Super Eagles friendly scheduled for Uyo Stadium ahead of Bafana clash

The Nigeria Super Eagles, made up entirely of domestic league players, will play a friendly game in Uyo to formally open the new Akwa Ibom Stadium on November 6.

The officials of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, disclosed this in Abuja on Wednesday.

It said the friendly encounter, which is bankrolled by the Akwa Ibom State Government, will see the Super Eagles play a North African team that will be confirmed this week.

The team’s head coach, Amodu Shaibu, plans to use the opportunity of this international friendly to begin preparations for Nigeria’s 2015 Africa Cup of Nations campaigns in November.

“22 players will be called up to camp in Uyo from Sunday, November 2 ahead of the friendly and that game will afford us a wonderful opportunity to see some of our best legs in the domestic league more closely,” Shaibu said.

“We will have the opportunity of working with them for about three days before the friendly. Some of those who show the quality we are looking for will then join the main squad for the qualifiers.’

He thanked the Akwa Ibom State Government as well as the Nigeria Football Federation for putting the programme together.

The new 30,000 capacity Akwa Ibom Stadium in Uyo is also expected to host Nigeria’s final 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against South Africa on November 19.


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  • yemi

    “Your repeated reduction of voting in the Presidential election in the South East to ethnicity is somewhat curious ”

    Oh please, we have heard this a million times. How else can you explain the large support for GEJ in the east, despite him being a complete disaster.

    Let us just face the facts. Then we can collectively move on

    • Toldyou

      And how else can you explain the 12 million votes Buhari got in 2011 under the then CPC? You obviously don’t see anything wrong with Buhari getting 12 Million votes from the North only but find it discomfited for the support the SE gave the GEJ and one thing most of you have failed to take into cognisance is that fact that the same SE has been a string hold of the PDP since the inception of democratic rule in 1999 and the same SE has massively voted for OBJ and Yaradua so why does voting GEJ becomes a new normal to make narratives such as the one by Dr Jibrin and your very self here. And coming to the issue you raised about GEJ being a complete disaster I’d like to know your indices for coming to this audacious conclusion.

      • yemi

        Can you address the topic at hand without introducing yoruba and hausa people?

        Okay, let me help. GEJ was a failure just like OBJ and yaradua. Very simple.

        You assume that i made the statements cos its southeast? right? I am not limited to ethnic solidarity. And that is the very thing on discuss.

        Granted it is the same any part of Nigeria. But GEJ was different. But if you think he was a HERO despite all we know of his administration. Then i have nothing more to say.

        • Toldyou

          Yemi are you alright? Did you really take time to read my comment or you just glanced through without comprehending what I wrote just to reply to my post. Pls point out to me where I mentioned Yoruba or Hausa in my post, you see! subconsciously without you knowing it you displayed the motive behind your statement as it buried in ethnic bashing you even went extra mile to even “you'[re not limited to ethnic solidarity” thus betraying your deeper thoughts. I had to reply your first post logically with data to show you that the path you’re towing is that of ethnic profiling and that’s exactly what the learned Dr. caution Dr. Jibrin about. I hope you’re able to use logic to state your point without resorting to ethnic profiling.

          • yemi

            Okay. You are right. The southeast are political geniuses. happy now.

            Jibrin has only said what any intelligent person knows.

            ‘The south east fails in national politics simply bcos of ethnic solidarity’…..You can quote that anywhere.

            ….by the way, your insults only show you are a genius 🙂

          • Toldyou

            Now I know you have problem, first you can’t point to were I mentioned Yorubas or Hausas in my first post, I challenged on you on that rather than do the noble thing and apologize you went of again with your rants and this time accuse me of insulting you because I pointed out your failings to you. I do not know your age but you come across as a young man and I’d advice you to try and learnt ethics of social interactions.

          • yemi

            Anybody who thinks GEJ is a HERO. I can’t argue with them. They are geniuses.

      • Pause

        Oh why do intelligent people like you waste time to educate block heads? Imagine if you did not explain but continued to live your life while ensuring in your wisdom that block heads did not hold offices in areas you reside.

        My point is that people like you should start producing your dream country ( whether completely new country or restructured Nigeria) than wasting time explaining to folks who are steeped in 16th century mindset.

        • Toldyou

          Its very important that you counter such people with facts and cure them of their ignorance because most of them are genuinely ignorant and if you do not do that they would hold such lies as truth.
          I had such debate with a sister from the SW, she held a position she felt was infallible but by the time I took time to educate her on where she’s getting it wrong she ended up thanking me and said she learned a lot from our exchange, It then occurred to me that most of these people who rush to make comments on threads like this are genuinely ignorant.

        • yemi

          I am the block head so? hehehe

        • Scatter

          Sir, do you have to use abusive words to make your point?

        • Scatter

          Sir, I still insist you need urgent help with your basic English and critical thinking. Once again, it’s good advice and it’s free! And I say so respectfully.

      • Scatter

        My friend, do you reside in another planet besides the Nigerian universe? Anyway, sha, since you asked, let me give you a low-down of why GEJ, alias Dumbo Dumbo, was a walking disaster on two legs.

        — GEJ, Diezzybaby, Stella Oduah and co chopped and chopped and chopped our yams to their hearts’ content.

        — GEJ through his NSA Dasuki, for example, supervised the frittering of our commonwealth, giving the likes of ex-Governor Bafarawa N4bn plus for “spiritual purposes”; N2bn plus to Dr Raymond Dokpesi for useless media publicity; N100m each to ex-Governor Peter Odili and Bode George for unspecified purposes, etc.

        — GEJ presided over the worst public accounting scandal in world history — the missing US20bn NNPC money.

        — Under GEJ stealing in public office was not corruption, nor was it dishonest to claim one had a PhD when, in fact, one didn’t.

        — GEJ took our economy to the verge of bankruptcy, worsted our currency, and worsened poverty in the land.

        — Crime and impunity stalked the land.

        — Most parts of the country were in darkness or living on gens 24/7 and thereby worsened our environment and health.

        — Ethnic, religious and social tensions got out of control.

        — Thousands of people were maimed, murdered or taken into sexual slavery by especially the Boko boys while GEJ and co watched idly by and, in fact, cynically and cruelly helped themselves to more public money ostensibly to fight them.

        — Oil theft reached reached unprecedented and industrial scale proportions whilst GEJ simply stood idly by.

        — In a country that continued to earn money from oil sales and budgets made year-in year-out, many State and Local Governments could not even pay their workers regularly sometimes for months in a stretch.

        — Our once proud and respected country became a butt of joke and contempt in the comity of nations.

        Need I say more?

        • Toldyou

          The only thing I can see in your write up is bumbling ignorance that has no definition, I doubt I would spare my time to debate such level of an ignorant, biased and such unlearned mind,Sorry it has to come to this but I just could not help it but wonder at the sheer enormity of the ignorance you have just displayed here, it obvious you copied and pasted this stuff here as one the materials you used for your campaign against the last Govt.

          • Scatter

            Mr Enlightenment, if all you could see in my earlier “write up is bumbling ignorance that has no definition,” then I’m not surprised you saw nothing! I will give you a piece of good advice, and it’s free: go enrol in an evening extra-mural class on basic English and critical thinking — assuming you understand, buddy.

          • Toldyou

            Lol….the one who need the lesson most would be the first to advise the other to go get education did you take time to go through that your copy and paste jargon and critically examine it yourself and ask relevant questions as regarding all the allegations you put forward, No, you would not do it coz its of no importance to you moreso you lack the depth to think deep and ask question, I am not part of those Nigerians you would shove such rubbish down their throat without asking critical questions. My friend you’re still a learner.

  • Lanre

    All arguments around an issue can be reduced to a single denominator. Oke. Nigeria is unworkable. Better to agree to go our separate ways drawn along the major ethnic configurations. We have enough conferences to achieve this including Aburi. Yorubaland will be free.

    • Scatter

      A simple and simplistic proposition. What would you do with the minor and medium-sized ethnic groups? In any case, which Nigerian geo-ethnic group has ever lived at peace with itself? Ever heard of the Yoruba Civil Wars, for example?

  • Scatter

    Good and thoughtful piece.

    But if the renewed Biafran quest is a struggle by the Igbo youth for change in their material condition, why has it been unusually more strident after the ‘Igbo debacle’ in the 2015 elections? Certainly, their ostensible leaders are preppie-looking and jet-setting types, with little or no sense of history or grasp of the dynamics of Nigerian socio-economy?

    More important, if a bigger and more economically formidable Nigeria — which has afforded millions of Igbo residence and fortunes outside Igboland, which by the way offers no such converse opportunities to non-Igbo Nigerians — has failed the Igbo youth in their quest for material improvement, how on earth is a much, much smaller and already over-populated Biafran polity and socio-economy going to do it?

    Obviously, there’s more than meets the naked eye in this renewed Biafran surge. As a country, Nigeria is not yet an economic success. Lots of its people are in dire poverty. Even so, the Igbo generally have done pretty better than most other ethnic groups. So if at all they should complain, it should not be about the worn-out cliche of marginalisation. We all can get things to meet our needs, but not always to satisfy our greed.

    • Chido

      It has not been more strident. Read the piece again. There were even more “strident” attempts during the last regime. Some 50 persons are still on trial for trying to take over a station in Enugu. There was an attempt at takeover of Government House, Enugu. Radio Biafra has been on for a long while. It became popular or notorious the moment officialdom made it a target. Those occupying the tunnel are the persons who try to frame every thing around support for or against Buhari. Nigeria predates this event.

      • Scatter

        The key question remains: are the Igbo a marginalised lot in present-day Nigeria? Were they, in fact, ever marginalised?

        I think Jibrin Ibrahim’s main thesis, which was well captured in the conclusion of his first piece, was that the Igbo elite’s fixation with the narrative of marginalisation had become so intoxicating as to energise the Igbo lumpen into a psychosis of their own that has now subverted the elites themselves. It is a very serious point which people should not get defensive about. And that was why Ibrahim said it was time to have an honest conversation on the issue.