AFCON 2015 Qualifiers: Congo announces squad for Nigeria clash

The Red Devils of Congo on Thursday released the list of players who will face the Nigerian Super Eagles in the first leg of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers in Calabar.

Congo, which was reinstated into the qualifier after Rwanda’s disqualification for fielding an ineligible player, had made their arrival imprecise, forcing Nigeria to report the situation the Confederation of African Football, CAF.
The NFF had wanted to make plans for the Red Devils arrival among other logistics.

The Congolese head coach, Claude Leroy, had earlier asked CAF to relocate the match for fear of the Ebola Virus outbreak in Nigeria; a request which was thrown out.

A majority of the Congolese squad is made up of foreign based professionals. They would be in Nigeria on Friday morning and may likely not train before the match commences on Saturday in Calabar.

The 2015 AFCON is slated for Morocco and will run from January 17 to February 8.

The full Squad:

GOALKEEPERS: Chancel Massa (AC Léopards), Pavelh Ndzila (Etoile du Congo), Christoffer Mafoumbi (Le Pontet/CFA/France)

DEFENDERS: Marvin Baudry (SC Amiens/National/France), Bernard Itoua Onanga (FC Platanias/1re division/Grèece), Igor Nganga (FC Aarau/1re division/Switzerland), Francis Nganga (Sporting Charleroi/1re division/Belgium), Dimitri Bissiki and Boris Moubio (AC Léopards), Arnold Bouka Moutou (SCO Angers/Ligue 2/France), Baron Kibamba (CNFF)

MIDFIELDERS: Sagesse Babele and Césaire Gandzé (AC Léopards), Saira Issambet (CNFF), Delvin Ndinga (Olympiacos/1re division/Grèece), Noël Mokouka (Natalis), Prince Oniangué (Stade de Reims/Ligue 1/France), Jordan Massengo (RAEC Mons/2e divsion/Belgium), Hardy Binguila (Diables Noirs), Jusly Boukama Kaya (Recreativo Libolo/1re division/Angola)

FORWARDS: Francis Litsingi (FK Teplice/1re division/Czech République), Fodé Doré (Botev Plovdiv/1re division/Bulgaria), Silvère Ngavoula (AS Patronage), Kader Bidimbou (AC Léopards), Thievy Bifouma (UD Alméria/1re division/Spain), Ladislas Douniama (EAG Guingamp/Ligue 1/France).


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  • omo London

    Check your salvation sir. You never met Christ! Stop the hate campaign. Lend your support to the new administration for the sake of all our tomorrow and that of our children.

    • Adepitan Xwizade Bero

      Did you people give your support to the former administration? Instead, all you people did was to spite him and even went as far as condescending our Military. ..You guys had better start coming to the reality that you have a duty to deliver on your promises.

      • Cox

        We did support Jonathan administration for the first two years of the Musa Yar’ dua tenure and also his own tenure. It was toward the end of his administration we decided to have a change of government becos of his inability to govern well. This new government is not even a week old yet. Give them a chance, let wait for 100 days before we start to criticized.

        • Adepitan Xwizade Bero

          This is this Yoruba that says Oju ti o ba ni ka Le ko ni ma ti aro Se ipin….They eyes that would get old with ones old age would not start bringing out mucus at infancy

  • Cox

    I like reading this guy write but i was surprised yesterday when i was reading different things from his usual write up (Femi Aribisala). Good write up. Since i have been reading your write up you have never see anything good about Buhari and you see everything good about Jonathan. What your don’t understand from my own perspective was that almost everybody that voted for Buhari in 2015 voted for Jonathan in 2011. From your own mind you really want BUhari to fail but God has another plan for you. This administration will succeed and God almighty will put all of you to shame.

  • Sabo Inuwa

    This is a nice reading but let me remind Femi that there was a time in not so distant past when PDP held sway in the North & his seeming fairness, Chief Obasanjo campaigned freely thru his to two terms without being stoned anywhere in the North. Suffice it that GEJ was most clueless & devisive president along all lines known to Man. He courted defeat & got one. We all knew how elections were conducted from ’03 thru 2011 & the integrity to concede defeat was just not there. Our country is struggling to bounce back from GEJs poor governance, flat & uninspiring speeches. Who says the common man is in the mood of any deceptive, sugar-coated speeches anyway? Patience is indeed in Otuoke & better stay there. what Pres MBuhari needs is some understanding & appreciation of the GEJ mess left behind!

  • Tatu

    This guy, Femi Aribisala, though a good writer, is wasting his talent on hatred for Buhari and APC that he has lost a lot of audience. I haven’t read this, and all my household too have refused to read his recent nonsense. Some friends and colleagues have called me up to ask if i’ve been reading one PDP e-rat Aribisala and I replied, ‘he’ll soon use up all he was paid and stop’. I hope u don’t try to cross-carpet too as u’ve been marked!

  • Tammy

    Rantings of a disgruntled hypocrite.

  • Adamu Ndagi

    Femi Aribisala, if you are a sensible person, and a man of Christ you have claimed to be and read all comments from Nigerians, you could see that you are no more a sensible and respectful person and writer. Unfortunately, President Muhammad Buhari (PMB) does neither even know you exist, nor you write badly about him. Why not spare yourself a rest and stop being a prisoner to yourself. Acceptance of God’s wishes and plans is the beginning of wisdom. Your bad writes-up about PMB does not attract him (PMB) to you, nor he believes that you still exist.
    At least 2m Nigerians spoke and acted above PMB’s rival for PMB to arrive in Aso Villa.

  • Frank Picker

    Dr. Aribisala, still full of hate and disappointment. The person who looks to tell everyone “I told you so” is usually embittered and disappointed when their arrogant, know it all postulations are ignored and shown up for what they are. In trying to cover up, their failure, they look for all sorts of things to try and point to the “I told you so” position in malicious joy. Even before the new government was sworn in Pastor Aribisala was already blaming them for failing in their job that they hadn’t even commenced. Buhari gave an inaugural address and Pastor says it is a failure. The pain he is going through is showing. Recall all his prophesies about how Buhari was never going to become President. How Jonathan had won with landslide, how APC were politically naive, how he Pastor was a political expert of over 40 years and he knew what he was talking about. After the elections exposed him as fake, his only recourse now is to look everywhere for signs of failure so that he can say with injured pride “I told you so”! Buhari is not an inspiring speaker. Ha! Jonathan was so inspiring eh! Buhari did not say anything on foreign policy meanwhile your hero Jonathan, exposed Nigeria to foreign ridicule by not saying anything on the missing Chibok girls for nearly 3 weeks after they were kidnapped and only said something when Malala Yousef came visiting. Dr. Aribisala, your fixation on President Buhari and the APC is similar to an addiction. You are addicted to prove how right you were. Just like with all addiction, nothing anyone tells you will you admit as correct. It is a waste of time.You are too far gone. As with all addicts, the only help that can save you will come from you own insight when you acknowledge that you do not know all that you profess to know and that you made a mistake in some of your assessments. Until then, suffer in your delusion and stew in your hate.
    Only remember, that like attracts like. As you spew hate towards others, hate will be your constant companion in the dark cave that you are dwelling in.

    Small piece of advice, go and take some ulcer medication for the ‘Bad Belle” that you are suffering from. It shows in everything you write.

  • Factual babe

    I just feel like not wasting my time on Femi Aribisala. He wants attention. He predicted wrongly and now he is criticising Buhari even before he starts work. He is nothing but a ranting nonentity. Don’t people even have shame. He ought to cover his face now

    • Maria

      The fat-headed old man is shameless.

  • Isaac Abimbola

    Femi, your readers, are unable, as usual, to savour the depth of your analysis! Pls continue, I am enjoying the deep analyses. However, you forgot to cite the other examples of the meddlesomeness of foreign governments–the journeys of their officials to states holding earlier elections, e.g., Ekiti and Osun, and the last insult upon injury, their premature congratulatory visit to the former IG.

  • Akpabio John

    My sympathy to Femi, the lone voice in the wilderness. Your observations on the inaugural speech are noted by objective minds. I guess it is a fatal crime to oppose PMB at this time, but the truth still must be said before we all look like fazed lairs.

  • honesty

    unfortunately, most Nigerians are dunces, incapable of understanding what is written here. That’s why the speech was impressive to many in the first place but they will soon realise how the Nigeria project failed with the ‘election” of GMB. That will soon be visible to naive Nigerians who can’t see these things.

  • Abdulkadir

    Well said sir but I am lost as to whether you are commending Buhari for his uprightness or you are condemning him for his sloppiness. The ideas you presented could also be used to portray Buhari as a genius. In your words, “…Nevertheless, it is increasingly clear that there is an old Buhari and a new Buhari. The old Buhari was an apostle of George Orwell’s “1984.” But the new Buhari is a stickler for democratic niceties. While he doctored judicial processes in 1984, the new Buhari now insists on executive non-interference with the judiciary. While the old Buhari was the chief executive and chief legislative officer combined, the new Buhari proclaims the sanctity of the separation of powers.” With this view, one wonders why you should not be considered a silent Buhari supporter.

    Another thing that baffles many is the fact that you don’t seem to see anything wrong with the Jonathan administration even when you have the potency of observing minute detailes of a failed government. Your views were always indicative that GEJ was on top of the game even when it was obvious he was crash landing. Lo, in the end it downed on you that you are mistaken. But even the shame of failing to mislead couldn’t keep you out of mischief making for long. You bounce back sounding even more ridiculous. Well done sir.

    Remember Buhari was popular, but he became even more popular when the PDP tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to cast him in bad light.

  • terfanas

    nice one. i love this

  • Jack Hopeful

    I think Femi Aribisala is the only old wine without a wine

    With all he wrote before the election, he knows he has lost
    relevance and goodwill among Nigerians. Nigeria
    is tired of conformity. With Buhari even without any Inauguration the wall of the
    old statuesque is broken forever.

    Femi needs to seek relevance elsewhere. Nigeria is moving ahead,
    without debate or words in fine speech but in laying a solid pattern in action.

  • Maria

    Femi I agree with you… If indeed Buari represents change… Jonathan and all his ministers should not have left the eagle square without being handcuffed and led into Kuje prison. Indeed… I doubt if he will represent the change we yearn for.

  • AntiCorruCrusaders


    Clown Buhari is the godfather of CORRUPTION in Nigeria.

    Only DUMBOS know what Clown Buhari represents and still tag him an anti-corruption agent.

    For the records, Clown Buhari was one of 12 men who HACKED Nigeria’s political structure to skew it for Fulanis.

    Clown Buhari seized government to stop the probe of missing $2.8 billion when he was petroleum minister in 1970s.

    Clown Buhari served under Abacha, arguably, the most corrupt of all.

    Clown Buhari supported directly or indirectly the activity of Sharia by which non-Muslims are harassed and killed in northern Nigeria.

    Were it not for the Clown Buhari’s people’s SLAVES, YORUBAS, no sane Nigerian would ever vote GODFATHER OF CORRUPTION and expect him to stop corruption.

    TEST OF CLOWN Buhari’s Anti-Corruption Claims:

    1. If Clown Buhari wants to prove he is an anti-corruption, let Clown Buhari implement the National Conference resolutions or convoke a new one to enable Nigerians determine how hey want to b governed.

    2. If Clown Buhari is not for corruption, let Clown Buhari probe the missing $2.8 billion, Babangida, Obasanjo, Abdusalammi, & Jonathan

    3. If Clown Buhari is not a Godfather of corruption, let Clown Buhari probe all thieving governors starting from Thiefnubu who looted Lagos State taxpayers funds

    • Mr Wise

      I swear you need your drug

      • AntiCorruCrusades


        Are you sure you are really interested in eliminating corruption or you are only angry that a non-cabal, bloody civilian, must have got corrupt without cabal’s approval? If so, then Clown Buhari & people like you should come out clean.

        Nigerians want to eliminate corruption. Only drug addicts, cabals, or their street urchins would be against fighting corruption from SOURCE: HACKED POLITICAL STRUCTURE SINCE 1970.

        • Mr Wise

          You really need your drug

  • Tunde Adeleye

    Femi Aribisala is a sadist and a pessimistic.Nothing good can come from this kind of people.Go and check his nuclear family.

  • abc

    Let’s have your pay masters (GEJ) inaugural speach for 2010 and 2011, then we will compare and come out with who really is clueless. Old Moron. I am also so disturbed by people who are making all the noise that Buhari drops “General” from his name. Why are Nigerians intellectually so lazy and tend to forget things easily. Obasanjo also did the same when he returns in 1999 as civilian, he is addressed as “Chief Obasanjo” not general obasanjo.

  • Akiika

    Disgruntled hypocritical dunce!
    Jonathan has lost the election and he’s temporarily enjoying his loot while you are here acting juvenile like a toddler denied of his candy.

    • Mujiya

      The man is aware that he is alone on the path of hatred he has chosen, so he is trying to incite credible Nigerians like Prof. Soyinka to join him on his journey to nowhere. I’m sure the Prof will see through this and laugh at his foolishness.

  • True Nigerian

    Good writers are not so predictable on every occasion. But with you, once I see that you are about to discuss politics in your article, I would immediately say to myself – even before reading the piece – that the article is surely another volume of hatred, bile and vileness against one man. And as soon as I read few lines of the piece, my prediction would be validated. That has been the case for more than 2 years.

    The irony that makes it all worrisome for me is that the man you have devoted your heart and soul to hatred for him is a man whom most people actually regard as someone that is by far better than the other man(Jonathan) whom you spend the last ounce of your energy in defending his criminality, corruption and utter incompetence.

    What it means is that there is something terribly wrong with your conscience, objectivity and judgement as a person.

    Sadly, men of God like you are the bulk of the clergy community in Nigeria – men with little or no conscience. That is partly why Nigeria is in a sorry state: men of God are as intellectually corrupt and morally bankrupt as the politicians who were damaging this beautiful country.

    You saw the bribery of pastors with N7b – a mindless corruption of our faith by your hero Jonathan. You have not heard enough sincerity to condemn it even though the evidence stacks up. You saw the mindless killing of innocent people and families in Rivers State based on the presidential fiat by Jonathan and his wife. But it did not touch your heart enough to condemn and attack the political philosophy that perpetrates such monumental and unconscionable political philosophy of murder and violence.

    As I’ve often told you, no person who reads you would want to know Jesus. If I wasn’t a Christian already before I knew you, I could denounce my faith as a result of coming in contact with characters like you who are Christian leaders with a conscience that is below the conscience of many atheists and agnostics.

    • Conçerned Nigerian Patriot

      @ True Nigerian…. You fell for the fallacy of prejudging the article on your bigoted dislike and disdain for the author. You apparently did not read the whole write up. The observations therein on national issues and the concerns expressed therein were genuine. I believe it is when we eschew blind hero worship and cult followership and rather focus on our collective national interest that we can move this nation forward.

      • Jibril Sagir

        what he said was from experience , and it says experience is the best teacher. From what you read this article sound like others during campaingn period. I believe now that there are people who are praying for the down fall of my dear nation in the hand of their enemies. I pray for Nigeria progress in hand of who ever want to make it better

    • Lance

      As you have boldly written, YOU ONLY READ A FEW LINES and saw that your “god” was the object of his discourse. Thence your descent to personal attacks.

      Why not take your time and read the whole article and then tell us what he said that thinking people haven’t said? Or do you think everyone does hero- worship like most of you? In all of this writeup, is there any personal attack on Buhari? Of course you can’t see there isn’t , you haven’t read it. But you have prejudices against the writer hence you want to change faith! Please do! And remember, salvation is personal ok?!

      Wake up and ask salient questions of your idol before we waste these 4 years planning what to do, or worse still – rolling back the slight progresses made.

  • Ojay

    Nigerians are so naive and ignorant. They think that there’s a quick fix to Nigeria’s problems, and that holier than thou man can do it all. Buhari is admirable in certain things, but anyone who doesn’t smell a rat with the ridiculous interference of greedy western governments is incredibly ignorant. I tell you today that Buhari’s might disappoint because he has become a shadow of his old self, and he has compromised whatever principles he has by allowing greedy corrupt politicians and greedy western governments propel him to power. Those around him made me lose my prior faith in him. Take note, you cant get clean water from a dirty source, and a snake always gives birth to something long…

    • El-batuta

      How else do you expect him to get power under the circumstances?

  • i-priest

    Femi Aribisala, a sick mind and a blasphemer of the Living God! Pastor they say he is? My arse! Check his website where he, a “pastor” wrote and concluded that from his “study” of the Bible history, our Lord Jesus didn’t die for the sins of anybody and Apostle Paul is a heretic and probably in hell! Aribisala = The Lost! Shame on PREMIUM TIMES always giving this joker a space to blab his stinking satanic opinions out! May God save Femi Aribisala from the pits of hell where he’s from! The majority of Nigerians decided and chose PMB over GEJ and that is the Heaven’s Blessed Will and there’s nothing folks like Aribisala can do about it but to whine, blab and vituperate to their own continual stress and fall. Amen.

    • Obodo Ejiro

      I didnt vote for Buhari, so when you say Nigerians decided, you make a generalization that includes me. Buhari is a coup plotter who robbed Nigeria of democracy for 16 years. As for Aribisala, I think his article is insightful, though I do not agree with every bit of it. I dont expect much from Buhari.

      • Emmanuel Maluba

        Congrats for not voting Buhari! Majority did and he still won.

      • El-batuta

        Elections are about making decisions. When the the majority has decided, generalisation is appropriate. It is right and correct to say that Nigerians have decided, even though not everyone voted for Buhari.

  • Ezechinyere Samuel

    The president is only a Messiah in the mind of miopic Nigerians who do not read in between lines. For me the president’s inaugral speech is well analysed. However I have some differences with you in the area of moving the command base to Maiduguri. Were on earth is that done? Are we saying that Abuja is not immune to attack? What we should betalking is improving the ttechnology for an effective information flow. The IG of Police,Naval chief, and all the service chiefs moving for the purpose of having full command cos of the insurgency is amusing- not a decisive effective action to combat terrorism.
    For my slow-to-think fellow Nigerians (I mean no insult)let’s wake to reality that we are in for worst days cos we had President making promises without understanding what he was promisin,only to tell us that ‘studies’ are under way.

  • OmoLasgidi

    So easy for clueless remnants of the PDP years of waste to criticise – this shameless man who cannot run his home or church coming to pontificate? This man will eventually end up in a nut-house the way he’s going o….his children need to intervene…really quickly too

  • Arabakpura

    Wasted space! This writer is becoming a nuisance!

  • Emmanuel Maluba

    We need to allow Aribisala to enjoy himself. He used to condemn God, so PMB is a small fry on his table. The problem is that he is doing what makes him happy. Let us allow him while we concentrate on what can build us up as a nation.

  • El-batuta

    Is this man really a pastor?

  • Orchidae

    This saddens me. Although a well written piece coz you do have a way with words…I sense that the spirit behind your letters is not in a positive light. And as a Christian I speak to you as a Pastor (I see you are referred to as such) to say that you do not proclaim hope and peace and your words exude hatred for Buhari, or his personality, or both. You do not preach the Christ at all. As per the speech, if it did not inspire you or address the issues you wanted addressed then you have to wait it out for 4(Four) years with the current administration, long enough to judge whether or not It has performed. I just feel sorry for the countless many you are deluding with your well written words.