grammys. Mayito Rivera, lead singer for Cuba’s legendary group “Los Van Van” for over twenty years, and one of Cuba’s most notable singers, takes on “Así Son” another composition by Rosado.

    Other artists on the CD are Jon Secada, Domingo Quiñones, Alex Matos, Checo Acosta, and newcomer De La Torre. The world-renowned Secada has won two Grammys and sold some 20 million albums. Singer/actor Domingo Quiñones performed on Tito Puente’s 100th album, and demonstrated his acting abilities in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Alex Matos, known as “el salsero de ahora,” is a winner of the Casandra Award of the Dominican Republic for his singing. Checo Acosta holds two Latin Grammy nominations; he is one of the leading exponents of Colombian carnival music, specifically folk styles native to the country’s Caribbean coast such as cumbia and vallenato.

    Salsanimal will be released on CD, digitally and as an LP. The attention to detail is impressive. Everything: the mix, the mastering, and the artwork, is just exquisite and refreshing. Signed to Fania Records and with one Grammy already on his shelf, Marlow Rosado is most definitely a driving force of the tropical music industry who can look forward to still greater recognition.


    Kimberly Chmura

    KCC Productions


  • Rescue Abia Movement

    Your Excellency, (Ochendo)


    Until a few weeks ago, we were planning to publish an advertorial to commend your courage, vision and determination to ensure that the next governor of Abia State in 2015 emerges from the Ukwa/Ngwa political bloc following the zoning of the governorship to the Abia South Senatorial District.

    However, recent political events in Abia State and your less than honest and creative approach to the transition politics of your administration appear to confirm that we may have been too hasty in our initial determination to heap you with praises.

    We are worried that you are on a flight of fancy to self-destruct and in the process drag our dear state further to the brinks of destruction through bad governance.

    Dear Ochendo, the truth which is settled before God and man is that you have not performed to your full potential these odd seven and a half years. Your perception as a non-performing governor has been ingrained into the sub-consciousness of Nigerians despite the huge sums of money spent on media relations by your administration in public relations. There is a cliché that “you cannot carve a rotten wood” but sometimes ,a rotten wood could still be useful if well handled. If not for any other thing, it could be used as firewood.

    And this is where you have totally missed the point. We believe that despite all the accusations of poor performance and corruption against your government, you have this one moment of a lifetime to make amends and stand on the right side of history. We have been so excited of the prospects of this momentous opportunity until you started bungling it with your less than altruistic and unfortunate move to install one Okezie Ikpeazu as your successor.

    Our dear Ochendo, we are surprised that you have failed to learn from history. The Nigerian political terrain is replete with instances of leaders who became heroes or villains upon the expiration of their tenures in office because of the nature of their succession plan. Examples abound. Your predecessor Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani OF Enugu State and Dr. Sam Egwu of Ebonyi State, all former governors ,to mention a few, have found themselves in political wilderness because of the nature of their faulty succession planning and imposition. On the other hand, Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu, Mr. Peter Obi and Donald Duke are political heroes of sorts as a result of the very successful nature of the succession planning which ensured that the right kind of people were sought out and made to succeed them.

    The basic questions to ask at this juncture are these; is the man you are projecting for Abia State governorship in 2015 the right man for the job? Is he the kind of man that will add value to the political fortunes of the state as well as the welfare of the average Abia man or woman? What is his pedigree and what type of work history does he possess? Will he be able to complement the political expectations of Mr. President as Governor of Abia State? Questions, questions and more questions.

    A set of positive responses to the foregoing questions would have elicited less criticisms towards your succession plan. But the contrary is now the case. The man you are about to impose on Abia people is not a fit and proper person to succeed you.He failed on his assignment to clean up Aba. He does not possess the administrative experience or political savvy to lead a state like Abia. He has a past that will haunt him in office – including his misdeeds at ASEPA. Or you think people don’t know?

    Ochendo Sir, governance is a continuum and the ultimate sovereignty of government rests with the people and not an incumbent governor or his family. We expect that you would have pandered to this time-honored political philosophy to allow due process to suffice in the selection of your successor. In this wise, due process would have entailed the unfettered participation of transparently elected delegates of your party, the PDP, to elect a candidate of their choice with some inputs from Abia PDP Exco and Elders Advisory Council if need be. But a situation where you have compromised these two groups to have your way is unacceptable.

    Your earlier position that you wanted popular participation in the process that will throw up your successor so that you won’t be accused alone if the person makes mistakes later has been compromised and rubbished terribly by the ‘’Ochendo and Ochendo family alone” approach that is throwing up Mr. Ikpeazu.

    If eventually Ikpeazu emerges the candidate of the PDP (God forbid!), whatever failures he records in office will rub-off on you and family thereby keeping your family in the spotlight long after you would have left office as governor for the wrong reasons. All the endorsement rallies or visits to some prominent Abians, mostly those without character to endorse Ikpeazu is a mere sham.

    It is in the same vain that we view your son’s ambition to contest election into the Abia House of Assembly. His initial denial that he was not running followed by his later recant is akin to the initial denial of your government through a full page newspaper disclaimer (we have the details) that Mr. Ikpeazu was not the candidate of the Abia State Government. These denials have cast a very serious slur on your reputation and has further affected the perception the public holds towards you as a person, your family and indeed the government you run. Your Excellency, you need to urgently address the issue of your son running for the Abia State House of Assembly while you still contest for the senate. Urgently address the issue of his ambition to be the speaker – a position that will enable him to breathe down the neck of the incoming governor who may be impeached should he decide not to do all his biddings .There are even rumors that more members of your household may play more roles in government in the post 2015 era. But be rest assured that winning the PDP nomination is not synonymous with winning the main election.

    We believe that for your own good and for you to enjoy your private life after eight years as governor, that there is need for less media focus on you and your family. Bringing all these political permutations to fruition will no doubt position you and your family as greedy and with an unbridled desire to manipulate the political process for personal gain. Like Shakespeare said in his epic book, Macbeth, “you would have murdered sleep” in Abia and as such you and your family “will also not know sleep.” if you have your way . You need this one moment to change a few situations in Abia state to your ultimate advantage. You need the political will and wisdom to be on the positive side of history.

    Let us reiterate the fact that such manipulated succession plans do not work well. Even Donald Duke who handed over to a political associate and friend of many years is not having it easy with Governor Liyel Imoke of Cross River State today. That is the way of power – the ultimate aphrodisiac as former American Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger once said.

    We do believe and sincerely too that Okezie Ikpeazu will be your nemesis just the way you have been to OUK. Okezie, from experience lacks the moral fibre and strength of character to resist those who will urge him on to literally “eat you up” when he becomes governor.

    Ochendo, we do not think the PDP has degenerated to the ridiculous level of compensating mediocrity and failure. We do believe allowing you to impose a successor, an unqualified one at that, is to compensate your failure in office.

    Our dear Ochendo, if the truth be told, why are civil servants being owed in Abia State? Pensioners are owed in arrears of 4-6 months, teachers are owed in arrears of up to 4 months. Gratuities are owed in arrears for over 10 years. The infrastructural deficit in Abia, particularly in Aba is second to none. There is a near collapse of governance in Abia.

    Ochendo, given the foregoing scenario, why do you want to impose an upstart who failed in his position to clean up Aba to govern Abia? Maybe to come and cover up your debilitating instances of bad governance and corruption.

    Abia State belongs to all of us and we will not allow you to further drag our dear state into the abyss with your imposition of Okezie Ikpeazu.

    We have to warn you at this juncture that should you go ahead and have your way, we will ensure that no amount of bribe money will stop the EFCC from doing the needful with regards to your 8 years of mess with your de facto governor-son, Ikuku.

    We wish to sound another note of warning: if the PDP does not want to lose Abia, then the party must ensure you do not impose Ikpeazu on Abia PDP. We are confident the EFCC has enough facts on him to stop him mid-flight from assuming the reins of power in Abia State. Let the PDP choose any other candidate. But not the incompetent Ikpeazu!

    For our so-called Elders who have collaborated with you to mess up our dear state, the guilty ones will die unsung. Posterity will be harsh to their memories if any- and their children will bear the brunt of their conspiracy to misgovern our state.

    For you, Ochendo, there is still room to make amends. If we see you change your dance steps, we will come out in the open to collaborate with you to deliver Abia to the PDP come 2015. Anything on the contrary will attract shame, pain, and frustration for you and your family and loss at the polls for the PDP.

    We have spoken and both God and man has heard us.



  • Okunwa

    Buhari is a mad goat. how does he wants to stop corruption and Boko Haram. What is it that he wants to do that president goodluck Ebele Jonathan have not done to stop boko haram insurgency

    • buchi

      Na your papa be the mad goat.
      The new thing he’ll be doing is to ensure that our soldiers in the battle front are not impoverished while your pay masters remain in Abuja to squander all the billions meant for defence